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Chapter 210: Breaking All Laws

On the rear cliff of the Qingyun Dao Sect, even Gu Jianxian couldn’t help but be envious at this moment.

When he broke through the first realm of the Supreme Sword Immortal Dao, he was already a thousand years old.

However, Ye Ping was only 24 years old, and yet he had already reached the first realm. At the rate of his growth, Ye Ping might just prove the Supreme Sword Dao one day.

Thinking of this, Gu Jianxian somehow wanted to impart some sword techniques to Ye Ping.

However, after thinking about it, he finally shook his head.

Everyone had their own path. Although his Sword Dao was strong and powerful, it might not be suitable for Ye Ping.

At the thought of this, Gu Jianxian fell silent.

At this moment, the disciples of the sect had already rushed over.

There was no way they couldn’t have detected the phenomena going on on the back cliff. After walking over and realizing that it was Ye Ping, they turned around and left one after another.

If it was someone else, they might have been really shocked, but finding out it was Ye Ping, there was nothing they had to say.

Apart from Xue Zhuan and Lin Bei who were stationed there, the rest all left.

However, Chen Lingrou was not there to see Ye Ping, but to look for Gu Jianxian.

“Old Gu, I’ll be going down the mountain tomorrow, so will you give me some more pointers on my sword techniques?”

Chen Lingrou was asking Gu Jianxian for some tips on sword techniques.

She wanted to learn sword techniques in the sect, but unfortunately, Su Changyu refused to teach her. Hence, she decided to ask Gu Jianxian for help.

However, she really did not expect that Gu Jianxian was really quite competent in the Sword Dao. Hence, she naturally learned from him seriously.

Now that she was about to go down the mountain, Chen Lingrou was worried that she might encounter trouble, hence she couldn’t help but go to Gu Jianxian and ask him to teach her sword techniques.


As indolent as before, he nodded before going over to give Chen Lingrou some pointers.

On the rear cliff.

The gloomy clouds were heavy and the sight and sounds of the lightning made Daoist Tai Hua, who was standing nearby, a little worried.

He could tell that Ye Ping seemed to have broken through something again, and he understood that it was the Thunder Tribulation.

Those things were not within his scope of knowledge and Daoist Tai Hua knew that it would be difficult to pa.s.s the Thunder Tribulation. However, he also knew that anyone who could pa.s.s the Thunder Tribulation was definitely not an ordinary person.

If he stopped Ye Ping, it wouldn’t be appropriate. Hence, he could only watch from the side.

At the same time, Daoist Tai Hua could not help but murmur in his heart.

“Heaven, please bless my disciple Ye Ping. I’m willing to exchange my fortune for his safety and offset the calamity that he is set to face.”

Daoist Tai Hua swore an oath and vowed that he was willing to offset Ye Ping’s calamity with his good fortune.


A shocking thunderbolt struck at Ye Ping and slashed him.

The Thunder Tribulation contained a vast amount of terrifying power.

It was the Thunder Tribulation, which cultivators were the most terrified of.


The Thunder Tribulation struck.

At this moment, all the cultivators of the entire Qingyun Dao Sect could not remain calm.

They did not expect that Ye Ping was crossing the tribulation.

They initially thought that Ye Ping had just broken through the realm and thus led to some phenomena.

However, now it seemed that it was far more complicated than that.

They exclaimed in amazement and Chen Lingrou wanted to go over and take a look too. She was immediately disinterested in asking for pointers in sword techniques.

“Don’t worry, he will be able to transcend it soon.”

However, Gu Jianxian’s voice made Chen Lingrou feel slightly more at ease. Hence, she continued asking him for pointers in sword techniques.

In the rear cliff of the Qingyun Dao Sect.

The first Thunder Tribulation struck Ye Ping but it did not bring him much pain.

In fact, Ye Ping merely felt that his body had turned numb while his mind was blank.

His physical body was too strong. Hence, ordinary Thunder Tribulations had no effect on Ye Ping.

However, the terrifying Thunder Tribulation was absorbed and devoured by the Torch Dragon Immortal Apertures.

The rolling Thunder Tribulations struck and the Torch Dragon Immortal Apertures turned into 36 fountains that seemed to be devouring the power of the Thunder Tribulation.

The power of the Thunder Tribulation was extremely terrifying, and hence, Ye Ping did not waste it.

He used the power of the Thunder Tribulation and continued to temper his body.


At this moment, Ye Ping’s physical body was greatly enhanced.

The Thunder Tribulation was something in this world that would strengthen one’s Yang energy in the first place.

Such Yang-energy-boosting power was what the Ancient G.o.dfiend Body Tempering Technique needed.

For cultivators, the power of Thunder Tribulation would provide benefits that could not be put into words if it was used well.

The power of thunderbolt would irrigate one’s physical body.

Ye Ping’s const.i.tution metamorphosed again immediately.

He reached the mid-stage of the Great G.o.dfiend body and his physical body had become much purer. The tendons and his meridians contained immense power.

However, due to the issue of the realm, Ye Ping had obtained the terrifying power of thunder but his realm was still too low.

Even till now, he was only at the Foundation Establishment realm.

It could not withstand the constant metamorphosis of the physical body.

One’s realm was just like a bucket while their physical body and Dharmic Dao were like water.

If the bucket did not increase in size, it would not have the capacity for more water.

At the thought of this, Ye Ping immediately channeled all the thunder power into his body and began his extreme breakthrough.

Ye Ping was a Foundation Establishment realm cultivator who had now reached the ninth level of tempering.

With the power of thunder, Ye Ping officially broke through to the Golden Core realm.

He had already stagnated for a long time and there was no need to prolong it. There wouldn’t be greater benefit even if he did.

Just like that, Ye Ping’s cultivation level was also metamorphosing.

In the end, a nine-colored lotus appeared in Ye Ping’s dantian.

The lotus unfolded to reveal nine colors and a beautiful outline. There was also a white Golden Core in the middle of the lotus flower.

There were nine lotus holes in the lotus flower which represented that it could contain nine Golden Cores.

That was Ye Ping’s Golden Core realm.

With the appearance of the Golden Core, a powerful aura spread through the entire Baiyun ancient city.

Ye Ping’s Dharmic powers were greatly boosted too.

Everything came to fruition. Without the Thunder Tribulation, Ye Ping would have been able to break through to the Golden Core with his own abilities in less than six months.

Now with the help of the Thunder Tribulation, Ye Ping managed to save half a year’s time and condensed the Golden Core right away.

He stepped into the Golden Core realm.

On the rear cliff of the Qingyun Dao Sect, a lotus flower emerged behind Ye Ping and a white Golden Core gradually appeared on the lotus flower too.

Xiao Muxue, who was nearby, was at a loss for words when she saw that.

She wasn’t surprised about him breaking through the Golden Core realm. After all, she had seen plenty of geniuses before.

Some geniuses managed to condense the Golden Core before the age of ten.

However, Ye Ping’s Golden Core was different. It was not an ordinary Golden Core but a special one that was absolutely shocking.

Xiao Muxue was well aware that Ye Ping had only just stepped into the Golden Core realm, but the power he possessed was probably no weaker than that of a Nascent Soul realm cultivator.


Soon, the second Thunder Tribulation struck.

As he broke through his realm, Ye Ping could completely withstand having a powerful physical body.

At this moment, his Ancient G.o.dfiend Body had also reached the late stage of the Great G.o.dfiend body.

Although it was still only a small improvement in the realm, the enhancement of his physical body was extremely terrifying.

Each small improvement was a major metamorphosis.

However, the power of thunder was undoubtedly the purest Yang energy in this world.

The second power of thunder allowed Ye Ping to break through to the late-stage of the Great G.o.dfiend body,

Under normal circ.u.mstances, one might not be able to break through to the late-stage of the realm even if he cultivated for ten years.

It was difficult to use external forces to break through one’s realm and a breakthrough had to be achieved with one’s own comprehension. However, the const.i.tution was different from Dharmic Dao.


As the third thunderbolt fell, Ye Ping’s physical body seemed unparalleled and extremely dazzling like a glazed object.

Just like that, Ye Ping’s Great G.o.dfiend reached Major Perfection.

Major Perfection of the Great G.o.dfiend.

He took another step forward and broke through to the supreme G.o.dfiend Body. By then, it would be a whole new world.

However, the process to cross that realm was extremely difficult, and relying on a Thunder Tribulation of such a level was definitely not enough.

Hence, at the critical moment, Ye Ping did not continue to guide the power of thunder into his body to refine his physical body and instead, opened the Torch Dragon Immortal Apertures.

He had only opened 36 Torch Dragon Immortal Apertures.

That was obviously not enough and Ye Ping guided the Thunder Tribulation. Soon, another Torch Dragon Immortal Aperture was opened.

The third Thunder Tribulation doubled his power.

There were now 72 Torch Dragon Immortal Apertures which meant that his cultivation speed had been multiplied by 72 times and a Dharmic Dao had also appeared in Ye Ping’s mind.

Torch Dragon Great Hand Seal.

He had opened 36 Torch Dragon Ancient Seal Immortal Apertures and obtained the Torch Dragon Ancient Seal.

Now that he had opened 72 Torch Dragon Immortal Apertures, Ye Ping once again obtained a new Dharmic Dao Mystical Ability.

Torch Dragon Great Hand Seal.

Unlike the Torch Dragon Ancient Seal which was used to increase one’s strength, the Torch Dragon Great Hand Seal was a type of offensive Divine Ability that would evolve the Torch Dragon to suppress the enemy.


The fourth thunderbolt fell.

Ye Ping stopped continuing to open up the Torch Dragon Immortal Apertures.

Opening 72 Torch Dragon Immortal Apertures was enough for now. He could not be too hasty and had to progress step by step.

He just had to stop at an appropriate time.

If he simply pursued speed, he would easily shake his foundation.

The fourth thunderbolt fell and Ye Ping used it to stabilize his cultivation level.

Soon, the fifth thunderbolt fell too.

It seemed to be the last thunderbolt that contained even more power than the previous four thunderbolts.

It was a meter thick in girth and when it descended from the sky, it splattered everywhere, drowning Ye Ping.

It was the last Thunder Tribulation.

Ye Ping did not try to resist nor did he try to guide the Thunder Tribulation. Instead, he tried to sense it.

When the thunderbolt struck his flesh, Ye Ping felt an inexplicable emotion. It was neither pain nor discomfort but a feeling of evolving.

After the last Thunder Tribulation, Ye Ping completely comprehended the sword in his heart.

A sword intent appeared around Ye Ping.

That was Ye Ping’s supreme sword intent.

That sword intent did not contain any moves or any Dharmic Dao and Mystical Abilities. However, it represented Ye Ping’s Sword of Mind, Sword of Body, and Sword of Mystical Abilities.

The combination of his mind and energy was the supreme Sword of the Heart.

A single sword intent and sword technique could break through all Dao.

At this moment, Ye Ping also officially stepped into the first realm of the Supreme Sword Immortal Dao.

“Supreme Sword Intent.”

After mastering the supreme sword intent, Ye Ping was almost invincible in the Sword Dao. If the enemy did not master the sword intent, he would be defeated by Ye Ping in one move no matter how strong his attainments in the Sword Dao were.

That was Ye Ping’s supreme sword intent.

Each supreme sword intent was different, and Ye Ping’s supreme sword intent was all about breaking all laws with a single sword.

At this moment, all the rays of light vanished.

On the rear cliff, Ye Ping smiled in satisfaction.

He had guessed correctly. Returning to the sect meant that he would become stronger.

He had only been back for a while, and yet he could already comprehend the supreme sword intent and greatly enhance his physical body and Dharmic Dao.

Who in the Ten Nations Academy could do that?

It was not that Ye Ping was being arrogant. In fact, he felt that no one in the Great Xia Dynasty Academy could defeat Su Changyu.

‘Eldest Senior Brother is forever going to be a G.o.d.’

When Ye Ping was smiling with joy, a wisp of fragrance wafted up to his nose.

Soon, a beautiful figure appeared in front of Ye Ping.

It was Xiao Muxue.

“Eldest Senior Sister?”

Ye Ping was a little surprised because he didn’t expect the first person he saw to be Xiao Muxue.

“Why? You don’t seem too glad to see me.”

Xiao Muxue’s tone was extremely sluggish.

“No! I’m very happy, Eldest Senior Sister.”

Ye Ping tried to force a smile.

However, his smile made Xiao Muxue somewhat displeased.

“I really don’t know what you guys are thinking. I’m so beautiful but you’re not tempted. Ah, you just like following your eldest Senior Brother around all day. Are you impotent?”

Xiao Muxue said with some disgruntlement.

As soon as she said that, Ye Ping was dismayed.

‘Here it comes.’

‘As long as I meet Senior Sister, there will not be reason.’

“Eldest Senior Sister, what are you saying…”

Ye Ping had a glum expression and didn’t know how to continue.

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.”

Xiao Muxue chuckled and immediately said with a stern expression.

“Ye Ping, what do you have to do next?”

Xiao Muxue asked Ye Ping if there was anything else he had to do.


Ye Ping immediately answered that there was plenty he had to do next.

“What is it?”

Xiao Muxue asked with a puzzled expression on her beautiful face.

“Eldest Senior Brother and the rest want to impart some techniques to me. I have to learn well during this period of time.”

Ye Ping answered seriously.

However, after he said that, Xiao Muxue immediately shook her head before continuing to speak.

“It won’t matter even if you don’t learn the Dharmic Dao that that bunch of good-for-nothings impart to you.”

“However, I’m not an overbearing and unreasonable person. I’ll give you three months to prepare. In three months’ time, I’ll come to see you for something.”

Xiao Muxue said.

However, she gave Ye Ping three months.

“Eldest Senior Sister, can you tell me what it’s for?”

Ye Ping asked curiously.

“I want you to work.”

Xiao Muxue did not state it clearly and merely gave a vague reply.

“Work? What work?”

Ye Ping’s eyes were full of curiosity.

‘Why does she want me to work for no reason?’

However, as soon as he said that, Xiao Muxue couldn’t help but chuckle. She had clearly already understood what Ye Ping meant.

“What do you think?”

As she spoke, she sat down in front of Ye Ping with a smile. At the same time, she raised her slender hand, making Ye Ping’s heart race.

‘Who can take this?’


In the next moment, Ye Ping felt some pain in his forehead because Xiao Muxue flicked her finger against it.

In an instant, all the illusions were shattered. Rubbing his forehead, Ye Ping continued to speak to Xiao Muxue.

“This time, I came to look for you because I want to put you through a special training. This regime is different from compet.i.tions within sects. There might be real bloodshed.”

“So, for the next three months, learn as much as you can. Otherwise, when you encounter real danger, I won’t be able to protect you either.”

Xiao Muxue said with a serious expression.

She was going to take Ye Ping to the Immortal King Ruins, but before she did, she wanted to put him through special training.

After all, in her eyes, Ye Ping was still a flower of a greenhouse who had been living a sheltered life, and although he had been through a few dangerous situations, he had yet to truly come into contact with this Immortal Martial world.

There were many things that Ye Ping did not know.

The path to immortality was extremely difficult.

Now that Ye Ping had broken through to the Golden Core realm, she no longer hesitated and instead asked Ye Ping to go for the special training regime.

Looking at Xiao Muxue who looked extremely serious, Ye Ping also realized that she had really come to him because of an important matter.

“Eldest Senior Sister, Master said that I will be experiencing a calamity recently and he wants me to stay within the sect.”

Ye Ping was not afraid of a special training regime, but rather, Daoist Tai Hua had mentioned before that he would be encountering a calamity soon so he should try avoiding going down the mountain.

“You trust Sect Leader’s divination?”

Xiao Muxue asked in displeasure.

“Yes, Eldest Senior Sister.”

Ye Ping nodded honestly.

In an instant, Xiao Muxue fell silent because she didn’t know how to explain Daoist Tai Hua’s divination to Ye Ping.

“Okay, I’ll give you about three months. Prepare yourself.”

“Besides, it’s difficult to escape blessings and disasters so staying in the sect is not necessarily a good thing. All in all, you won’t disobey me, right?”

Xiao Muxue did not have anything more to say and she simply used her status to compel Ye Ping.

At this point, Ye Ping really did not dare to disobey her.

However, he still had three months to go so he nodded and agreed.

Xiao Muxue was pleased to see that Ye Ping had agreed.

She patted Ye Ping’s shoulder.

“However, you don’t have to be scared. If you can really help me out, I’ll definitely give you some benefits.”

Xiao Muxue was not going to let Ye Ping help her out for free.

“Benefits? What benefits?”

Ye Ping immediately perked up after hearing that he might be given benefits.

He naturally didn’t care about the benefits of ordinary people, but Ye Ping definitely cared about the benefits that he would be getting from Xiao Muxue.

“What benefits? I’ll give myself to you, do you want me?”

“As long as you can help me with this matter, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me. Will that do?”

Xiao Muxue chuckled but her voice was sluggish and sultry. Ye Ping couldn’t resist it at all.

Ye Ping was speechless.

‘There she goes again.’

‘Can you stop this?’

Ye Ping fell silent.

Xiao Muxue couldn’t help but take another sip of wine. She then patted Ye Ping’s head and said in displeasure, “I really don’t know what you’re thinking, I’m the dream girl of countless men out there. Why are you so disinterested in me?”

Xiao Muxue asked in displeasure.

“Eldest Senior Sister, cut it out.”

Ye Ping hung his head low, at a complete loss for words.

“Enough, during this period of time, just stay in the sect. You have to seize the three months that you have.”

Xiao Muxue said.

She got up and left too.

After Xiao Muxue left, a voice suddenly sounded.

It was Xu Luochen’s voice.

“Little Junior Brother!”

Xu Luochen exclaimed.

He called out to Ye Ping from afar.


Ye Ping was a little curious about why Xu Luochen was looking for him but he immediately went over.

However, Ye Ping soon discovered that Xu Luochen was not the only one there.

Su Changyu, w.a.n.g Zhuoyu, Xue Zhuan, Lin Bei, and Chen Lingrou were all there too.

There seemed to be a major matter.


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