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Chapter 2693: Wrong Instruction

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Bro, is it possible that the mistress wants this child?”

A man muttered into the leader’s ears.

“Shut up! Anyway, let’s just take the child away first.”

At the leader’s command, his man extended his large palms toward Baby Chu.

The boy felt a pair of coa.r.s.e hands touching him and opened his eyes, looking confused, when he heard Meng Qingxue’s voice explode hoa.r.s.ely in his ears. “Baby Chu, run! These are bad guys!”


He was jerked awake with a start. After opening his eyes with barely any reaction, he was grabbed at the collar by the man and cried in shock and fear.

“Let me go! Let go!”

“Let’s get out of here!”

The two men exchanged meaningful glances.

When the woman saw that they were going to take away the boy, she rushed to the two men in shock and grabbed the hemline of one of them. Refusing to let go, she dropped anxious tears and cried, “Don’t take him away! He’s innocent! The baby you want is in my tummy; it’s in my tummy! I’m the one you want. Don’t involve the innocent! I’m the one you want, not this child! This child has got nothing to do with me; please don’t hurt him!”

“Get lost!” The man pushed her away and hurried downstairs with the crying child.

The woman gave chase without regard. Her mind went blank as Baby Chu’s incessant cries rang in her ears. She could not even care about the child inside her stomach as she screamed after the two men. “The child you’re looking for is inside me—not that one! You’ve made a mistake! It’s a mistake!”

She was prepared for the worse, even to the extent of sacrificing herself.

Even if it meant that she would be taken away by them and then forced to abort the child, she would not implicate the innocent boy.

Alas, her words fell on deaf ears; they mistook her claim as mere words of trickery!

The two men kicked open the door, where a van with a license plate was parked outside. The panicking woman threw herself at one of them, trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the child back when she saw them opening the vehicle door and stuffing the boy inside.

The boy was also reaching out his hand for hers.

The man beside her was quick on his feet, though, and grabbed her wrist with a deadly grip. “I told you to get lost; didn’t you hear me?”

With that, he kicked her down to the ground in one go.

His kick hit her knee and she took a tumble with a m.u.f.fled grunt.

The rain was drizzling unceasingly at this moment.

The road had turned muddy. As the woman fell to the ground, she got covered in mud.

Upon seeing the woman’s piteous state, the little boy got so mad that he opened his mouth and bit hard on the shoulder of the man holding him.

“Argh!” The man let out a harsh yelp and cursed viciously. “You d*mn b*st*rd!”

After saying this, he sent a slap across the boy’s face.

Baby Chu’s body swayed to one side as he took the hard slap and fell backward, his head knocked hard against the window ledge and he pa.s.sed out.

The man gave a satisfied smile when he saw that the child had fainted.

That stopped him finally. Good!

It’d be annoying to have him crying in the car!


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