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Chapter 2354 Readying the Troops

Long Chen didn’t know how the reinforcements of the Blood race would feel when they saw the destruction of the battlefield. But he didn’t care anyway.

Having obtained their essence blood, they had benefited immensely. As for the Blood race’s reinforcements, whether or not they would attack the Martial Heaven Continent immediately due to their rage would be a matter for the divine families.

Last time, the Blood race had slapped the divine families in the face. Now, Long Chen had returned the slap, and this could be considered a win for the divine families.

If the Blood race once more managed to break through to the continent, that would be another slap to the divine families’ faces. Long Chen believed that as long as the divine families weren’t idiots, they wouldn’t give the Blood race that chance.

When Long Chen and the others reappeared, they found that they weren’t far from the exit. However, after walking out a bit, Xia Chen snorted. “Boss, there’s someone watching us from afar.”

Xia Chen had sensed a spying formation present. Although it was well-hidden, it wasn’t able to hide from him.

“That’s normal. The divine families must retain full control of the big picture. They must be able to keep watch over the Blood race’s movements, as well as ours,” said Long Chen.

This formation had to have been set up just after they had entered. After the last invasion, the divine families had not just strengthened their defenses but also set up many more formations to keep an eye on the Blood race. This new formation had been set up to get a better perspective on their battle just now.

Long Chen didn’t care about it. If he were the divine families, he would have done the same. The divine families had an easy excuse for this.

“That’s why you refused to join the fight?” asked Tang Wan-er, seeming to understand something.

Long Chen laughed. “It was just to avoid exposing my trump cards. That’s not just for the divine families but also that little red-haired fellow. When his true body comes, I don’t want to get beaten by him.”

Although that was what he said, inside, he truly was wary of the divine families. After all, he was still unclear about their forces. They were not worthy of his trust.

After walking out of the exit, the seventh commander Yan Fei and the short fatty were still standing outside. But it was different from when Long Chen and the others had entered.

There were now mountain-sized crossbows pointed at them, their strings already nocked with giant arrows. Ten thousand of them were lined up, giving off an intense murderous aura.

Behind them were war chariots floating in the air. They had cannons on them, also ready to shoot.

Even Long Chen felt his heart sinking after seeing such an array pointed at him. If those were all activated, they would definitely be annihilated.

“Haha, congratulations, brother Long Chen, on your unrivaled heroism. You’ve annihilated countless experts of the Blood race in one move. You’ve truly won a great victory for the Martial Heaven Continent.” The short fatty immediately walked over and cupped his fists in congratulations. He had seen everything that had transpired.

Since this fatty was on the same side as Elder Long, Long Chen also cupped his fists. “It was just luck.”

Long Chen glanced at Yan Fei who was to the side. Yan Fei’s face was gloomy, and he didn’t dare to look at him, as if afraid of him. It was unknown if it was because of his previous beating or because of the battle.

He had seen Chu Yao, Liu Ruyan, Tang Wan-er, Ye Zhiqiu, Dong Mingyu, Yue Zifeng, and the others fighting. If Long Chen wanted his life, he wouldn’t even have to do it personally. Chu Yao and the others could easily join forces to slay him. Then there was also the rest of the Dragonblood Legion.

Of course, most importantly, there was Long Chen himself. His viciousness and ruthlessness meant that when he was angered, he might do anything regardless of the consequences. Since he didn’t want to die, he naturally didn’t provoke Long Chen.

Since Yan Fei was no longer being arrogant, Long Chen didn’t bother with him. Yan Fei was just a dog of the Ye family, someone of so little importance that killing him was insignificant.

“The Blood race’s army is coming from all directions. I may have to trouble you,” said Long Chen.

The fatty smiled confidently. “Don’t worry. We’re prepared. If they dare to come, as long as they’re in the Netherpa.s.sage realm, we’ll slaughter them all!”

For him to say this, it meant that even peak fourth step Netherpa.s.sage experts would be annihilated by them. It seemed that the divine families’ trump cards didn’t just stop at those crossbows and chariots, or he wouldn’t have claimed such a thing.

That was to be expected. Without that kind of confidence, the divine families wouldn’t be able to lead the upcoming battles.

“You just finished a large battle, so you should rest. Leave this place to us. Other than that… when you have time, you should go see Elder Long.” The short fatty added his last line spiritually so only Long Chen could hear.

Long Chen nodded. “I’ll definitely go see him later. And you know, after talking to you so much, I still don’t even know your family name. That’s rude of me.”

“Me? You can just call me fatty Zhang. As for my name, it sounds worse than fatty Zhang.”

Normally, others called him the sixth commander or perhaps commander Zhang. But those familiar with him, and some of the Elders, called him fatty.

In truth, he wasn’t particularly fat. He was a far cry from Tu Qianshang. But due to how short he was, he appeared fatter. More accurately, he was very well built, or he wouldn’t be able to use that giant ax as his weapon.

“Alright, then brother Zhang, I’ll be leaving now. I’m also busy tonight, so let’s find another time to have a good drink,” said Long Chen. He didn’t feel that this fatty Zhang was a bad person. He was quite direct and refres.h.i.+ng actually. Long Chen liked being friends with such people.

After that, a path opened between the crossbows and chariots, allowing Long Chen and the others to leave.

Once they left, they didn’t go to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s headquarters but the territory of the Xuan Beasts.

When they arrived at the new territory of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race, the coronation was about to end. They barely managed to be there for the finale.

“Hahaha, we arrived just in time. We can eat right now.” Long Chen brought everyone over, and Que Yuzhu personally came to greet them.

The various Xuan Beasts relaxed upon seeing them arrive. Without them being present, the Xuan Beasts had felt uneasy, thinking that Long Chen didn’t like this turn of events.

Moreover, there was shock on their faces. The murderous aura around Long Chen and the others was still extremely strong. They had clearly just undergone a b.l.o.o.d.y battle.

Although they had changed clothes and wiped away the blood, their b.l.o.o.d.y battle against the Blood race would leave a murderous aura on them for several days.

It was only after they arrived that the news of what had happened reached the Xuan Beasts. They all jumped in shock, staring in disbelief.

Long Chen had led the experts of the Dragonblood Legion, the Martial Heaven Alliance, the Nangong family, the Beitang family, and the Illusive Music Immortal Palace into the Yin Yang World. They had just wiped out the entire army of the Blood race stationed there.

Part of that news came from the divine families, while another part came from the Martial Heaven Alliance. After all, this victory needed to be reported to the various sects. As a result, this information spread throughout the entire continent.

The people attending the coronation felt like they were dreaming. The coronation hadn’t even been that long. But Long Chen had wiped out the Yin Yang World’s Blood race during this time. That was simply… monstrous.

“It’s too bad that I couldn’t go,” grumbled Cloud.

Although Que Yuzhu was the leader of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race and was now crowned empress, everyone knew it was temporary. That position would belong to Cloud.

Cloud was the true hope of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. As for Meng Qi, she could not be called her master, but the two of them were inextricably linked. Meng Qi also had the Myriad Spirit Diagram, and she was respected immensely amongst the Xuan Beasts.

Cloud had wanted to go since she had the warlike blood of the Xuan Beasts flowing in her veins. Seeing that she wasn’t happy, Dong Mingyu went over to tell her that the battle hadn’t been too big. The channels to the other worlds had only been opened at the very end, and the true battle was still yet to come. Only then did she cheer up.

Dong Mingyu and Cloud both looked like fourteen or fifteen-year-old girls, filled with vitality and naivety. Hence, the two of them were particularly close. The only one closer to Cloud was Meng Qi.

The feast to celebrate the coronation was tasteless as too many people were mixed in amongst the attendees. There were people from the Corrupt path, Pill Valley, and the ancient family alliance.

Even if amba.s.sadors were protected, they were still enemies. Hence, Long Chen ignored them. He wasn’t in a position to do anything to them, and this was the territory of the Xuan Beasts.

Although the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race had absolute trust in Long Chen, some races amongst the Xuan Beasts didn’t feel the same way. As Long Chen didn’t want to cause difficulties here, he could only eat with everyone peacefully.

After the feast, the coronation was officially over, and the various attendees left. When Zi Yan rose to leave, Meng Qi pushed Long Chen.

“Big sister Zi Yan, are you leaving? Let Long Chen send you off.”


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