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Chapter 361: Who dares to touch you

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

His eyes darkened when she finished her words.

When he exited the dining room in that restaurant, he was startled to hear Li Lan’s and Qian Shaohua’s voice.

However, as he was too far from them, he did not fully catch their conversation. He only heard something about that man wanting to take his little woman away. He decided to show his face after observing for a while. He was unaware that that man had measured his woman’s value using the cheapest currency!

She asked softly, “Do I mean the same to you – a woman who comes with a price tag?”

Looking at his sullen face, she quickly added, “I am not a merchandize, so… don’t sell me to anyone else!”

He answered her with a ferocious kiss. Without waiting for her to finish, he slammed her mouth with his and kissed off all her broken words!

His tongue ravished her little lips and swept the insides of her mouth recklessly.

His thin lips clung tightly on to her little mouth. Not intending to leave her a respite, he gnawed at the tip of her tongue and wildly plundered her breath away!

His a.s.sault was so overwhelming her brain went into overdrive and she almost fainted right into his arms!

Just as her mind was on the verge of blanking, he eased his grip on her. She draped tiredly on him as her pink lips gasped greedily for fresh air. In her groggy state, she could hear his deep voice speaking.

“You are my woman; who dares to touch you?!”

His words hid traces of haughtiness yet unwittingly revealed an imperceptible touch of tenderness. Somehow, she was sensitive enough to pick up this tender touch that stabbed her heart slightly!

She could not explain this feeling as well. Why was her heart hurting this bad, causing it to unbearably twitch again and again?

Her nose stung with the thought of the man’s demanding love and care for her; somehow, it made her feel so safe and protected.

There was actually a tinge of sweetness arising in her heart.

This man might be domineering, but… it was good to be surrounded by his loving embrace!

Expensive VIP room.

A handsome man with devilish looks was leaning closely on the pool table as he aimed his cue ball with his cue stick at another ball. His pair of narrowed eyes gleamed demonically.


With a crisp sound, the black billiard ball with the number ‘8’ shot straight into a pocket. It was a brilliant shot from an accurate angle with just the right amount of force applied.

Gu Jinglian nonchalantly lifted himself, his slender fingers lightly caressing the cue stick as he wore a satisfied smile.

“Director Yang, why are you just sitting still there? You should enjoy yourself while you are here, shouldn’t you?”

With that, he smiled and turned around. “Look; I won again. You lost your chance. Ha ha!”

Everyone looked at the unfathomable smile on his cold and haughty face, and each of them swallowed a gulp with great difficulty. They could only shudder in fear at this frightening man’s smile. His unpredictable mood made them cower in terror.

In a corner at one side.

Yang Shoucheng sat on the couch, a deadly pallor overspreading his face. His body had slumped weakly onto the sofa as his shoulders quaked uncontrollably.

At a closer look, one would see that the eyes on his lifeless face were vacuous while his body was as rigid as a puppet.


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