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Chapter 87

The next day, Lucy and Arthur headed out of the inn, there were so many things to do and staying on the room all day won’t help them solve the problems or neither find the location of Saly .

Each second pa.s.ses, the two of them became more anxious and worried about their daughter Saly, she was an important existence for them .

The destination they were head to is called ‘The Treasure Pavillon’, Malark informed Arthur about that place and told him that it’s a very famous place to exchange, sell or buy weapons or treasures .

This Treasure pavilion is merely a branch from a more famous power, and its expansion is not only in the Underworld, what’s more, the pavilion located here and in other cities cannot compare to the ones in the higher-Realms .

Although the Underworld is considered a Higher-Realm, it is in fact kind of a prison, no one can get out of it unless they have a very high-Realm, not even people at the G.o.d-Realm can escape this world .

The Underworld is very vast and chaotic, it is not a planet but sealed world, there were numerous rumors about the reasons it was sealed, but none of them were confirmed yet .

The two of them exited the inn and walked to the Treasure Pavillon . Since the city was extremely big and flying was prohibited, they had to walk, they could also teleport multiple times but they would rather walk as it was much better moreover, teleportation is still a big deal even at a place like this, especially a skill like [Faster than Death] which let him teleport without any cost and unlimited usage .

The problem with [Faster than Death] in a fight, is that you have to focus on a location then teleport, just focusing would take more or less a second, and this second can change many things in a fight between two individuals at a very high-realm .

It was not a fight between two Mortal Realm people, their speed would be slow and exchange would last a couple of seconds, comparing it to the fight of powerhouses is a joke .

Back when Lucy broke through to the Immortal Realm and with the apparition of the ice blue orb in her Dantian, she subconsciously transformed whether in power of appearance .

Her body became more developed and she unconsciously emitted a bit of frost energy, it was quite ironic knowing that she practices fire oriented magic .

Moreover, after checking her Status Window a second time, she discovered that her resistance to Ice is 100% and she could use Ice magic proficiently, it was a strange occurrence which surprised both of them .

Not only was she able to use Ice magic, her Ice magic was a bit special in itself . Arthur could also use Ice magic, but he only had Medium ranked Ice magic, as for Lucy, she had Peak Ranked Ice magic, just like Arthur’s sword mastery, adding to that is that her Ice is a bit special .

The color seemed pure and the coldness of her Ice is at another Level . The only conclusion she could think of is her origins .

She only knew she was a half-demon, so there is a strong chance that one of her parents or ancestors was good at Ice magic so she inherited it, there was no other explanation other than that .

If one broke through to the Immortal Realm, they would not gain such things as her, it was preposterous .

There was also one more thing that was quite surprising for both of them, it was the system . The status window, the blue notifications that pop up when something happens to them, these things do not exist in this world .

One’s strength is judged based on their overall prowess, for example, if one becomes able to fly, then they are most likely at the Spirit Realm . If he could condense a normal protective barrier around one’s body, then he’s at the Heavenly Realm and so on .

The Immortal Realm is like a threshold is the higher-Realms, if you become an Immortal then you can be considered a proper cultivator . All the Realms below that are disregard by the strong individual as the difference between them is meager .

A young genius would easily be able to defeat a Deity Realm while being at the Heavenly Realm, however, to defeat an Immortal Realm while being at the Deity Realm is nonsense .

Arthur is able to do that because of his cheat like race, stealing stats is an outrageous thing, moreover, Lucy gains 80% of his stats, so it is understandable that she is powerful too and even if she does not gain 80% of his stats, she would still be powerful, not to this degree of course, but she would have been at the Spirit Realm at the very least .

. . .

It took them about an hour to arrive at their destination, it was a very big building, it had 5 floors and looked luxurious . It was made from some unknown red stone that made it look even more eye-catching, with a golden door and a notice at the front .

This building could be considered top of the crop, from what Arthur has seen since he was reincarnated, this was by far the best building he saw, except the huge castles and manors of course .

Next, to the golden door, there was a gla.s.s wall which exposed several weapons and treasures, they looked grandiose and alluring to the eye, many pa.s.sersby would stop for a couple of seconds to a.s.sess these .

As for Arthur and Lucy? They had the appraise skill, nothing can escape their eyes, whether it’s a fake item or not, they will immediately know it .

What was displayed was a couple of treasures, there were sets of equipment, an armor, gloves, and boots, they were purple in color and had a tiger symbol inscribed on them .

There was a price under them, with Arthur’s comprehension of the Underworld knowledge, he managed to comprehend what the weird symbols are written on the wooden plate under the equipment meant .

However, even if he didn’t do that, a simply appraise could tell him what that was about, at times like this, the legendary appraise skill could not be more useful, especially for Lucy, who had yet to understand or learn the language .

Agony Spirit (Full set) : 2,500 Medium Red Spirit Stones .

There was also a big brown halberd, it had some blood stains on it and even through the gla.s.s, Arthur could feel the stench of blood coming out of it .

Blood Halberd of Ma.s.sacre : 15,000 Medium Red Spirit Stones .

The prices vary, but from the displayed items, the halberd was by far the most expensive one . Arthur didn’t have as many Red Stones as Gold, but the amount he had was by no means meager . Buying these treasures is not a problem, but the reason he came here was not for that .

Be it halberds, axes or even swords, he had tons of them in his storage, some are weak and others cannot be used by him .

Lucy tested some of the unknown treasures and weapons he had on his storage, not all of them could be used but there was a bunch that worked when injecting Nether Energy on them .

Their prowess was amazing, but there are some strange treasures that they didn’t know their uses, so they ignored them for the time being .

The two of them came here today to look for weapons, precisely sabers .

Lucy wanted to buy a weapon for her to practice with . She liked sabers the most and from all the sabers they had on the storage, not one suited her tastes .

She was a fire-oriented mage, but now the Ice magic was added, it was on equal footing with the Magma and Purple Fire, if not stronger, she wanted to get a good saber that works with both attributes .

It was practically impossible to find something like this, as Fire and Ice are considered opposites and even using them both in combat would only result in hurting the meridians .

This simple concept that was known by everybody, didn’t apply on Lucy, it was true that she couldn’t attack using both attributes, but she could channel both of them and attack successively with them .

After looking at the exposed items and not finding interest in any, the duo finally entered the huge building .

The interior was just as good as the exterior . There were many guests in the big room, a red carpet was laid on all the floor and there were luxurious stairs at the end of the room leading to the next floor .

Standing next to the staircase were 2 men, they had tall build and muscular bodies, they were most likely security of some kind .

Arthur and Lucy were not in a hurry, they started checking the items displayed on the first floor first, what didn’t catch the interest of many may be a hidden treasure to them, who can use appraise . . .


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