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Chapter 3418: A New Addition (34)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Butler Fu heard this, he immediately replied, “How can Baby Chu say that? Whoever said no one wants Baby Chu? Whoever said that no one loves Baby Chu? Doesn’t Butler Fu love you?”

“Waaahhhh!” Baby Chu opened his mouth and howled so loudly that Butler Fu was caught off guard and his eardrums almost exploded.

“Baby Chu doesn’t want Butler Fu! Baby Chu wants Daddy, Baby Chu wants Mommy!”

“Alright, alright… Shh…” Butler Fu hugged him tightly and coaxed him, “Stop crying, stop crying! Baby Chu, how can you think that? Doesn’t your father dote on you? Your mother dotes on you too!”

“But… but…” Baby Chu sobbed as if he had suffered a great grievance. He hugged Butler Fu’s neck, his eyes red and filled with tears. He looked extremely pitiful.

“But Daddy doesn’t like Mommy, and Mommy doesn’t like Daddy either!”


“Eventually, Daddy will like another woman, and Mommy will like another man!”


“Eventually, when Daddy marries another woman and Mommy marries another man, Baby Chu will have a stepmother and a stepfather!”


“If the stepmother hates Baby Chu, and the stepfather hates Baby Chu, Baby Chu will be ostracized. Eventually, Daddy won’t want Baby Chu, and Mommy won’t want Baby Chu either…”


“Baby Chu will become a child that no one loves or wants!”



After firing those sentences, the little lad plopped himself on the ground and started bawling his eyes out.

Butler Fu covered his face. He had to admit that the little fellow had a deep understanding of this problem! He was making sense.

He was not too worried where the Old Master was concerned. However, if Chu He were to fall for another man, then Baby Chu would have a stepfather. Indeed…

Not good!

Baby Chu’s cries were earth-shattering. Butler Fu spent great efforts to coax him!

When Chu He came downstairs for breakfast, she saw Butler Fu hugging Baby Chu and rocking the boy to comfort him. It took a long time before the boy would calm down. When Baby Chu saw Chu He, the grievances came back to him and tears filled his eyes again.

“What’s wrong?” Chu He walked over and sized him up. “Why is Baby Chu crying?”

Butler Fu sighed. He was having a splitting headache. He briefly told Chu He what happened earlier, causing her to break out in cold sweat.

What stepmother and stepfather…

How could this guy think so far ahead?!

Chu He immediately hugged Baby Chu and comforted him, “Baby Chu, why do you like to let your imagination run wild? Whoever said Mommy doesn’t want you anymore?”

“Even if Mommy wants me now, that might change in the future!” Baby Chu said angrily.

Chu He was at a loss for a response. “Has our Baby Chu become a prophet? Does he know what will happen in the future?”

“Is Mommy going to be single for the rest of your life then? Won’t you be lonely?”


This child knew too much.

It was not like this in the past. What on earth did his kindergarten teacher teach him?

Chu He quickly coaxed the boy. “Whoever said that? Mommy won’t marry for the rest of her life and will stay by Baby Chu’s side! Baby Chu definitely won’t have a stepfather!”

“And what about the stepmother?” The boy stared at her pitifully. “Is Daddy not going to find a stepmother too?”


Chu He was stuck for an answer. This could not be guaranteed. She could not interfere with Gu Jinglian’s freedom..


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