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Chapter 219: Wait for the Right Time

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ten minutes later, she exited the stairwell with a fl.u.s.tered look.

Another ten minutes pa.s.sed, and then a few security guards quickly rushed to the scene. They took the already unconscious Yun Na out of the venue.

Youyou pondered. On his handsome but youthful face were moist eyes with a calculating glint.

Lu Jingtian…

Tonight’s gala was truly amazing; there was actually this interesting scene.

Although Yun Na suffered such a fate, he felt no pity for her; he only thought that she was the victim of her evil deeds.

He was young, but he knew the concept of karma.

One planted the seeds, and later they would bear fruit.

Planting a good seed would bear a good result, and a bad seed would result in a bad one.

Nonetheless, he was shocked by Lu Jingtian’s ruthlessness.

This Lu Jingtian was too vicious. From the recordings, one would not even know what she did to Yun Na for the latter’s face to end up looking b.l.o.o.d.y and hideous.

He was not concerned with how she was as a person and would, in fact, not have bothered to look into her further had she not done and said all those horrible things to his mother back at the gala, which, of course, incurred his wrath.

He was afraid of nothing except this woman doing the ruthless things she had done to Yun Na to deal with his mother…

At the thought of this, anger gushed out uncontrollably from his heart.

Yun Tianyou navigated the mouse on the screen to save the recordings and then replied to Li Hanlin: Wait for the right time.

On his end, Li Hanlin thought it to be strange. Wait for the right time?

What were they waiting for? Was this not the opportune moment?

He took great pains to get his hands on those recordings. He originally thought that Yun Tianyou would sell them for a high price to the media reporters in his haste to besmirch Lu Jingtian’s name.

The boy did not do that, however, and instead, magnanimously told him to wait for the right time. Right time? When exactly was the right time?

He suddenly thought of a decision Yun Tianyou had made in one of the board of directors’ meetings.

Back then, Lezhi Holdings had a smart toy that all the shareholders in the board of directors gave their go-signal to be introduced to the public. They wanted to release this product to the market as soon as possible since they were sure that it would be an international craze.

The first batch of toys was almost ready. At that time, the demand for toys was coincidentally high on the market, and the board of directors became more eager for the product to be released. When the contract to launch the product onto the market was pa.s.sed over to Yun Tianyou, they keenly waited for him to sign and stamp it, but for the longest time, he made no move to do so.

The board of directors panicked. They urged him repeatedly to give his approval, but he only sent them an email stating: Wait for the right time.

Right time? What was the right time?

Li Hanlin could not help but be curious. Everyone did not know what Yun Tianyou was thinking.

Just as the board of directors was almost at their wits’ end, less than two months later, news of MITEL Toys Corporation having problems with their production line surfaced. Upon investigation of the International Regulations Committee, the toy company’s wooden toys were found to be containing excessive lead. When risk a.s.sessment was conducted on this product, issues, such as excessive toxic solvent level and even discoloration of the surface coating, were identified.

MITEL was among the toy production tyc.o.o.ns and the biggest compet.i.tor of Lezhi. The jenga blocks it produced were once a worldwide craze; the company was at the top of its game.

Therefore, when this scandal circulated, everyone was shocked, and MITEL’s reputation hit rock-bottom.

At that time, parents were extremely concerned with the quality of their children’s toys.

Toys were meant for children to play with. If there were issues with their quality, would they not harm the children, instead?


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