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Chapter 1278

Chapter 1278 We Will Definitely Come Back!

Blood splashed as another Soul Transformation expert was slain due to his own carelessness .

Three Soul Transformation experts had died . Although this couldn’t count as a heaven-shaking matter, it wasn’t insignificant either . But here, the deaths of these experts couldn’t even cause a ripple .

For three powerful Soul Transformation experts to die here because of their carelessness was truly beyond belief . And their deaths were exceptionally sad . They were cut down by three brats only in the Foundation Forging realm . Such deaths were too vexing .

At this time, the other Soul Transformation experts also charged forward, but they were all acting carefully . They didn’t use any magical arts . All they dared to do was use physical power and their weapons .

One of the ancient race experts clenched his teeth and charged at Long Chen, slas.h.i.+ng his saber down .

“Competing in power?” Long Chen sneered inside . He also slashed his saber out, clas.h.i.+ng with the ancient race expert’s blade .

The ancient race expert was actually blown back and crashed into another ancient race expert behind him . Both of them tumbled back into the distance .

When it came to pure physical strength, after undergoing the baptism of the Heaven Earth Divine Pool, Long Chen’s power had reached a level that even he himself feared . Perhaps if a Soul Transformation expert used their full power, Long Chen would still have some trouble handling it, but he had no fear for any of them when competing in pure power .

He had only just blown back one of them when another expert stabbed a sword at him . That was an elder wearing the Righteous path’s robes . He was incredibly quick and struck from a crafty angle that showed he was an expert in using a sword . He stabbed his sword straight at Long Chen’s ribs .

But what shocked that elder was that when his sword struck Long Chen, it was like it had stabbed into the hide of a dragon . The tip of his sword pierced in three inches before he could no longer move it .

“Watch out!”

Someone gave him a warning, but it was too late . Long Chen intentionally took his attack just to land his own .

Originally, this Soul Transformation expert had been completely confident that once his sword stabbed into Long Chen, his vast spiritual yuan would instantly seal all of Long Chen’s meridians, allowing him to easily capture him alive .

That was why he had completely ignored Long Chen’s saber when attacking Long Chen . Instead, he had been full of disdain at Long Chen’s actions .

But with his sword in Long Chen’s body, his expression suddenly changed when he started circulating his spiritual yuan . He found that the spiritual yuan he poured into Long Chen’s body seemed to be instantly absorbed .

Based on the difference in cultivation realms, a Foundation Forging cultivator’s spiritual yuan capacity could be likened to a cup, while a Soul Transformation cultivator’s spiritual yuan capacity would be like a water tank .

But this Soul Transformation expert felt his spiritual yuan pouring into Long Chen’s body like a stream flowing into a sea . There wasn’t even the slightest ripple . How was he supposed to seal Long Chen’s acupuncture points like this?

Just as he was filled with shock, Long Chen didn’t give him any chance to recover . His saber slashed through his opponent’s waist, cutting him in two .

This Soul Transformation expert had a powerful physical body . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to block the power in Long Chen’s saber and would have instantly exploded .

Despite being cut in two, that Soul Transformation expert didn’t panic . His upper body flew into the air and formed hand seals . He used Heavenly Dao energy to reconnect his body .

But just at this moment, a broadsword smashed through the back of his head, causing it to blow up . Bao Buping sneered, “Stop wasting our time . Just die . ”

Even in this intense battle, Bao Buping had managed to grasp hold of this opportunity to take the life of a Soul Transformation expert .

With his head gone, a translucent figure appeared out of his body . It was his Yuan Spirit .

This was a powerful point of the Soul Transformation realm . In this realm, even if a person’s physical body was destroyed, their Yuan Spirit could survive on its own, giving them the chance to seize another person’s body and be reborn .

However, that Yuan Spirit had only just flown out when a hand of flame caught it and sucked it into a bottle .

“This is good stuff to Cloud . Can’t waste it,” laughed Long Chen . He directly put away that Soul Transformation expert’s Yuan Spirit .

The Soul Devouring Violet Flame was extremely effective against souls, so that Soul Transformation expert’s Yuan Spirit didn’t even have a chance to resist before being put away .

Soul Transformation experts could condense Yuan Spirits, but not everyone had powerful Yuan Spirits . For example, the ancient races’ Yuan Spirits were normally very weak .

Sometimes, an attack didn’t even need to contain a spiritual aspect to destroy their Yuan Spirits . So the ancient races had a tough time when it came to this aspect .

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you say you aren’t a Heaven-Seizer, yet you gather people’s Yuan Spirits! You’re even more evil than the Corrupt path!” roared a Righteous expert .

Long Chen’s saber danced, blocking the attack of three Soul Transformation experts . He sneered, “So what if I gather your Yuan Spirits? Aren’t you trying to capture me in the same way? Just how much c.r.a.p is in your heads?”

Long Chen’s principles were simple . Anyone who attacked him or tried to take his life would have to be prepared to be killed by him . He didn’t feel any guilt about this .

After continuous Soul Transformation experts were slain, the remaining ones all realized the danger . These three fellows were too powerful, and they definitely couldn’t treat them as ordinary Foundation Forging experts .

That was especially true now when they didn’t dare to use any magical arts or big moves . Relying purely on their physical bodies, they were at a disadvantage . Long Chen’s group of three seemed like Magical Beasts in human form . Even the ancient race experts weren’t able to match them in physical strength .

As for Long Chen’s group of three, they were used to this kind of fighting . Chang Hao and Bao Buping managed to kill two Soul Transformation experts as well . With their battle intent soaring, they were just about to unleash their auras when Long Chen sent them a warning not to, dumbfounded them . Although they didn’t understand, they had absolute trust in Long Chen, so they continued fighting this way .

It went without saying that the three of them truly possessed terrifying physical bodies . That was especially true of Long Chen . In just a few breaths’ time, he killed four Soul Transformation experts . In exchange, he ended up covered in blood .

“Wait, why are we fighting like this? We’ll be fine as long as we don’t use any magical arts! Why bother suppressing our auras?” Just as the thirteenth Soul Transformation expert was slain, one of them let out a startled cry .

The others only now realized that he was right . As long as they didn’t touch the stone pillars, they would be fine . Why did they have to suppress their auras?

In truth, they had just been scared witless by the Sovereign Blood Seal, as well as infuriated to the point that they became muddleheaded by Long Chen’s group of three . Only now did they realize the truth . The ones who had died would probably be filled with regret if they ever learned of this .

Bao Buping and Chang Hao now understood why Long Chen hadn’t let them release their auras . It was to not remind these stupid people .

“d.a.m.nit, you crafty little brats!” One of the ancient race experts roared furiously . His Heavenly Dao runes appeared behind him, and a heavy pressure descended upon Long Chen’s group of three . He was actually a rank seven Celestial .

Following him, the other ancient race experts also unleashed their auras, summoning their Cries of the Heavenly Daos . Their combat power rapidly rose .

Bao Buping and Chang Hao also unleashed their auras . The pressure of rank eight Celestials shot out .

However, their cultivation bases were too low to suppress their enemies’ Heavenly Dao energy . Foundation Forging, Jade Core, Soul Transformation . There were two major realms between them . Furthermore, they were surrounded . They immediately lost the ability to fight evenly against the group of Soul Transformation experts .

Seeing that the Soul Transformation experts had finally seen the truth, Long Chen had a bad feeling . After just a few exchanges, he knew they couldn’t keep fighting .

With their current power, perhaps in a one against one, they would be able to fight against Soul Transformation experts, but with this many of them unleas.h.i.+ng their auras, even though they didn’t dare to use magical arts or any big moves, Long Chen’s group of three weren’t capable of handling it . It would just be a few more seconds before they wouldn’t be beaten into dead dogs .

“Beat it!” Long Chen fiercely slashed his saber out, using his full power .

The Soul Transformation experts around him were forced back . Thereafter, Long Chen grabbed Bao Buping and Chang Hao who were already panting and fled into Devil Spirit Mountain’s entrance, instantly vanis.h.i.+ng .

The Soul Transformation experts were immediately dumbfounded . They stood there like wooden statues . From the other side of the Sovereign Blood Seal, they heard Long Chen’s shout .

“We will definitely come back!”


The Soul Transformation experts stood there, stunned . One of them wished he had the power to say, “What just happened?”

Over fifty Soul Transformation experts had jointly attacked three Foundation Forging disciples . There had been a two major realm difference . But thirteen of them had been slain, and then those three had patted their b.u.t.ts and left . That left these Soul Transformation experts stunned and infuriated . The more they thought about it, the more they felt like they might explode . Each one of them stared at the entrance obstinately, as if waiting for the three of them to come back out .

“Long Chen, that was amazing! Why didn’t we think of this?” Bao Buping and Chang Hao prostrated themselves toward Long Chen in admiration after being pulled into the channel . This channel only allowed people at the Jade Core realm and below to enter . Those Soul Transformation experts couldn’t follow them .

“Should we go back now?” asked Bao Buping as soon as they entered .

Long Chen shook his head . “Perhaps you didn’t sense it, but the formation that those creatures established makes it difficult for people to return once they enter . Unless we exit the formation and come back in, the formation won’t let us find the exit . Let’s go over there . ”

The first time they had entered, Long Chen had already noticed something strange about this place . Now that feeling was even more clear . This was like a cage that only allowed fish to come in but not leave . Once they were in, they couldn’t find the way back out .

Although he didn’t know why they would set up the formation like this, with his senses from the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, he could guess some general rules .

“We have to go back there?” Bao Buping and Chang Hao’s expressions changed . Despite how big their guts were, thinking of those terrifying creatures still made their hair stand on end . This was truly a situation of having the wolf behind and the tiger in front .

If they were to choose, they’d rather face those Soul Transformation experts . At least, there would be some chance of survival, and they could bring a few of them down in death .

But as for the more powerful creatures from this world, they would have no chance against them . Going was sending themselves to their deaths .

“Don’t worry about it . Those higher-level creatures won’t keep watching forever . ” Long Chen led them carefully over there .

As expected, the distance to reach this spot was extremely short . It wasn’t long before they exited the black mist . Their vision brightened .

They had only just exited the formation when they saw a ma.s.s of creatures scurrying back and forth, busy with work . Seeing the three of them, those tens of thousands of creatures were shocked .

“Ah, I’m glad to see you’re all still well after so long apart! We came back just to see you!” Long Chen raised his hand toward the creatures like he was greeting old friends .


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