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Chapter 612

What Meng Qi didn’t expect was that Long Chen already came out just an incense stick’s worth of time later .

“You’re done this quickly?” she asked .

“Meng Qi, if you put it like that, I’ll be very hurt,” said Long Chen .

Meng Qi was at first confused, but then seeing the teasing in Long Chen’s eyes, she immediately turned red, rebuking, “All day, your head is just full of indecent thoughts . ”

Long Chen knew Meng Qi’s temperament was more gentle and not like Tang Wan-er . These kinds of jokes weren’t suitable for her, so he laughed . “That’s just because I found that I was worried for nothing . There wasn’t the slightest difficulty . Wan-er is in the process of refining the Dao Rune Fruit . Although it’s slow, there’s not the slightest bit of danger . ”

Long Chen had been standing by Tang Wan-er’s side when she had consumed the Dao Rune Fruit . But he found that the fruit didn’t have the slightest resistance and simply allowed Tang Wan-er to absorb it .

However, the amount of energy in it was too great, and Tang Wan-er needed a bit of time . Long Chen had gotten impatient and come out on his own .

From this experiment with Tang Wan-er, Long Chen’s confidence rose even higher . It seemed his crazy thoughts were actually realizable . Of course, the precondition was that he managed to kill that many Celestials .

However, Celestials were rare . The majority of them were hidden by their sects . Someone like Yin Wushang who roved around was not at all common .

The reason Yin Wushang could be so rampant was because he had his background as a member of an ancient family as a deterrence, as well as the fact that it was just his clone .

After all, if he only relied on his true body’s cultivation and didn’t have the battle experience from his clone, there was no way he could become a true expert .

But the world was large, and there were countless geniuses . Celestials were not guaranteed to be safe . So Yin Wushang only dared move around in the surrounding few prefectures . Only by staying within the range of the Yin family could he guarantee his safety .

Thus, the chance of Long Chen finding another Celestial wandering around was very low .

Furthermore, killing one of them would be offending an enormous power . It came at a heavy price .

As for the Dao Rune Fruit, Long Chen merely said it was a kind of miraculous fruit that was born with Dao runes . After consuming it, there was a chance that a person could become a Celestial . He didn’t tell them the true origin of the fruit .

If he let them know that this fruit was Yin Wushang’s core runes, then it was unknown whether or not Tang Wan-er would immediately reject it . So Long Chen kept this secret to himself .

All he had told them was that he was not sure how these fruits were born . Perhaps he would learn the requirements in the future, but for now, it seemed like it relied on the weather .

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had thought he had just been spouting rubbish, but in truth, Long Chen’s words weren’t a complete lie . That was because when Celestials fought, the weather really would normally become worse . So looking at the weather wasn’t absolute nonsense .

As for this so-called Dao Rune Fruit, there were actually many kinds of these in this world, so the name didn’t sound foreign .

But in Long Chen’s view, it shouldn’t be called Dao Rune Fruit but a kind of heaven-defying Heavenly Dao Fruit . Furthermore, these weren’t natural but man-made .

After settling Tang Wan-er’s matter, Long Chen gathered up the Dragonblood Legion . He saw that the excitement in their eyes still hadn’t faded .

“Boss, when are you going to bring us out for a fight? My spear is getting hungry,” cried Gu Yang . He was extremely warlike inside, and when he had seen the photographic jade of Long Chen fighting Yin Wushang, he had had an urge to immediately find a large battle for himself .

“You want to fight? Could it be you aren’t even aware of the flaw that is present in all of your bodies?” asked Long Chen .

“Boss, don’t scare us . What flaw are you talking about?” asked Guo Ran .

“You don’t have that problem . But the others all have that flaw . Your cultivation speeds have greatly surpa.s.sed your mental realms . Right now, your auras are no longer stable and have started to leak out of your control . Because you’ve advanced too quickly to the late Meridian Opening realm, you didn’t notice it,” said Long Chen .

Now that he brought it up, everyone was startled . Paying close attention to their auras, they truly did sense slight traces of spiritual qi leaking out . But they didn’t sense anything else .

“You aren’t aware that this is a sign your cultivation speed has surpa.s.sed your mental realms . It’s not obvious now, but once you reach the Xiantian realm, it will become a huge flaw . In truth, it’s my fault . I forgot to tell you that since you’ve all undergone complete tempering, your body will contain a great deal of medicinal pill energy . Once you reached the Meridian Opening realm, you should have slowed down your cultivation speed,” said Long Chen .

“Then what should we do now?” asked Gu Yang hastily .

“It’s a good thing I came back in time . Starting today, no one should continue cultivating . Stabilize your auras . Cultivation is like rowing a boat upstream . If you don’t advance, you’ll fall back . As soon as you stop cultivating, your speed will slow down, and your realm might even slowly retreat . But don’t worry, because that kind of recession is just temporary . It can help stabilize your foundations slightly,” said Long Chen .

“That’s all?” asked Yue Zifeng .

“Of course not . This is just a stop-gap . To truly stabilize your foundation in a short time requires you to undergo true life and death battles, relying on the pressure of death and the intensity of a fierce battle to completely stabilize your cultivation bases,” said Long Chen .

“Then, should we go after the leftovers of the Yin family? I hear there are still a few dredges from them that are running businesses . ” An evil smile appeared on Guo Ran’s face .

“Let that go . Those people are just branch members of the Yin family and not direct descendants . None of them are real experts . To be frank, they’re just a bunch of workers that the Yin family didn’t care about . Why bother with them? Furthermore, killing a few chickens won’t bring you any pressure,” said Long Chen .

“Then what? It seems there aren’t any large battles to be fought right now, right?” said Guo Ran .

“For now, there’s no battle to be fought . Everyone should just rest, relax . Play some chess, drink some wine, rest your b.a.l.l.s . Go play with some random missions . ”

That was all he had to say . With his reminder, everyone no longer dared to cultivate, and they all scattered to relax . Guo Ran stealthily approached Long Chen .

“Hehe, boss, I have another new invention . Come, let’s find a place for me to open your eyes to the world . ”

Outside the Xuantian Supermonastery, in an empty s.p.a.ce, Guo Ran waved his hand, and an oddly shaped boat appeared in front of him .

This boat was thirty meters long, and there were countless notches in it with wind spirit stones embedded into them . There was also a large cannon at the head of the boat .

This bronze cannon was three feet thick and two meters long . Dragon-shaped diagrams had been carved into it to give it a grand feeling .

“Boss, this is what I built based on the diagram you gave me . I changed up some minor things, and I also added a cannon to it . I have special cannonb.a.l.l.s for it; one use exhausts one thousand wind spirit stones . That power is truly awesome .

“When it comes to Xiantian experts, a single cannon can kill as many of them as there are . I’ve personally tried using a cannonball against a large mountain .

“I’ve also modified the tail, adding a formation to give it the greatest amount of acceleration possible . This boat’s speed will make it appear like a shooting star in the air .

“Furthermore, the leather seats are completely adjustable, allowing you to have a three hundred and sixty degree view, and five speeds-”

“Alright, it sounds and looks pretty amazing . Let’s try it out . ” Long Chen jumped into the boat . Guo Ran sat at the front of the boat, and two poles appeared in front of him . He pushed one of those poles forward .

The boat’s countless wind spirit stones lit up, and the formation runes on the rear also activated . The boat became a ray of light that flew into the sky incredibly fast .

“Haha, how is it, boss? Isn’t the feeling of flying amazing?!” Guo Ran crazily shouted as he controlled the boat . Although this wasn’t his first time flying it, he still felt incomparably excited .

“This is twice the speed of a fifth rank Magical Beast . It really is not bad . ” Long Chen nodded . He had no choice but to admire Guo Ran . He was truly talented .

Back then, Long Chen had only come up with a brazen idea . He hadn’t expected Guo Ran to actually be able to realize it and to even perfect it to this point .

“Hehe, this is just the starting speed . Didn’t I say there were five speeds? Boss, don’t fall off . ”

The boat went through four increases of speed, truly becoming like a meteorite soaring through the air . Long Chen even felt that the air resistance was getting painful . This was truly too fast; he had never experienced this speed before .

“Boss, how is it?”

Guo Ran’s face was already deformed from being blown by the wind, but he still didn’t forget to sound immensely pleased with himself .

“Five,” said Long Chen out of nowhere .


“Four . ”

“Boss, what are you talking about?”

“Three . There are three more seconds until we crash into a mountain,” said Long Chen lightly .


“Two . ”

“What the f.u.c.k?!”

“One . ”


A huge mountain suddenly appeared in front of them . A huge dent was smashed into the flying boat, while Long Chen and Guo Ran were almost directly thrown off .

“Boss, you really know how to mess around . ” Guo Ran was slightly speechless .

“Your flying boat really is st.u.r.dy . ” Long Chen gave him a thumbs-up .

Long Chen had sensed that mountain a while ago . But this was just an earthen mountain, and his Spiritual Strength was able to see through it . So he intentionally didn’t warn Guo Ran .

This proved that Guo Ran’s inventions were truly amazing . Even such a high-speed collision didn’t break the boat .

“Do you want to try firing a cannon?” asked Guo Ran .

“No, although we have many wind spirit stones, they’re still limited . It’s best to save this little bit . ” Long Chen shook his head . They wouldn’t be able to get more wind spirit stones in the future . To immediately waste a thousand like that was meaningless .

“This flying boat is practically a divine weapon that can be used to kill people and run . Properly protect it, and don’t expose it if you can . ”

Guo Ran nodded . This was a secret weapon . After flying for a bit more, Long Chen and Guo Ran put away the boat and returned to the supermonastery .

As soon as they returned, a Dragonblood disciple ran over . “Boss, experts came looking for you . The monastery head is currently receiving them, and she needs you to get over there as fast as possible!”


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