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Chapter 274: Probing Each Other

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Did he love her?

What was considered as love?

If having dominion over her was considered as love, then he could reply to this child that he loved her!

He understood that dominion and desire did not equate to love, though, so his mind suddenly drew a blank at this question.

Youyou noticed his hesitation and felt disappointed with him. He even had to hesitate at this question.

“Since you’re still thinking about it until now, I believe you don’t really love my mommy.”

Youyou briefly paused, his eyes radiating apathy.

“If you don’t love her, then why are you still clinging on to my mommy?!”

“You have an elder brother,” Mu Yazhe spouted all of a sudden.

Youyou was dumbfounded and, after a while, affirmed, “I know.”

Why did he suddenly mention that child?

He looked at him with a bit of confusion but did not comment further.

A loving smile appeared faintly on the man’s face at the mention of his other child. “He is called Mu Yichen. He is as tall as you. If he is to stand beside you, even I will be incapable of telling you two apart.”

“Erm…” Immediately, a somewhat absent-minded look appeared in his eyes.

He knew he had an elder brother and, in fact, did not mind that relation; he was just subconsciously opposed to having him.

However, when this man brought up about him, he became more curious of that brother of his.

“Perhaps, it’s telepathy between brothers; he used to tell me about seeing a younger brother in his dreams.” Mu Yazhe glanced at him and smiled. “I initially treated it as a child’s babbling, but now I think that it’s pretty incredible. I can’t help but admire The Creator’s miraculous powers.”

Hearing this, Yun Tianyou had to agree that it was pretty incredible as his eyes showed a stunned glint.

“He… He dreams of me?”


Mu Yazhe simply added, “I want to give him a complete family, and the same goes for you. Youyou, are you willing to have a family like that?”

His thin lips opened and closed when the man said his nickname aloud. For a split second, an unfamiliar feeling surged up his chest and, unaware of it, crept into his heart.

A complete family.

A family with a daddy, a mommy… and, maybe, a brother that cared for him.

This man, standing in front of him, was gently asking for his opinion; he asked him if he was willing to have a family like that.

Of course, he was willing… ah…

He desperately yearned for that kind of family in his heart.

However, when he opened his mouth to speak, he replied otherwise, “I’m unwilling…”

The man’s expression remained the same. Obviously, he was not surprised by his reply.

Let alone having this six-year-old child accept his ident.i.ty as his father, even he himself took some time to let it sink in when he found out that he had another six-year-old child.

What was more; given the cleverness and independent thinking of the child before him from their few talks, it was to be expected that his every word, which was centered on protecting his mother, would be able to corner and pressure him regarding his intentions to her.

Although he was standing in front of him, he was not scared or embarra.s.sed at all. He was calm and decisive. He was being absolutely direct for his mommy’s happiness.

From what he spoke, Mu Yazhe could tell that he had a logical mind. His negotiation skills were similar to his as well.

In a few words, he concluded that, despite his tender age, he was a formidable character.

He knew this from that statement: ‘Mu Yazhe, let me tell you this; my mommy is a treasure to me. If you want to care for her, you should be legitimate!’

For the child, the first condition for his happiness was his mommy’s happiness.

“If one day, I tell you that I love your mommy and want to make her my only wife…”


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