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Chapter 582

The sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng erupted . Everyone’s expressions changed, as this sound was too resounding and many people’s eardrums broke, making it so they were unable to hear anything further .

The blood-colored saber blocked Yin Wushang’s sword, but the ground was unable to resist their power, and it sank . The original Hidden Dragon Abode had already completely disappeared without a trace .

Everyone was shocked by this scene . This was practically a world-shaking battle .

“Do you still need your testing blows? Bring out your full strength!” Long Chen icily stared at Yin Wushang, filled with overflowing battle intent .

“What?!” Everyone’s hearts pounded . Such a terrifying exchange was just a testing blow?

“Dad, will Long Chen be alright?” asked Mo Nian worriedly .

Mo Yunshan sighed, “None of us understand Long Chen . I feel like even your grandfather has misjudged him .

“Long Chen isn’t truly impetuous . In truth, he sees everything completely clearly . He has a reason for each one of his actions .

“Perhaps it is as Long Chen said, and this is just his Dao . Any obstacles in his path have to be destroyed . He refuses to walk around an obstacle, let alone using a cheap trick to fix it .

“This world’s myriad of Daos are all the same in a way . There is no major or minor . However, Long Chen has chosen the Dao that is the hardest to walk . That’s because he has chosen the Undefeatable Dao!”

“What is the Undefeatable Dao?” Mo Nian couldn’t help asking .

“I’m also not clear about the details . All I’ve heard is that there is a kind of person who will split his way through any mountains that impede him, slash apart any rivers that are in his way, and refuses to lower his head to any difficulties on his cultivation path . However, those that chose the Undefeatable Dao…” Mo Yunshan suddenly paused when he reached here .

“What happened to those who chose the Undefeatable Dao?” asked Mo Nain .

Mo Yunshan didn’t reply . He didn’t want to tell Mo Nian the answer . That answer was too cruel because the Undefeatable Dao was a dead end . No one was able to walk it to the end . Those geniuses had all fallen .

“What Long Chen cultivates isn’t exactly the Undefeatable Dao . It seems he doesn’t have a will inside him to contend for supremacy . His Dao is extremely curious . I’ve never heard of something like it . I’m unable to describe his Dao clearly . ” Zi Yan also sighed, looking at Long Chen with a complicated expression .

Mo Yunshan and Mo Nian’s hearts shook . Zi Yan might be young, and they were unable to see through her cultivation base due to some mysterious energy hiding it, but the natural Dao charm that came from her was something no one dared blaspheme .

Furthermore, she came from a mysterious power . Her comprehension of the Dao far surpa.s.sed other people . Her words were very thought-provoking .

“Hahaha, good, you’ve gotten stronger . Only like this is it interesting . Don’t worry, I won’t be careless like last time . ” Yin Wushang suddenly laughed and pointed his sword at Long Chen, battle intent soaring off him .

“In my opinion, even if you aren’t careless this time, the ending won’t be that different . Today, the person to die will definitely be you . But since you don’t want to take the initiative, I’ll take it . ”

“Divine ring!”

s.p.a.ce trembled as a huge divine ring appeared behind Long Chen’s back . It appeared like a red and orange rainbow . But between these two colors was a very indistinct color that separated the two . This faint yellow color was extremely light, and you wouldn’t notice it unless you looked carefully .

The instant the divine ring appeared, Long Chen’s aura explosively grew, and boundless pressure spread .

The void was constantly rumbling, and mud surged up . The rocks within the ground shot towards the spectators .

Those distant spectators cried out in shock . The sharp whistling accompanying those stones made their hearts turn cold, and they hastily dodged .

As for those that didn’t have time to dodge, they could only forcefully receive it . As a result, countless people vomited blood and fainted .

It had to be known that the people here that still dared to watch were all Xiantian experts . But even such experts were unable to even bear the aftermath of Long Chen releasing his aura .

“He’s practically a monster . ” Mo Nian was dumbfounded . Was this the Long Chen he knew?

Previously, when they had fought on the streets, Long Chen had also summoned his divine ring . But how come there was such a difference between now and then?

With the divine ring behind him, Long Chen’s long hair fluttered in the wind . His cold gaze was like a sharp blade, and a majestic aura came from his body . His blood-red saber rested on his shoulder . He appeared like a G.o.d disdainfully looking down on the world .

“What… what Battle Skill is this?!” Even the usually calm Zi Yan was shocked . From that divine ring, she sensed an aura others were unable to sense .

That was why she was filled with even more disbelief than anyone else . How could such a Battle Skill exist in this world?

She could sense that after Long Chen summoned this divine ring, the world had changed . To be more specific, there was a change in the Heavenly Daos .

“Cry of the Heavenly Daos!”

Heaven and earth shook . Countless runes surged out like a tide, condensing in the sky and enveloping Yin Wushang . Yin Wushang had finally released his full strength .

Heavenly Dao runes flickered around Yin Wushang, and it was like the entire world was slanting towards him . The current him had clearly received the heavens’ favor .

“Heavens, a divine ring to shake the world, the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, this is truly a monumental battle!”

Long Chen seemed to disdainfully look down on all with his divine ring behind him . On the other hand, Yin Wushang seemed like a divine devil had possessed him, his aura shaking the clouds, countless runes revolving around him . With the support of the will of the Heavenly Daos, he was even more terrifying .

Just feeling their auras made the spectators’ hearts pound wildly as they were filled with reverence .

“Nian-er, pay close attention . Long Chen’s strongest point isn’t his martial might, but his will .

“Did you notice? In the face of the suppression of the Heavenly Daos, there isn’t the slightest reverence in Long Chen’s eyes . On the contrary, they are filled with disdain and ridicule .

“Becoming enemies with all of heaven and earth is called stupidity, but not every person has the qualifications to have that kind of stupidity .

“On the path of cultivation, people are like boats on a sea . There’s no boat that will never sink . So cultivators do not need to take the long and broad view, taking consideration of the big picture .

“If you aren’t even able to fight the fight that’s right in front of you, then that so-called retreating and fighting from a distance is just a joke . Now you understand your grandfather’s intentions, right?” asked Mo Yunshan .

Mo Nian’s heart shook . Looking at Long Chen who seemed possessed by a battle G.o.d, he suddenly realized how much painstaking effort his father and grandfather had gone through for him .

If a person didn’t have a determination that would allow them to even fight against the heavens, then they would be unable to walk far on the path of cultivation . Many people were unafraid of life and death battles, but in the face of the Heavenly Daos, they chose to submit in the end .

Mo Yi had treated him the way he had in hopes that he would one day understand that true experts weren’t created because of their cultivation bases, but because they wouldn’t give up in the face of any suppression . Even the heavens would be unable to make them submit .

Only by reaching that point could your heart truly hold no fear, and only then were you a true expert .

“Dad, I understand . ”

Mo Nian took a deep breath . He felt endless grat.i.tude towards his father and grandfather .

For him, the entire Mo family had poured in endless sweat and blood . However, it was impossible for others to teach him that . He had to understand it himself . Now he finally did .

Previously, in the streets, Long Chen had cursed him for being cowardly, and he had taken his first step . Now seeing Long Chen’s fearless display even in the face of the Heavenly Daos’ suppression, Mo Nian was truly startled awake .

Hearing Mo Yunshan and Mo Nian’s words, Zi Yan and Yu Tong couldn’t help but frown . Obviously, they didn’t acknowledge Mo Yunshan’s theory .

“Nian-er, you are also a Celestial now . The Heavenly Daos will support you, but that is limited to only a portion of the Heavenly Daos .

“When you run into other Celestials, the Heavenly Daos will not necessarily tilt towards your side . When the Heavenly Daos favor others, if you don’t have a will to fight against the heavens, you will definitely die . That’s because you’ll feel like the Heavenly Daos have abandoned you .

“Celestials are called the favorites of heaven and earth, but in truth, the Heavenly Daos are emotionless . Otherwise, they wouldn’t allow people to slaughter each other . Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any fathers who would fight to the death with their sons . ” Mo Yunshan patted Mo Nian on the shoulder .

“Thank you, dad . Your son understands . ” Mo Nian took a deep breath .

Mo Yunshan’s words made Zi Yan descend into silence . Looking at the two people staring at each other in the distance, it was unknown what she was thinking .

The two of their auras were constantly clas.h.i.+ng, causing s.p.a.ce to twist . It was like two angry floods were constantly clas.h.i.+ng .

“I didn’t expect that your cultivation technique would actually just barely be able to resist my Cry of the Heavenly Daos’ suppression . Good, now it’ll be more interesting . ” Yin Wushang’s battle intent was constantly rising .

Now that Long Chen had advanced to Meridian Opening and his divine ring had become stronger, Yin Wushang was unable to use the will of the Heavenly Daos to lock Long Chen down .

That filled him with shock, but it also filled him with battle intent . Long Chen’s strength had already surpa.s.sed his expectations . He had to kill Long Chen . Even if he couldn’t obtain Long Chen’s treasures, he needed him dead, or he might become a major problem in the future .

Long Chen sneered at Yin Wushang . “Yin Wushang, just how did you manage to be so shameless? Last time we fought, I was only at the peak of Bone Forging . But the final loser of that battle wasn’t me, right? If Yin Qing hadn’t rushed over, you’d have long since been turned into a corpse . Now, you still have the face to boast so shamelessly . Could it be that this is the pride of your ancient families?”

Long Chen was filled with disdain towards Yin Wushang . He kept saying that he had been the one to flee, but never mentioned his own sorry state .

The spectators all sucked in a cold gasp of air . This piece of news was too startling . If what Long Chen said was true, then he definitely had to be a monster!

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’ve already said that last time I was just careless . But you’ll only be lucky that one time . You’ll definitely die this time,” Yin Wushang roared furiously . That last battle had been his greatest disgrace . Long Chen’s words had touched a nerve .

“Then let’s see just who will definitely die . ”


Long Chen’s saber transformed into a b.l.o.o.d.y wave that crashed towards Yin Wushang .


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