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Chapter 308: His Dark Childhood

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Li Dongqiang gulped and could only carry on. “She promised me that, in exchange for her debt, she would send her lovely sister over to accompany me for a few nights!”

Upon hearing this, Yun Tianyou stared at Yun Na by the side and for a long time, he remained silent. His expression darkened… to a frightening extent.

“She didn’t eventually manage to pull it off, though. That Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ was taken away by people from the Mu family.”

“The Mu family?” Li Hanlin was stunned for a moment.

Mu Yazhe?

“He he he…” The little boy suddenly let out a few eerie sn.i.g.g.e.rs.

His half-lidded eyes suddenly burst wide open, and they locked on to Yun Na. He stared at her so intensely his gaze seemed capable of puncturing a cavity through her.

“It was like this, huh? He he he…” He supported his forehead with his hand. His frightening laughter chillingly rang about, making one’s hair stand on end.

Yun Na had never seen him like this before. He was always obedient and lovely in front of her adopted sister, but now with his façade torn down, his coldness and darkness were in full display; it was as if a terrifying air of wrath had surrounded him. His solemn eyes, in particular, had waves of crazed hostility swept over them.

“You… What are you laughing at?”

“He he he…” His shoulders rippled and he laughed even more maniacally.

He closed his eyes and allowed those unpleasant memories to flood his mind.

Scenes appeared—

Yun Na propped him on the bed and repeatedly slapped every part of his body viciously. She pulled at his ears, and her sinister voice constantly echoed in them. ‘You b*stard, go ahead and cry; go ahead and shout! Your mommy is not at home right now, so who can help you?! Who can protect you?!’

Those memories he had sealed away burst out from their container under her incitement, and they continuously fleeted right before his eyes like a merry-go-round.

“He he he…”

His slightly shaky laughter contained some of the pain from his forcibly stimulated unwanted memories.

The thug shook his head and sighed. “It’s unexpected that you’re willing to pay off her debt. Are you returning her ingrat.i.tude with kindness? She hurt your mommy like that; don’t you hate her?”

“Hate?” The little boy’s eyes suddenly popped open, and an overwhelming hostility pa.s.sed under their surface.

How could he not hate her?

He hated her thoroughly.

“Ah, I wanted to throw her into the pond to feed the fis.h.!.+ I heard before that she’s going to be an actress, so I took a bunch of nude photos of her! Now that she’s disfigured, her road to stardom is cut off! Since you’re paying her debt for her, I’ll give you these photos instead!”

He handed the photos to him and reached for the check in the agent’s hand once more.

The agent captured his wrist grimly, and he could not budge his hand at all.

“Why… are you going back on your word?”

“Did I say that I’ll pay for her debt?” Yun Tianyou’s voice was filled with aloofness and contempt.

Yun Na’s heart was instantly in her throat yet again. She thought she was saved, but why was this boy being inconsistent with his words?

Was that check originally a fake? Was that why he went back on his words?

She felt that she was on an emotional rollercoaster ride; one moment she hung high and another moment she hit rock bottom.

“Just now you said—”

The boy retorted indifferently, “She owes you so much and then you plan to throw her into the pond; how pitiful is she?”

He pitied his mommy for her many years of suffering if his aunt’s debt could easily be written off just like that.

Li Dongqiang a.s.sumed that he did not have the heart to make her suffer and was about to suggest something else when he heard Yun Tianyou say unsympathetically, “You’re letting her off lightly simply by throwing her into a pond!”


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