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Chapter 1074: Help me cool the porridge.

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As if she were out to coordinate with him, her tummy started to growl at this juncture. This was to be expected as she had hardly eaten anything last night, and with all the action that had happened after that, she was truly famished now.

However, her appet.i.te was halved when she saw that it was just vegetarian porridge.

“Only porridge?”

“Only porridge.”

“Is there no meat?”

He said with a raised brow, “You can eat me.”

“…” She had better stick to the porridge.

She opened her mouth for a spoonful and tears almost rolled down her face when she was burned by the scorching porridge.

He gently coaxed, “Take it slowly.”

She swallowed the porridge with much difficulty. “You help cool it down by blowing.”

His eyes twitched sharply. He scooped a spoonful and awkwardly blew a few times over the porridge reluctantly.

His awkward and mechanical expression tickled her thoroughly! She had never seen him looking so adorable before!

The man looked up wryly and asked, “What’s so funny?”

His tone was cold and aloof.

This was when she realized that her smug look might be going overboard. She stopped smiling hastily and said with a straight face, “I really find you adorable.”

He ignored her and continued feeding her. As he scooped up each spoonful of porridge, he would carefully blow over it to lower its temperature. Soon, he got the hang of it after repeated tries.

This was how it went; she would take a mouthful as he fed her, spoonful by spoonful. The room turned quiet and only the sound of her sipping the porridge could be heard.

Her heart turned warm and fuzzy as she looked at him.

Is this how happiness feels like?

This man is born as an aristocrat. Since young, he is used to being served like a prince. This should be his first time serving someone, shouldn’t it?

Now, his thoughtful tenderness had caught her off guard.

“Who cooked this porridge?” she asked out of the blue.

He knitted his brows for a moment before saying something against his conscience. “It’s me. How does it taste?”

“It’s not nice,” she replied factually.

The man immediately corrected his words. “Oh! It’s Youyou who cooked this actually. I admit the standard is subpar this time!”

Her face turned black at his confession.

Just then, the boy, who happened to be at the door, gave a loud sneeze elegantly.

He pushed open the door, only to see his daddy feeding his mommy, bit by bit, with the porridge from the thermal container, and he smiled satisfactorily.

This is how a man should behave!

His conditions for his father were: be gentle, be understanding, be powerful, be wealthy, and be a slave to his wife. His mommy took priority over everything!

Not bad, aye; daddy is slowly getting closer to my ideal standard of a quintessential husband.


The twins flung themselves onto the bed, almost knocking over the bowl of porridge in their father’s hand due to their exaggerated motion.

He was about to act up when he saw how the two little fellows dangled on each of Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+’s arms like a pair of koala bears. Their demeanor, expression, and action were completely synchronized as their small faces lit up in her arms.

“…” He did not know what to say all of a sudden.

“Mommy, why didn’t you tell Youyou when you returned home last night? Youyou was so wor—” The boy looked up as he spoke but stopped mid-sentence. He could intuitively sense that something was amiss and stared long and hard at his mother’s face.

Quizzical, she touched her face to check when she saw him staring at her unblinkingly.

She did not find anything unusual on her face.

Seeing her son staring unflinchingly, her lips stiffened and she asked, “Baby, what’s the matter? Why are you staring at mommy?”


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