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Everyone apart from Seiji was astonished by Miyabi’s combat strength. After all, he didn’t have the free time to spare even a single look in her direction! He was currently locked in fierce combat with the two kusarigamwielding zombie girls as well as numerous weaker zombie girls.

Matsutani entered the battle as well after he recovered from his astonishment, wielding a magic sword.

Ychan also summoned new demons to continue fighting.

At this time, many zombie girls arrived to support the odachi-wielding zombie girl! This battle instantly became chaotic.

Matsutani activated the defense-piercing mode of his magic sword and took an opportunity to attack with full force. He broke through the odachi girl’s protective red barrier and cut off her arm!

Miyabi grabbed the odachi that fell on the ground. Her hands glowed white, with the light enveloping the odachi. The weapon turned white as well as if it had been cleansed.

The armored girl angrily roared, gathering the red light on her body to her missing arm and forming it into the shape of an arm. Right after that, some black mist appeared and formed a black ethereal odachi!

“Heaven’s Heart Odachi Ultimate Technique – Thunder’s Descent!”

The armored girl jumped up with her odachi and began whirlwinding the large odachi in wide circles. She sliced towards the fox-eared Miyabi with immense might!

*Whoosh…* She sliced through only an afterimage yet again.

The odachi slammed into the ground with a deafening boom! It truly sounded like a thunderbolt. An explosive blast of wind shot out odachi’s impact area!

Matsutani was forced two steps backward by the powerful gust of wind.

Ychan who was in the midst of battling some zombie girls was almost blown over by the gust of wind.

However, Miyabi was completely unaffected. She stepped forward while wielding the white odachi and swung down in a flas.h.!.+

The armored zombie girl’s movements completely stopped.

The next second, her armor and body fell apart in two clean pieces! She collapsed on the ground.

Before Matsutani and the others even had time to be astonished, Miyabi lifted up the odachi again and continued her flash steps and odachi swings!

The next moment, three zombie girls collapsed on the ground, sliced in half! Two of them even had their weapons sliced up together with them.

“Is.h.i.+harsan…” Nomura widened his eyes in surprise at the sight.

“Amazing…” Yuuko widened her eyes as well.

The ghost child Ychan was impressed and whistled.

Miyabi’s mouth arced upwards slightly upon hearing Ychan’s whistle. She lifted up the odachi once again.

If only someone could currently take a picture of her current appearance, she would definitely become an instant hit on the internet!

Meanwhile, Seiji used [Evolved Telekinesis] to lock down one kusarigamwielding zombie girl’s movements. He used this opportunity to quickly slay the other one!

He was then about to retreat to avoid the remaining zombie girls’ group attacks against him. That was when he saw the white-haired fox girl rus.h.i.+ng over, slaying for zombie girls in one fell sweep!

This scene gave him a large impact as well. Seiji widened his eyes in surprise.

Miyabi smiled at him as her eyes glowed.

*s.h.i.+ng!!* The other kusarigamwielding zombie girl broke through Seiji’s golden telekinetic hand. She swung her weapon’s sickle half at Seiji yet again!

Seiji managed to regain his senses in time to block this blow.

Miyabi jumped into the air and brought the odachi down with a tremendous slash that started from her head. This slash cut the other kusarigamwielding zombie girl cleanly in two straight from the head to the feet!

“Amazing!” Seiji reflexively praised her.

Then, the golden boy and the white fox girl fought together as allies. It was as if a tornado had started brewing in the enemies’ ranks. The zombie girls were all speedily sliced up.

Matsutani and the others all felt as if they were watching an action movie or anime scene. The scene was brilliant and wonderful.

Not long after, one of Ychan’s demons used a spiritual hammer to flatten the final remaining zombie girl. The battle finally came to a conclusion.

“Harano-san, are you alright?” Miyabi was concerned about his condition.

“I’m alright, thanks to your a.s.sistance, Senpai,” Seiji responded with a smile.

He finally had the time to take a closer look at Miyabi’s transformation.

“You transformed from a cat into a fox. That’s quite cute as well… no, I should say that you’re even more beautiful now.”

“It’s fine either way.” Miyabi averted her gaze. “I’m merely using whatever power I’m capable of. Something like physical appearance isn’t important.”

“Although that’s true, beauty is still beauty. I truly believe that Is.h.i.+harsan is quite beautiful.” Seiji smiled.

“…Can we stop talking about this topic? Let’s hurry and go look for Mais.h.i.+-san.”

Miyabi forced herself to withstand her embarra.s.sment as she forcefully ended this topic of conversation and began walking.

Their team continued onwards without meeting any more zombies or other enemy monsters.

After they performed a detailed search of the castle, they found a girl lying in a patch of cl.u.s.ter amaryllis flowers in one of the castle rooms.

She was wearing the Sengoku Girls’ Middle School uniform. She had long brown hair, bangs held in a hairclip, a nice face, a rather flat chest, and black lace stockings…

Seiji revealed a rather subtle expression upon seeing this rather cute “girl”.

He checked her condition and then tried to wake “her” up.

“Mmm…” The “girl” slowly opened “her” eyes.

“Her” gaze stopped on Seiji.

“Harano-san…” Even “her” voice was cute as well.

Seiji’s expression became even more subtle when he heard this voice.

“Could you be… Mais.h.i.+-san?”

“That’s me!” The “girl” nodded and admitted it.

Shousei Mais.h.i.+ had transformed into a trap!

Apart from Miyabi and Ychan, everyone else revealed a subtle expression upon learning that Mais.h.i.+ had undergone such a transformation.

Mais.h.i.+ smiled wryly as he explained what happened to him.

Just like Nomura and the other authors, he mysteriously found himself in the setting of his own story. He had now become the main character of his own light novel, with his main character’s ident.i.ty of a trap. He met various characters from his story and experienced some storyline events as well.

In the midst of his confusion at what was going on, black mist and cl.u.s.ter amaryllis flowers started appearing. The beautiful school girls in his story all became zombies… and then he lost consciousness and knew nothing more about anything else that happened.

Mais.h.i.+ really wanted to know what was going on.

Seiji started explaining the situation to him.

At this time, a familiar voice suddenly spoke in his mind, “Seiji, can you hear me?”

This voice belonged to Natsuya!

“I can hear you!” he immediately responded. Seiji indicated with a hand gesture to Matsutani and the others to wait a moment for him as he walked off a few steps away.

“I’ve finally gotten into contact with you. Are you alright?” Natsuya asked concernedly.

“I’m fine. I’m currently acting together with the others that have gotten involved in this incident,” Seiji answered. “What’s currently going on in the real world?”

“When we arrived, the entire banquet hall was filled with a mysterious black mist. Before we were able to even do anything, the black mist suddenly expanded and dragged us inside as well,” Natsuya told him.

“What…” Seiji was quite surprised to hear this.

The student council president had gotten dragged into this realm as well!?

Not only that, she just said “we,” so…

“You and Shuho-san were both dragged into this realm?”

“Not only Hitaka, Rana and Kagursan are also with me as well.”

Seiji’s expression froze over upon hearing this.

‘Even Kirin-san and s.h.i.+kchan…’

“We’re currently fine. We’re located in some sort of castle,” Natsuya continued. “It’s a castle that one would find in a fantasy style anime.”

A fantasy style castle? Seiji immediately figured out that this was likely the setting of Imai Yos.h.i.+da’s story, “I Transformed into a Smartphone in Another World”!

“Were you attacked?”


Natsuya gave a summary of what happened to her and the other girls with her.

They broke through a sea of skeletons and entered the castle. After easily defeating all the monsters in their way, they finally met with a gigantic bone dragon!

This bone dragon was the existence that was interfering with Natsuya’s communication spell. It was far more powerful than all the cannon fodder monsters added together!

It took an incredible effort for the four girls to finally defeat the bone dragon. After that, Natsuya was finally able to communicate successfully with Seiji after making many attempts.

Seiji was delighted to hear that Natsuya and the other girls were all uninjured.

The next step was for all of them to meet up. But before that…

“You and the others should try to look in the castle for a middle-aged man named Imai Yos.h.i.+da. It’s highly likely that he’s in an unusual form, though. He’s most likely turned into a smartphone, or maybe something else entirely.”


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