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Chapter 151: Five Hundred Years, Beyond the Great Xia Dynasty

In the Academy Master’s hall.

Li Mocheng looked at Xu Chang with astonishment in his eyes.

There was only a hint of curiosity.

“Academy Master, you guessed correctly. It is the legendary non-poisonous pill.”

Even till now, Li Mocheng still couldn’t help but have his voice become shaky when Xu Chang mentioned the non-poisonous pill.


In an instant, Li Mocheng s.n.a.t.c.hed the pill and forced out a pill fire.

Although his attainment in alchemy was not very high, mastering one technique would allow him to master all techniques. As a Nascent Soul realm powerhouse, Li Mocheng naturally had some knowledge of alchemy.

He knew what the non-poisonous pills meant.

In other words, non-poisonous pills had no side effects.

To put it more simply, cultivators had to absorb spiritual energy during immortal cultivation. They also had to open their apertures, have epiphanies, and train hard in order to become stronger.

It would take a hundred years to reach the Foundation Establishment realm, a thousand years to reach the Golden Core realm, and ten thousand years to reach the Nascent Soul realm.

For a sect, taking a thousand years to produce a Golden Core realm cultivator was considered excellent.

However, for a dynasty, both Golden Core realm and Nascent Soul realm cultivators would all be like dust on a real battlefield.

Even though there were five dynasties suppressing the world, it didn’t mean that there was peace. There were beasts and demons at the borders, and the fiend cults even appeared in the five dynasties. There were also various other problems.

Someone had to resolve those matters.

Take the north of the Great Xia Dynasty as an example. The barbarians in the north had repeatedly violated the rules at the border and each time there was a dispute, it would result in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of casualties in order to placate an ordinary war.

The tens of thousands of cultivators, on the other hand, were all at the eighth or ninth levels of the perfected Foundation Establishment realm. One out of a hundred of cultivators would be a Foundation Establishment realm cultivator.

In a tragic situation, 100,000 cultivators would die at the border and that would not be trivial for the Great Xia Dynasty.

Hence, in the Ten Nations, there were mercenaries who were meant for dealing with such battles.

However, the most awkward thing was, who would be willing to join the army in a battle without a dynasty?

The vast majority of them were deployed among the civilians and were taught the immortal cultivation methods. However, they were clearly of ordinary apt.i.tude. If they were highly competent, they would long have joined an immortal sect.

That was also the reason why the only way to make this group of people break through quickly was to feed them pills. In the military camp, the soldiers would consume pills every single day in order to break through and become stronger sooner.

That way, they could at least protect themselves on the battlefield.

However, the consequence of doing so was that the poison of pills would become more intense and ruin their future. Hence, cultivators who were at the perfected realm of Qi Refinement could basically be found everywhere, but Foundation Establishment realm cultivators were one in a hundred.

Golden Core realm cultivators were rare and most of them were sent by the imperial court. There were no cultivators in the military camp who could reach the Golden Core realm by consuming pills.

Pills were extremely troublesome.

Hence, be it in the five dynasties or the other fiend cult forces, everyone was researching and trying to formulate the non-poisonous pill. They were willing to have pills that contained a little bit of toxicity too.

Within the five dynasties, the Great Qian Dynasty had a Universe Creation Tripod that could be used to refine pills. The toxicity was at least 80% less than ordinary pills, and that was also the reason why the Great Qian Dynasty was that prosperous and powerful.

That was not all. The Great Qian Dynasty also sold such pills, but they would only sell pills that contained 40% toxicity. However, even so, they still made huge profits.

Hence, the forces of the world and the five dynasties were all researching non-poisonous pills. The person who managed to invent it would be able to lead for 100,000 years.

The Foundation Establishment pill became much more dazzling when burned in the pill fire.

Five minutes!

Ten minutes.

Fifteen minutes.

Two hours.

Four hours.

Li Mocheng not only increased the heat, but he also roasted the pill for four whole hours.

In the end, the pill was still brilliant, and under such baking, it became brighter and brighter. There were no toxins either.

“Non-poisonous pill!”

“It’s really a non-poisonous pill. This… I! Elder Xu! This!”

Li Mocheng’s mind went blank.

He really didn’t expect that it was really a non-poisonous pill and was at a momentary loss for words.

For ordinary people, non-poisonous pills must just be pills without any side effects.

However, if such pills could be ma.s.s-produced in the form of basic pills like Qi Refinement pills, Blood and Qi pills, Physique Pills, and Foundation Establishment Pills, it would be priceless for the entire Jin Nation, or even the entire Great Xia Dynasty.

Not to mention the Great Xia Dynasty, the Jin Nation, for example, was ranked among the top ten nations. It was quite competent and wealthy. As long as the Jin Nation was willing, they could plant in bulk the medicinal herbs required for refining pills that were similar to the Qi and Blood pill, as well as the Physique pill.

As long as there was someone who could refine it, they would be able to produce enough medicinal herbs for the production of tens of millions of pills each day.

Ordinary cultivators could take one pill every three days and the cultivators in the military camp would consume at most one pill a day.

There were four major military camps in Jin Nation, with a total of more than eight million people, and with the help of the non-poisonous pills, there might not be obvious effects within one or two years.

However, after a few decades, the effects would be shown, and out of a hundred Qi Refinement cultivators, two or three or even four or five might break through to the Foundation Establishment realm.

What concept was that? A hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators in the Jin Nation.

That was the terrifying thing about non-poisonous pills.

What about 50 years, or even centuries and a thousand years later?

According to this trend, it might not take a thousand years, but only five hundred years for Jin Nation to not be inferior to the Great Xia Dynasty.

That was the terrifying thing about non-poisonous pills.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, if Jin Nation wanted to develop into a Great Xia Dynasty, they might not be able to do it even in 500 years.

However, non-poisonous pills could make the Jin Nation have strength that was not inferior to the Great Xia Dynasty.

At the thought of this, Li Mocheng genuinely realized how terrifying the non-poisonous pills were.

“Other than you and me, who else knows about this non-poisonous pill?”

Li Mocheng snapped back to his senses, and his expression was extremely solemn.

“There are a total of 475 third generation, fourth generation, and fifth generation disciples.”

Previously, Xu Chang returned for the sake of counting the number of people.

“It was not a good thing. The non-poisonous pills involved too many things, which were enough to influence the entire Jin Nation and even the world.”

“This is a treasure, but it’s very likely to be something involved in the war. However, although I don’t know how Ye Ping managed to refine it, he reckoned that it could not be refined easily.”

“However, this matter must be kept under wraps. Anyone who knows of this must be put under strict supervision. No one is allowed to leave the academy.”

“This piece of news is not to be spread out of the academy. Even if it does, the news cannot spread out of the Jin Nation. Otherwise, it will result in ma.s.sive trouble. Elder Xu, do you understand?”

Hearing that more than four hundred people knew about the matter of the non-poisonous pill, Li Mocheng’s face was sullen.

Such an item was highly valuable and terrifying too. Once the word about it spread, it would lead to a ma.s.sive calamity.

If the other four dynasties or the fiend sects learned that there was such a thing as non-poisonous pills that were refined by others, how would they react?

The Great Qian Dynasty’s prosperity was attributed to a supreme immortal artifact, the Universe Creation Tripod. It was almost the leader of the five dynasties. Would they allow the other dynasties to refine the non-poisonous pill?

“I naturally understand. That’s why I informed you immediately.”

Xu Chang naturally understood. Otherwise, he would not have been so anxious and purposely wanted to put the academy on lockdown. If the news leaked, it would not be a trivial matter.

The disputes between dynasties and nations were not trivial, and the slightest movement would result in a huge bloodbath. That was not a joke at all.

“Elder Xu, there are three things that you have to do well now.”

At the same time, Li Mocheng cast some Dharmic powers that crushed the Foundation Establishment pill.

“Firstly, Elder Xu, you have to immediately re-refine this pill and add other medicinal herbs so that it has toxicity, and then return to the Pill Pavilion, inform the people that this pill has become toxic after I refined it. Regardless of whether they believe it or not, you must make it clear.”

“Secondly, ask Ye Ping if he can tell you the method to refine such a pill. We must find out at all costs. Of course, you also have to find out clearly if it can be ma.s.s-produced. It’s a major thing for both the Jin Nation and the Great Xia Dynasty.”

“Thirdly, guard the academy well, and before I return, you shall control all affairs in the academy. No one is allowed to go out, no one is allowed to leave. Put aside the matter of the princess of the Great Xia Dynasty too, these are no longer important for now.”

“Elder Xu, please make a trip there. I can’t appear so I can only wait for you here.”

Li Mocheng said those three things.

At the end of the day, the matter had to be kept a secret and Elder Xu had to find out clearly if the non-poisonous pills could be produced in bulk. If it was possible, it would be shocking.

If not, it wouldn’t matter either. As long as he could refine some, it would be a good thing for the Great Xia Dynasty and Jin Nation. If it could not be refined in bulk, they would refine some precious pills of better quality.

Foundation Establishment pills, Breakthrough Pills, Nascent Soul Pills also had miraculous effects that would help the cultivators break through to the next realm without any side effects. That would be greatly beneficial too.

He had to understand this point before he could go to the king of Jin Nation. Otherwise, it would be inappropriate.

“Please rest a.s.sured. Master, I will go now.”

Elder Xu Chang nodded, and after saying that, he turned around to fly towards the Pill Pavilion immediately.

After Elder Xu Chang left, Li Mocheng exhaled.

So much had happened in just one day and the events were more major than the one preceding it. Hence, Li Mocheng was caught between tears and laughter.

Outside the hall.

Elder Xu Chang rushed towards the Pill Pavilion.

During the journey, he casually refined some pills and soon, some black gas appeared in the cracked Foundation Establishment Pill, especially after Elder Xu Chang burned it with fire.

The pills were even entwined with black gas.

It turned into a poisonous pill.

At this moment…

Outside the Pill Pavilion.

More than four hundred disciples were trapped in this place for more than four hours.

However, the difference between this and before Elder Xu Chang left was that previously, everyone was still in a daze, but now, all the disciples were almost surrounding Ye Ping.

Even the fourth and third generation disciples had swallowed their pride and took the initiative to address Ye Ping as their Senior Brother.

‘I have to shout.’

In terms of cultivation, Ye Ping was in the early Foundation Establishment realm. Although he was not strong, he was definitely not weak.

In terms of abilities, Ye Ping managed to defeat the third generation and fourth generation disciples. Of course he was powerful.

In terms of Sword Dao, he managed to give pointers to the best Sword Dao powerhouse in Jin Nation.

In terms of alchemy, he managed to refine a non-poisonous pill.

To be honest, although they could not be the same as Li Mocheng who could think of the effects the pills had on the dynasty, he could figure it out with some thought.

Ye Ping knew how to refine non-poisonous pills, and if they built friendly connections with him, they could just give Ye Ping some medicinal herbs and ask him to refine a pill for them if they got stuck in a bottleneck in the future.

Hence, outside the Pill Pavilion, the people were discussing and flattering Ye Ping.

“Senior Brother Ye, I’m really not complimenting you, but isn’t there a genius from Nan Nation? I think if he dares to come to the Jin Nation Academy, he’d probably be utterly embarra.s.sed.”

“Yeah, yeah, now the Ten Nations are talking about that genius from Nan Nation, but to put it bluntly, he just has a strong physical body. In terms of swordsmans.h.i.+p and alchemy, he’s inferior to you.”

“Senior Brother Ye, from now on, you’ll be the eldest Senior Brother of the academy in my eyes. I’ll follow you from now on.”

They quickly swarmed over and praised Ye Ping.

In the middle of the crowd, Ye Ping did not feel flattered at all and instead was a little awkward.

He didn’t like to be praised all the time. He thought that it would be better for people to praise each other.

However, at this moment, Elder Xu Chang appeared.

All of a sudden, everyone fell silent and looked at Elder Xu Chang.

Soon, the eyes of the crowd fell on the Foundation Establishment Pill in Elder Xu Chang’s hand.

The Foundation Establishment Pill that was initially radiant and glistening was now covered in black gaze. It was shattered and didn’t seem like a Spirit Pill at all. Instead, it seemed to be one of the ten most poisonous pills.

“Ye Ping, just now I asked the Academy Master to personally refine this pill of yours. I have a piece of good news and a piece of bad news.”

“The bad news is that this pill of yours is not a non-poisonous pill.”

“However, the good news is that this pill of yours contains very little toxicity. It only has 20% of the toxins in pills of the same type. It is definitely not a non-poisonous pill.”

Elder Xu Chang denied that Ye Ping’s pill was not a non-poisonous pill and then said that Ye Ping’s pill contained only 20% of the toxicity of other similar pills.

However, Elder Xu Chang spread his divine senses and told Ye Ping not to speak for now.

He was more worried about Ye Ping’s juvenile nature and thus retorted.

However, in reality, when Elder Xu Chang appeared, Ye Ping saw that there was something wrong with his pill. He didn’t say anything.

Now, after hearing Elder Xu Chang tell himself to calm down a little, Ye Ping instantly bowed.

“It seems I have been conceited, thank you for pointing out my mistakes.”

Ye Ping bowed and seemed to have come to a sudden realization.

The rest of the disciples also seemed disappointed after hearing that it was not a non-poisonous pill.

After all, if Ye Ping had really refined a non-poisonous pill, they could also gain some glory. However, even if it wasn’t a non-poisonous pill, but one that had only 20% of the toxicity of other pills, it was still extremely good.

“Okay, something has happened recently, the Jin Nation is in turmoil. Besides, it’s the academy’s fortune that Ye Ping can refine such a pill. Don’t spread a word about this, and when the time comes for the Ten Nations Grand Tournament, we’ll let Ye Ping stand up for us proudly, okay?”

Elder Xu Chang continued to speak again and reminded the crowd not to spread the word about the matter.


The disciples also understood.

Ye Ping was a peerless genius who was proficient in all aspects like the Sword Dao, alchemy, and array formations. If outsiders found out about him, they would probably try everything to poach Ye Ping.

He might as well keep a low profile and use him as a trump card to shock others. That would naturally be better.

“Enough, this is the end of today’s lecture. Go back and think about it and learn from Ye Ping.”

Xu Chang told them to leave while he gradually disappeared.

At that moment, some of the disciples also left on their own after the restrictions were lifted. However, most of them still followed Ye Ping and continued to suck up to him.

An hour later, Ye Ping returned to his residence.

He had been surrounded by hundreds of people who sucked up to him for two hours.

To be honest, his scalp was tingling and he really did not expect that the people of the Jin Nation Academy would be that powerful. They could sing endless praises about him.

Some even wrote poems for Ye Ping, leaving him caught between laughter and tears.

If he hadn’t used reclusion and cultivation as a reason, he probably would not be able to make it back.

However, when Ye Ping returned, he did not go to cultivate and instead went to his room.

Indeed, as soon as he pushed open the door, Elder Xu Chang appeared in the room.

“Greetings, Elder Xu.”

Ye Ping bowed. He knew Elder Xu would come to him, he just didn’t want to draw attention to him just now.

“Ye Ping, save the formalities.”

Elder Xu Chang did not speak, but he communicated with his divine sense.

“Ye Ping, the pill you refined is indeed a non-poisonous pill, but perhaps you don’t quite understand what a non-poisonous pill signifies.”

“I can’t tell you how extraordinary this non-poisonous pill is, but it involves too much and it will even lead to a great calamity.”

“Now I would like to ask a few questions, and I hope that you can answer me, Fellow Daoist.”

Elder Xu Chang did not make pleasantries, nor did he praise Ye Ping. He simply cut straight to the chase.

He even called Ye Ping Fellow Daoist.

“Please, Elder.”

In fact, looking at Elder Xu Chang’s behavior, Ye Ping also gradually realized how significant this non-poisonous pill was, so he didn’t dare to act recklessly.

Ye Ping even regretted his decision to refine the non-poisonous pill in front of everyone.

After that, Ye Ping thought of one thing.

It was the thing that Jiang Peng mentioned about the Luck-exterminating Battle where many hidden sects were annihilated.

Ye Ping then had a suspicion and felt that the Qingyun Dao Sect was one of them, and the non-poisonous pill was most likely the alchemy method of his hidden sect.

If he exposed it, he would harm his sect.

That was also the reason why Ye Ping didn’t declare anything and just looked a little worried.

However, Elder Xu Chang soon spoke.


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