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Chapter 3399: A New Addition (15)

Chu He retracted her hand reflexively, her face burning.

Baby Chu said unhappily, “Mommy! Why aren’t you cooperating!” He crossed his arms and turned to the side, looking annoyed.

From where he was, Butler Fu immediately winked at Chu He and Gu Jinglian, as if he was sending a secret message.

“Just do as he says!” Butler Fu reminded.

While Chu He was hesitating, a frosty smile formed on Gu Jinglian’s lips. He raised his hand and held Chu He’s hand, but he only held it loosely.

But this in itself was hard enough.

“Will this do?”

Gu Jinglian could be said to have made a huge compromise!

Baby Chu turned and swept his gaze around. He then looked at the man seriously for a while before suddenly giving his opinion. “Uncle… Father, are you smiling or gritting your teeth? You seem rather fierce and not gentle at all.”

Gu Jinglian was on the verge of blowing his top!

He was never a gentle person to begin with!

The boy pestered him and said, “Why don’t you try smiling?”

Chu He immediately squatted down and pulled Baby Chu in front of her. She patiently rea.s.sured him, “Baby Chu, don’t worry. Uncle… I mean, Daddy and Mommy will play our part! At the parent-teacher meeting, we’ll definitely act very loving even without your reminder! However, we’re not in school yet, so don’t force us, alright?”

Baby Chu relented and gave a nod, “Mmm, alright!”

He was satisfied enough that Gu Jinglian was willing to attend his parent-teacher meeting with his mother!

After breakfast, Butler Fu sent Gu Jinglian, Chu He and the boy off in the car.

He had put in considerable effort for today’s trip. Before this, he had already sent two groups of men to Baby Chu’s school. All along the way, there were also undercover people protecting them. Any mishaps would be highly unlikely.

Gu Jinglian was fully confident in Butler Fu’s handling of these matters, hence, he did not question further.

The car sped away. Throughout the journey, it was silent.

Gu Jinglian sat in the back seat with his arms and his lanky legs crossed elegantly. Baby Chu sat next to Chu He feeling very happy. As a result, on the way, he swung his little legs, obviously in high spirits!

Humming a nursery rhyme he learned in music cla.s.s, his head swayed and he looked radiant.

Chu He was relieved to see that he was happy.

She looked up and accidentally met the eyes of the man sitting opposite her.

Gu Jinglian’s posture was relaxed as he leaned lazily against the seat. His icy gaze landed on her.

She shuddered involuntarily and looked away, feeling the sharpness of his piercing gaze when it landed on her.

It was quite late by the time they arrived at the kindergarten. All kinds of expensive cars were parked along the entrance.

The students enrolled in this kindergarten came from extraordinary family backgrounds.

At the school gate, the car pulled to a stop steadily. Gu Jinglian carried Baby Chu out of the car while Chu He carried Baby Chu’s bag and followed after them.

Just as she shut the car door, she suddenly felt a weight taken off her hand. She spun around in surprise and saw that Gu Jinglian had taken the bag from her.

He carried Baby Chu in his left hand and the school bag in his right. When Chu He saw this, she immediately said, “Let me carry Baby Chu!”

“That’s alright.” Gu Jinglian turned around and followed the crowd into the school gate.

Wherever he walked, everyone turned and stared in amazement at the man walking towards the school gate.


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