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Chapter 984: 984

The Eastern Wasteland’s disciples eventually woke up and saw that they were still alive . They almost wept tears of joy .

Only once you walked past the brink of death would you know how beautiful life was . Even the Central Plains’ experts had never felt so close to death .

When they awoke, Long Chen began to divvy up the loot . w.a.n.g Mang and the others all expressed that they wouldn’t touch the ninth rank sea demons . They were all Long Chen’s .

Through this battle, they had all seen that Long Chen and his people would definitely release a blazing light once they arrived in the Xuantian Dao Sect . w.a.n.g Mang even expressed that he was willing to be Long Chen’s subordinate .

Although the ninth rank sea demons were extremely valuable, w.a.n.g Mang knew that no matter how great the wealth was, it wasn’t worth more than forming a friendly relations.h.i.+p with a limitless potential genius . The latter would only increase in value .

So no matter what Long Chen said, he refused to take the ninth rank sea demons . Long Chen gave up, keeping the ninth rank sea demons’ corpses and Neidans . But he gave all the Neidans at the eighth rank and below to them . w.a.n.g Mang and the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples couldn’t refuse .

When they evenly split the Neidans, they found that the huge amount of points they could trade them for would be enough for them to squander for a very long time .

Points were the Xuantian Dao Sect’s tradition that was pa.s.sed down all the way to the 108th monastery . Long Chen had personally experienced what it meant to possess points . If you had enough points, you could get anything .

It had been many years, but now he was returning to that system . As he distributed the Neidans, he intentionally probed Elder Sha .

After all, Elder Sha had contributed a lot in slaying these sea demons . Furthermore, the flying boat had been heavily damaged . Although they had put in a hasty repair, once they returned to the sect, it would definitely cost a great deal to fully repair it .

But Elder Sha shook his head, saying that it wasn’t in accordance with the rules . A disciple’s profit was only for disciples . Furthermore, the flying boat was the property of the sect . Since he had only used it to carry out a mission, then even if the boat was destroyed, it would have nothing to do with him .

Elder Sha truly was inflexible, so Long Chen could only keep the Neidans . The corpses of the powerful sea beasts were all given to Wilde . He was the most excited one on the flying boat .

The second most excited one was Guo Ran . He truly had some skill . By sucking up, he had actually won the privilege of operating the flying boat .

Apparently, he had helped out a great deal to repair the flying boat . He was quick-witted and had obtained Elder Sha’s recognition . And so he had taught him the way to control the flying boat .

Guo Ran was in love with the flying boat now . He refused to leave the control panel, and Elder Sha simply left him there . Guo Ran’s talent in this regard was truly impressive . In just a few days, his skill with the controls was impeccable . Even Elder Sha was startled by his talent .

As a result, Guo Ran continued to operate the flying boat . It sped off, with Elder Sha occasionally telling Guo Ran about some upcoming twists and turns to avoid certain regions .

Even Elder Sha had become much more careful after enduring such a terrifying battle . He didn’t dare to make the slightest mistake with the route . Fortunately, they didn’t run into any more dangers on the journey, and everything went smoothly .

Long Chen asked Elder Sha to mark the spot he had found . After that, he began to deal with the Neidans .

These Neidans were essentially all water attribute . Only the Six Horn Sea Serpent’s Neidan was metal attribute, and that startled Long Chen .

But Elder Sha said that the Six Horn Sea Serpent was different from ordinary sea demons . It possessed a powerful bloodline inheritance, similar to some humans . Just because it lived in water didn’t mean its Neidan would definitely be water attribute . But over ninety percent of sea demons’ Neidans were of water attribute .

The metal attribute Neidan was given to the few Dragonblood warriors with the right attribute . However, there weren’t many metal attribute experts amongst them, because they had been able to make a choice when giving birth to an elemental energy .

Choosing an element was extremely important . But no matter how heaven-defying Ten Thousand Spirit Blood was, if their foundations weren’t good enough, then the elemental energy it would birth wouldn’t be pure . Rather than condensing an elemental energy, it was better to allow the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood to spread its energy to nourish the physical body . Then it would form physical power runes . In truth, each of the Dragonblood warriors liked this kind of feeling of absolute power .

As a result, they only had a few elemental warriors . The water attribute warriors ended up profiting greatly, as they once more obtained several ninth rank Neidans .

It could be said that Long Chen’s side had profited the most . Long Chen had tried to give some things as compensation, but he had been refused .

Long Chen didn’t like owing favors, but w.a.n.g Mang and the others refused to take it . It was unknown what troubles they might encounter in the future, and Long Chen definitely couldn’t just watch to the side .

As they continued on their journey, Long Chen focused on nouris.h.i.+ng the divine runes in his twenty-seven acupuncture points . The first nine were already fully condensed .

With the a.s.sistance of the divine runes, he sensed that Split the Heavens’ power was already several times greater than before .

And most mysterious of all, he felt a strange kind of energy supporting him when he used it . It was like a kind of blessing . He could sense it, but he wasn’t able to describe it clearly . It was extremely mysterious .

Split the Heavens, as the treasure of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, was perhaps not as simple as he had thought . There were definitely some secrets within .

But Long Chen couldn’t bother with those . With the first nine divine runes fully condensed, the first form of Split the Heavens would unleash more power than the second form . That gave him more confidence .

In the first few days, Long Chen was unable to calm down and focus . That was because of the azure dragon reverse scale . His See A Treasure And Can’t Walk Away Disease was recurring .

He reminded himself countless times that he would one day return and that the treasure wouldn’t grow legs and run away . He understood that reasoning, but it still made him feel indescribably pained .

After a few days, it was unknown if it was because that summoning was too far for him to sense or if his rationality had defeated his disease, but his heart was no longer so pained, and he began to use his time to cultivate .

The others were also cultivating . Only Wilde was hiding in a corner and eating . The sight of him eating was too frightening for others .

Seeing Wilde eat a few seventh rank sea demons each day shocked even Elder Sha . He had never seen someone who could eat this much . Wilde’s stomach was practically a bottomless pit .

In the end, Elder Sha couldn’t watch any longer . He gave Wilde an oven, which was a special Enchanted item that contained spatial power . It was extremely previous .

It was what an expert could use to cook Magical Beasts . When Magical Beasts were tossed inside, their size would shrink until they were just a few feet long . After spending a few spirit stones, it was possible to cook it very quickly .

But even a King would only be able to eat two or three bites of this compressed food, because when the food began to be digested, it would return to its original size . If they ate too much, it would make a person explode, and for a mighty King to explode from eating too much was far too laughable .

With this special oven, Wilde no longer ate his food raw and b.l.o.o.d.y . He profusely said his thanks to Elder Sha .

Time pa.s.sed quickly and two months were gone in a flash . At this moment, they finally saw the other side of the continent . Everyone, including Elder Sha, breathed a sigh of relief .

Just as w.a.n.g Mang said, there was no storm zone on the side of the Central Plains . It was no wonder the sea demons would only attack this side and not the other four regions . Those storm zones were the four regions’ natural protections . Without them, they would probably have long since ceased to exist .

In these two months, they encountered countless attacks from sea demons, but those consisted mostly of seventh rank sea demons with occasionally a few eighth rank .

Everyone had learned their lesson . While being attacked by those sea demons, they didn’t even curse back, let alone kill them . Last time had been too frightening .

When the flying boat flew over the land, Elder Sha had Guo Ran release the barrier . Fresh air poured in, allowing everyone to relax .

“What dense natural spiritual qi!” exclaimed one of the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples . The spiritual qi was several times denser than the area covered by his sect’s top spirit gathering formation .

“Hehe, this is the strongest aspect of the Central Plains . The spiritual qi is incredibly abundant . The Martial Heaven Sea-Ring is like a barrier locking the Central Plains’ spiritual qi inside, not letting it flow to the other four regions .

“So the Central Plains’ disciples have a huge advantage . Even when they’re just babies in the womb, they will be nourished by this dense spiritual qi and blessed with greater talent . Normally, they can reach Qi Condensation before five, reach Bone Forging by ten, and even those who reach Xiantian by fifteen are not rare,” said w.a.n.g Mang .

Everyone was startled . They could reach Xiantian by the age of fifteen? That was too terrifying . They had all been in their twenties when they reached Xiantian .

It had to be known that the start was very important for cultivators . It was like a race against time . The younger they broke through the barriers, the greater their potential . But they also couldn’t let their foundations grow unsteady .

“Furthermore, once you enter the sect, you’ll find many very young disciples . Furthermore, they’re also very… lively . ” w.a.n.g Mang bitterly smiled when he said that .

“Hmph, they just haven’t been beaten enough . If they had met my boss, I’d bet they wouldn’t be so lively,” sneered Guo Ran . He wasn’t convinced by all the praise he heard about the Central Plains’ geniuses .

“There’s no need to be stubborn . Cultivation base isn’t everything, and talent cannot change a person’s fate . Cultivating is like climbing a mountain . Although those that climb quickly make people envious, they end up missing many sceneries . We climb slower, but we’ve also gained things that other people neglected . It’s impossible to say who is losing and who is winning until both sides reach the peak .

“Everyone wants to work hard to reach the peak of the martial path . But just how high is the peak? No one can say for sure . So don’t be envious, and don’t admire them . If there is a gain, there must be a loss . And when you lose things, that’s the only time you’ll be able to gain certain things . The most forbidden emotion for those struggling on the martial path is envy . It will cause you to lose yourself and be unable to see further down your path,” said Long Chen .

Elder Sha looked at Long Chen . He hadn’t expected Long Chen to understand such principles at such a young age . It was no wonder the Dragonblood Legion was full of such monsters . They had all been led by Long Chen, someone who truly possessed the quality of a general .

The flying boat continued onwards, and Long Chen quickly saw some huge constructions . Those were used to block the attacks of sea demons . It was also possible to see some people down below . They should be the guards .

He saw layers and layers of defenses . It actually continued for thousands of miles . Once they pa.s.sed this defensive zone, they reached a huge transportation formation .

What startled Long Chen was the fact that the flying boat directly landed on the transportation formation, and it immediately activated .

They continued like this for a while until they finally went through the final transportation formation . An empty land appeared in front of them .

“We’ve arrived . ”

Hearing w.a.n.g Mang’s words, Long Chen and the others hastily examined their surroundings . Even with Long Chen’s calm, he took in a cold gasp of air .


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