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Chapter 367

Little Snow’s huge figure appeared in front of Chu Yao . A familiar back was standing on top of Little Snow . Chu Yao’s previous anger instantly disappeared, and her tears involuntarily poured out .

“Long Chen!”

Seeing that figure, Chu Yao let out a soft cry .

Long Chen turned back and smiled brightly towards her . With almost a sun-like warmth, he said, “You rest for now . Leave this place to me . ”

Chu Yao didn’t have a chance to reply before a woman gently held her hand . “You must be junior sister Chu Yao? Let’s back up a bit and let Long Chen handle this evil woman . ”

“Senior sister, you are…?” Chu Yao was a bit flabbergasted . She didn’t recognize this pretty woman .

“You’ll learn everything soon . Come, let’s just watch . ” Lu Fang-er felt a bit embarra.s.sed . In front of Long Chen, she didn’t feel any uncomfortableness or restrictiveness, but she still felt a bit of pressure in front of Chu Yao .

It was a good thing that Chu Yao didn’t continue questioning her and just tightly stared at Long Chen .

Atop Little Snow, Long Chen’s hands were clasped behind his back . He looked like a celestial divinity looking down disdainfully on all . His gaze indifferently swept over those distant people, finally landing on a shocked Yin Wushuang .

That was because Yin Wushuang could sense a powerful pressure from Little Snow . Although Little Snow was only at the early fourth rank, she felt a clear threat from him .

“s.l.u.t . ”

In front of Yin Wushuang, Long Chen merely spat out that one word .

“You… you’re the s.l.u.t!” Yin Wushuang was immediately infuriated . Her sword quivered slightly, prepared to attack at any moment .

This time wasn’t the same as last time . There were many people watching secretly from a distance . Cursing her like this was giving her a slap in the face .

“You’re wrong; when I said you were a s.l.u.t, I wasn’t cursing you . Did you not hear that my tone was full of praise? Then let me say it again so you can hear it clearly: sl-ut . ” Long Chen shook his head and repeated himself .

It was precisely this one word that rang out through every nook and cranny . All the spectators could clearly hear that Long Chen’s voice didn’t contain the slightest bit of anger . It was as if he was just a.s.serting a fact .

But to a.s.sert such a fact made everyone feel a bit odd . A word that was full of humiliation, provocation, and derision, but that was spoken with such a tone, was something they had never heard before .

Quite a few people saw Yin Wushuang’s expression sink . Even a couple of her stray hairs were starting to stick up . It was clear she was a bit unhappy about being described that way .

“Long Chen, you perverted traitor, you’re courting death!” shouted one of the angry spectators . Long Chen glanced at him . He was also a monastery disciple, and he had a powerful cultivation base . He was another Chosen-level expert .

Then looking at the mark on his shoulder, it showed he came from the seventeenth monastery . By his side was another Chosen from the thirty-eighth monastery .

Behind them was a large group of monastery disciple, all wearing ridiculing expressions as they looked at Long Chen as if they were just watching a play .

“The ones courting death are you . For idiots like you, I can exterminate a dozen of you with a wave of my hand . Right now my mood isn’t good, so it’d be best for you to not provoke me . Otherwise, you’ll be the first one I kill . ” Icy killing intent surfaced out of Long Chen as he said that .

That person was infuriated, but when he saw Long Chen’s gaze, a powerful sensation of death instantly filled his heart .

It was as if the Grim Reaper’s scythe was already pressed against his throat . If he dared open his mouth, that scythe would instantly reap his life .

It was a mysterious feeling . That was a feeling born from Long Chen’s immense killing intent; if he dared to once more let out a single fart, Long Chen would give up on Yin Wushuang to first cut him down .

As a Chosen, he was also a Favored with a Dao-mark, and his ability to sense danger was greater than average . That was why he was even more terrified than a core disciple would be . He was sweating .

He didn’t dare open his mouth . He could sense Long Chen’s determination . If he dared provoke him again, Long Chen would let out a lightning-quick strike .

He knew that if Long Chen attacked him, there would naturally be others to come a.s.sist . There was even a top expert like Yin Wushuang present . Long Chen should be helpless against them .

But for some unknown reason, he was filled with terror and unease . Despite clearly knowing that if he backed down now, his reputation would hit the floor, he still didn’t utter a sound .

With a single warning, Long Chen was able to pressure a Chosen into not even daring to fart . Chu Yao and Lu Fang-er were both filled with wors.h.i.+p .

That was especially true of Chu Yao . It could be said that she was someone who had been with Long Chen as they overcame all kinds of trials and tribulations . She had personally seen Long Chen’s meteoric rise .

In Phoenix Cry, Long Chen had created miracle after miracle, walking the path of an expert and entering the cultivation world . Now, in front of countless experts, Long Chen was still able to release a brilliant light that no one could eclipse .

Since that person didn’t dare say anything, Long Chen’s aura slackened slightly, and he withdrew his gaze . He then turned to once more focus on Yin Wushuang .

Yin Wushuang was trembling with fury . Bitter resentment appeared in her eyes . “Long Chen, do you really want me to kill you so much?”

Long Chen shook his head . “You’re mistaken again . Looks like you don’t understand my meaning . I really had no intentions of insulting you . ”

He pointed seriously at the silver sword in Yin Wushuang’s hand . “Calling you a s.l.u.t is not the slightest bit wrong . I’m using a saber, while you’re using a sword . If you aren’t a s.l.u.t, then what are you?

“There are sabers you could use, but you use a sword . There are high-cla.s.s swords you could use, but you use your low-cla.s.s sword . There are golden swords you could use, but you use a silver sword . You’ve reached a s.l.u.t level that no one else can compare to .

“So I feel that s.l.u.t is really the best word for you . In front of a top s.l.u.t like yourself, who else would even dare call themselves cheap?”

Long Chen’s voice was extremely sincere, and his words were said with a tone that almost made people cheerfully accept them . Everyone stealthily glanced at the silver sword in Yin Wushuang’s hand, and every single expression turned a bit odd .

Inside, they prostrated themselves to Long Chen in admiration . When cursing people, he didn’t use the slightest obscenity . And yet, he was still able to curse someone to the point that everyone was fully convinced . That was true skill .

The entire crowd was deathly silent now . Even Lu Fang-er was dumbfounded . She had never thought Long Chen’s tongue had reached such a level .

Only Chu Yao was smiling . This wicked person was always so wicked . But Long Chen’s wickedness was one that warmed her heart .

She was the one who understood Long Chen’s temperament the best . His treatment towards his friends and family could not be better . He wouldn’t even hesitate to sacrifice his life for them .

But to his enemies, his treatment towards them could not be worse . Being Long Chen’s friend was a blessing, while those that became his enemies… their endings were all quite miserable .

“Long… Chen… go… to… h.e.l.l!!!”

Yin Wushuang had turned green from rage, and flames were practically spitting out of her eyes . Those words were all spit out through the gaps between her clenched teeth .

Buzz .

Her silver sword brandished out . Heaven and earth shook, and that terrifying sword qi caused even s.p.a.ce to tear apart . Everyone present all felt a chill in their bones and hastily retreated .

But before she could even release his attack, Little Snow, who had long since been prepared, opened his mouth and shot out a huge sphere of wind blades .

Within that wind blade sphere was a scarlet flame . This was one of Little Snow’s unique skills . After advancing to the fourth rank, even this move of his had changed .

When it shot out it was only several meters long, but by the time it reached Yin Wushuang, it had grown by ten times .

A terrifying pressure caused the air to explode . A terrifying wave of qi surged out like a tsunami .

Yin Wushuang hadn’t expected Little Snow’s attack to be so terrifying . Furthermore, he had shot it out without any signs of storing up energy . By the time she reacted, the attack had already reached her .

“Hmph! Silver Frost Slas.h.!.+” Yin Wushuang snorted and his silver sword filled the sky with light that appeared like dancing ice frost that slashed down in front of her .


An explosion rocked the mountains, and a berserk wave of qi flew out . Broken wind blades shot out in every direction .



Little Snow’s attack had been broken by Yin Wushuang’s powerful Battle Skill . But those broken wind blades still contained a terrifying power .

Those wind blades were not things ordinary core disciples could block . There were quite a few people hit by the wind blades, sustaining heavy injuries . Some unlucky fellows were struck in the vitals and met a violent death .

Once that wave of wind blades ended, there were over ten corpses left on the ground . Those corpses were all the spectators with lower cultivation bases . They had used their own lives to tell others a certain fact: even watching the excitement could be dangerous . Spectators should be cautious .

Yin Wushuang had a horrified expression . Although she had broken Little Snow’s attack with her sword, she was still forced back dozens of meters, and her arms had become slightly sore .

That shocked her . Little Snow was really too strong, and this was when they were fighting openly . If Little Snow had instead launched this kind of attack as a sneak attack, then if she were struck by such an attack, she would definitely die .

She didn’t know that Little Snow’s attack was something that had almost killed a top expert like Yin Luo . Otherwise, she definitely wouldn’t have been so careless .

“Long Chen, you fiendish traitor! How dare you slaughter the innocent like this! You definitely won’t have a good death!” A distant spectator cursed at Long Chen . There was a corpse beside him .

That person had only just spoken when Little Snow opened his mouth and shot out a wind blade . That person was appalled and filled with despair . He wanted to dodge, but he was horrified to realize he had been locked in place and couldn’t move .

He could only watch as that wind blade struck him, turning him into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist . Those other spectators were all terrified and fled for their lives .

“Idiots, do you think I’m some pushover?” Long Chen cursed inside . Just now, it was clearly Yin Wushuang who had caused Little Snow’s attack to scatter and implicate those spectators .

But these fellows didn’t dare find Yin Wushuang to settle the debt, instead trying to blame it on Long Chen . They clearly thought he was easier to bully .

Little Snow had shot out two attacks . One had been repelled, while the other had exterminated its target . That had immediately intimidated everyone . Even Chu Yao and Lu Fang-er were shocked by Little Snow’s battle prowess .

Long Chen jumped off Little Snow . He didn’t even glance at the spectators . He just gave Little Snow an order that as long as someone dared provoke them, he was to kill them . With Little Snow next to Chu Yao, he didn’t have any worries .

“Before, I said that since you didn’t directly target me, I didn’t have a reason to kill you . Now I finally a reason . ”

Long Chen’s calm expression suddenly disappeared to be replaced with an incredibly icy expression .

剑 Jiàn means sword . 贱 Jiàn means cheap . 贱人 can mean both s.l.u.t/b.i.t.c.h and cheap-a.s.s/cheap person . 剑人 means sword user . Long Chen’s insult here is wordplay based on both multiple meanings as well as words with similar sounds . Furthermore, when he says no one else can compare to her s.l.u.ttiness, he says 比肩, 肩 sounding like Jiān .

Refer to footnote one . 贱 on its own simply means cheap, while 人 means person .


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