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Chapter 2204 The Mighty Brick Trump Card

“You’ll know the situation in the future, so I won’t say any more in order to not acc.u.mulate more karma against you,” said Sovereign Mo Li.

“Why would I have to bear this karma? You were the one who saved me.” Although he didn’t know what this karma was going to be, it was obvious it wouldn’t be a good thing.

“Because I do not have one person close to me in this world. I have no family who called me brother. I’m already dead, and you are the only considered close to me in this world, so the Heavenly Daos will naturally view you as my family and count this karma against you,” said Sovereign Mo Li.

Long Chen was feeling uncomfortable with this karma, but when Sovereign Mo Li said that Long Chen was his only family in this world, he felt sad. Even an existence as strong as a Sovereign didn’t have a single close friend or family? That had to be a lonely existence.

“Alright, to be able to call you big brother is worth it. I’ll bear whatever karma there is,” said Long Chen.

“Hahaha, I knew that you wouldn’t mind. Little brother, the path ahead is rough. Be careful.” Sovereign Mo Li patted Long Chen’s shoulder, his expression one of great expectations.

After saying that, Sovereign Mo Li looked through the crowd. When his gaze fell upon Daoist Heavenly Feather, he smiled.

“So it’s a descendant of an old friend. You are Luo Xingchen’s descendant, right?” Sovereign Mo Li appeared in front of Daoist Heavenly Feather.

“Yes, Sovereign…” Even with Daoist Heavenly Feather’s cultivation base and position, she was nervous in front of a Sovereign. She wanted to say something, but she wasn’t able to.

As for everyone else, they were startled to hear that Daoist Heavenly Feather’s ancestor had been one of Sovereign Mo Li’s followers.

“The ice river stretched into the sky, and a sword fell amongst the stars. For Luo Xingchen to have a qualified successor is gratifying. Regretfully, a sword can slash through the stars, but it can’t slash through the river of time. That old friend is gone, but the river still exists. I cannot help sighing.” Sovereign Mo Li reached out and helped Daoist Heavenly Feather stand. Daoist Heavenly Feather didn’t know what to say. She was too emotional.

“There’s also Wu Xingyun’s descendant.” Sovereign Mo Li suddenly turned to the old man.

“This lowly disciple Wu Guangyuan greets Sovereign Mo Li. My ancestor is indeed Wu Xingyun,” said the old man.

Long Chen and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples were all startled. They looked at the old man. He had never spoken about this origin.

“What are you looking at? All the ancestors’ faces have been lost by me, so how could I bring it up?” raged the old man.

“Hahaha, a temper like a spring storm. You’re the same as Wu Xingyun.” Sovereign Mo Li laughed and also helped the old man stand.

“Old man, this is my big brother. In the future, let’s properly discuss our seniority!” called out Long Chen.

The old man’s expression immediately darkened. If the Sovereign wasn’t present, he would be using his stick for a beating right now.

“Sovereign, since you support Long Chen, why not eliminate those people slandering him?” Ignoring Long Chen, the old man asked a direct question that caused countless people’s expressions to change.

Sovereign Mo Li shook his head. “Who says I’m supporting Long Chen? Long Chen and I can be called brothers, but I will not interfere in his grudges. The only reason I took action was because this was a one-time mission. Now that my mission is complete, I will completely vanish from this world. I’m already dead anyway. I no longer have any responsibilities over this world. The Martial Heaven Continent’s future will be in your hands. Whether or not the continent will survive will be up to you. Don’t hope for someone else to come save you or the continent. You only have yourselves to rely on. We are already in the past and have done what we were supposed to do. Whether or not you can pa.s.s through the coming tribulation is up to you.”

“Sovereign…!” The old man suddenly found that Sovereign Mo Li was starting to fade away.

Sovereign Mo Li waved his hand and continued, “Due to my actions this time, the seal that I left behind will begin to weaken. In three months, the seal will break and the Blood race will be able to pa.s.s through. Everyone, do your best!”

Sovereign Mo Li’s soft voice still rang out through the air, but his figure had vanished. Grief filled countless hearts.

The Sovereigns had died, and this was stated personally by a Sovereign. In other words, even when other races invaded the continent, no one would be there to protect them. All their hopes transformed into illusions.

Without the protection of the Sovereigns, it felt like a mountain was crus.h.i.+ng their hearts. They couldn’t breathe.

Everyone was silent. Sovereign Mo Li had vanished, while the Blood Emperor and the Stone Emperor’s heroic spirits had been destroyed with a wave of his hand. The experts present had personally borne witness to the unrivaled manner of the Sovereigns.

People finally began to stand once more. Some people were still recovering from the shock of seeing a Sovereign. At this moment, Long Chen’s divine ring appeared, and he shot toward the sea demon race. More accurately, he was charging toward that man from the Six Horn Sea Serpent race.

“Chu Yao!”

On his way, Long Chen let out a shout that Chu Yao instantly understood. Three emerald leaves appeared on her back, and she used the Wood Spirit Union to share her spiritual yuan with Long Chen.

Long Chen had used up a great deal of his energy after fighting this long, especially against the heroic spirits. As for the World Extermination Flame Lotus, it had sucked away almost all of his reserves.

With Chu Yao’s help, he arrived in front of the Six Horn Sea Serpent man, and without another word, slapped him in the face.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent man had yet to recover from his shock, and he barely managed to see a figure appear in front of him before he was sent flying.

“Snake b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you want to play a game of wits with me today, huh?” Long Chen grabbed the Six Horn Sea Serpent man as the latter was flying back. Then Long Chen grabbed two of his horns and slammed his knee into his face.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent man’s nose broke, and his face caved in. Mucus and tears streamed down his face.

Suddenly, his horns unleashed rays of divine light that shot at Long Chen’s head. Long Chen’s heart shook, and he flipped back, at the same time kicking him.

The six rays of light pa.s.sed right past Long Chen’s face. They were so sharp that they left a cut on his face even though they missed.

Long Chen’s kick landed on the Six Horn Sea Serpent man’s chin, and the s.h.i.+ver-inducing sound of bones breaking rang out.


Only now did the sea demon race react and attack Long Chen. At the same time, furious roars came from the Dragonblood Legion as they attacked.

Six giant Magical Beasts charged through the sea demons under Meng Qi’s control. All the Dragonblood Legion’s power was now concentrated on the sea demon race.

“Long Chen, just wait! We’ll settle our debts in the future!” shouted the Six Horn Sea Serpent man. His six horns lit up once more, unleas.h.i.+ng attacks that forced back Long Chen. “Retreat!”

Long Chen was forced to dodge since he was now using Chu Yao’s spiritual yuan, and Chu Yao had used up a great deal of her spiritual yuan in the fighting.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent man was truly planning on retreating, but then upon seeing Long Chen’s furious expression and how he wasn’t chasing, he had a thought and decided to change plans.

“Actually, I’ll kill you first before leaving!” The Six Horn Sea Serpent man suddenly transformed into a giant sea serpent. A terrifying pressure crashed down as his manifestation of the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring appeared behind him. Opening his mouth, a giant sphere of light condensed, and within that sphere was his bone trident.

“I knew that you would fall for it, idiot.” Long Chen sneered and took out a cyan brick. He smashed it at the sea serpent.

The cyan brick grew explosively until it filled the sky. The giant sea serpent looked like a loach in front of it.

At this critical moment, Long Chen had taken out the Heaven Flipping Seal. It smashed down like a star on the sea serpent.


The sea serpent had yet to unleash his attack when the brick slammed him into the ground. A wave of earth rose while the center sank deeper than anywhere else.

“He actually still had a trump card!” People were stunned to see that Long Chen still had such a terrifying trick up his sleeves.

The ground in the distance exploded, and a giant figure flew out. It was the sea serpent. He was covered in blood, and even the manifestation of the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring had vanished.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent had almost been killed just now, and his manifestation had been broken. He fled for his life.

A streak of sword-light slashed toward his head. Seeing him in such desperate straits, three other sea demons managed to get in the way of the sword-light. They died, but the Six Horn Sea Serpent managed to flee.

“Stop right there!”

Just at this moment, a giant figure jumped onto the Six Horn Sea Serpent’s back. No one had noticed where this giant had come from.

“It’s Wilde!”

Wilde was a three-hundred-meter giant, and his body was covered in blood and open wounds. However, his Blood Qi was still strong.

Wilde grabbed one of the Six Horn Sea Serpent’s horns and chomped down with his mouth.


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