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Chapter 80 Big money


Tuoba Ye’s reply made Jian Yi show a happy smile, the previous hostility was completely gone.

Tuoba Ye was sure Jian Yi liked Lei Ting and he was not some ‘h.o.m.os.e.xual’.

But he was a little strange, Jian Yi was not much older than Lei Ting, only twelve-thirteen, but why did he know these stuffs at such a young age.

He didn’t go ask as he didn’t have any relation to this.

He didn’t have any interest in young girls, Situ Yu’er had given him enough headache.

What’s more, in the depths of his heart, there was a figure and it was becoming more clear with the pa.s.sing of time.

He couldn’t forget his previous life’s true love. In his previous life, he had cultivated whole-heartedly, it was not as simple as because he liked cultivating, but was also because he wanted to close the distance between them two.

Lei Ting noticed Jian Yi’s expecting expression, she immediately didn’t know what to say, so she just closed her mouth.

When it came to Jian Yi, he had absolute charm and plus, he was an exceptional genius, so there weren’t any women that could resist his attractive force.

But unfortunately, Lei Ting stood out from the ma.s.ses; when she first saw Jian Yi, besides appreciation, she had no desire to mix in with the other.

Naturally, she was happy that Jian Yi was able to join the Pill Cauldron sect, but she didn’t want to accompany him because he was a clingy person.

The first day of the second round of the tournament ended very quickly, there were many formidable characters that went to the stage and their matches were all decided in one move.

Seeing those formidable disciples’ matches, Tuoba Ye’s heart was calm, there were no ripples.

After the matches were concluded, the Mythic group’s members left, whereas Jian Yi just kept on following Lei Ting, he didn’t have any intention to leave.

“Jian Yi, why are you not returning to your place?” Lei Ting frowned.

Jian Yi said, smiling: “I have already decided to follow miss Lei Ting, the place you go is where I go.”

“Sir Jian Yi, miss Lei Ting is our Mythic group’s inner member, are you thinking of joining Mythic group?” Tuoba Ye smilingly said.

Jian Yi was exulted: “Great, I am joining the Mythic group then, and later, we can take actions together.”

“Tuoba Ye, what’s this about?” Lei Ting was furious.

Tuoba Ye smilingly spoke: “Naturally, I am attracting talents, even Jue Wuqing wants to recruit geniuses, I naturally am not someone who can let the chance slip by.”

“You …… you are using me to attract talents?” Lei Ting coldly spoke.

“Oh, this way can work too, why did I not think of this before?” Tuoba Ye seemed to be very annoyed.

Lei Ting opened her eyes wide, her anger was almost on the verge of breaking out. But, she quickly thought that she still hadn’t learned about Tuoba Ye, so she quickly vanished her anger and didn’t flare up.

Jian Yi saw Tuoba Ye was intentionally using Lei Ting’s name to attract geniuses, he naturally didn’t like it but since he wanted to join the Mythic group, he couldn’t offend Tuoba Ye, so he swallowed his anger.

“Leader Tuoba Ye, then I can be a member of the Mythic group?” Jian Yi said, smiling.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Of course! But before you join the group, I must make you clear on one thing; if you join Mythic group, you cannot betray it later.”

“What if miss Lei Ting wants to leave the group in the future?” Jian Yi didn’t immediately agree.

“Miss Lei Ting also had to agree on this condition, before she could become an inner member of the group.” said Tuoba Ye.

Jian Yi didn’t hesitate anymore and said: “Then alright, I want to join the Mythic group and become an inner member.”

“Your strength is pretty good, I will make an exception and let you directly join the inner members.” Tuoba Ye indifferently spoke.

“Thank you! Really thank you, leader!” Jian Yi couldn’t thank enough, his whole person was very happy.

Seeing Tuoba Ye subdue an exceptional genius like this, Lei Ting didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, she had admiration for Tuoba Ye’s abilities.

Tuoba Ye pulled Jian Yi to a side: “Jian Yi, you need to follow me properly later, after we return, I will arrange a cabin close to miss Lei Ting for you, how is that?”

If Lei Ting could disperse some of Lei Ting’s energy, then Tuoba Ye would be able to have some more peaceful times.

“Leader, you are really my benefactor, I will forever engrave this into my heart!” Jian Yi was moved to tears.

“We are all a family, no need to be so polite.” Tuoba Ye said: “But, if miss Lei Ting likes another person in the future, what will you do?”

Jian Yi spoke earnestly: “If the person miss Lei Ting likes is more outstanding than me, I will only wish for her happiness. But if that person is inferior to me, I will immediately beat him down and then drive him away. I absolutely won’t allow my heart’s G.o.ddess to like and incompetent person.”

Tuoba Ye felt cold sweat all over his body; seeing Lei Ting’s att.i.tude, she seemed to be somewhat interested in him, then wouldn’t that mean Jian Yi would find him for a fight?

Jian Yi was very strong, there was no need to doubt that.

If Tuoba Ye didn’t use his physical strength, it would not be easy to defeat Jian Yi, whether he could win or not would be difficult to say.

“Jian Yi, won’t you hate the person who s.n.a.t.c.hes your G.o.ddess?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“Of course! But, I also am not that kind of person, if that person is indeed more outstanding than me and Lei Ting also likes him, then I will definitely give up.” said Jian Yi.

The mature thoughts of Jian Yi astonished Tuoba Ye.

“Jian Yi, how old are you? You understand so much!” Tuoba Ye’s face showed admiration.

“I will soon turn twelve.” Jian Yi said: “Fourteen years old can get married, so knowing these stuffs are not strange, right? Leader, you seem to be around my age, do you have someone you like?”

Lei Ting didn’t know when, but she had quietly appeared not far from Tuoba Ye and Jian Yi, secretly listening to their conversation. Hearing Jian Yi’s question, she paid her whole attention to it, as she also wanted to know if Tuoba Ye had someone he liked.

“I had before, but now, I don’t have.” Tuoba Ye also didn’t conceal and spoke.

“Why? Broke up?” Jian Yi was very curious.

Tuoba Ye gave a bitter smile: “Yes, she is very far away, whether I can see her again or not is very difficult to say.”

Lei Ting was somewhat happy when she heard Tuoba Ye’s reply, but she didn’t let it show up.

Jian Yi believed Tuoba Ye had broken up with the person he liked, so he was somewhat embarra.s.sed: “Leader, I really feel embarra.s.sed to have brought up your sad memories.”

“It’s fine!” Tuoba Ye shook his head and didn’t think more of it.

Returning to his residence, Tuoba Ye made Yang Bin set up a wood cabin in the vicinity for Jian Yi’s use.

Jian Yi jumped with joy, when he saw he could see Lei Ting all the time.

Although Lei Ting was somewhat unhappy, she didn’t say anything.

The second round of the tournament would also take three-four days to finish, only one day had gone by now.

Tuoba Ye didn’t intend to go to watch the following matches too, and decided it was better to do seclusion cultivation for those several days. He knew his own innate talent was not good, so he could only put more effort in cultivating to make up for any shortcomings, as the clumsy bird flies early.

Before he went to seclusion cultivation, he told Yang Bin to not disturb his cultivation.

The second round of the tournament, there were some bettings opened, but Tuoba Ye had no interest in such bets.

If it was not his own match, he had no way to be in control, so he wouldn’t squander his Yuan Force pills.

If someone bets against him, he would be very happy.

For this time’s seclusion cultivation, Tuoba Ye especially cultivated Yuan Force, he wanted to raise his Yuan Force cultivation base.

If he still had Jade stones, he would definitely have continued to cultivate Divine Will, but he didn’t have anymore of them,  so it would be too much of a waste to just cultivate Divine Will as its effect was much inferior to refining talismans.

The second round of the tournament continued for altogether four days, there were again some rather formidable characters who appeared in this round.

Tuoba Ye didn’t know of these happenings, only after receiving the signal from the Jade slip, he came out of his seclusion.

“Third round, opponent is Yu Jialin, please make proper preparations!”

After Tuoba Ye came out of the seclusion, he looked at Yu Jialin’s information, first of all.

“Yang Bin, do you have information on Yu Jialin?” asked Tuoba Ye.

“Yes, leader’s next opponent is him?” Yang Bin was somewhat astonished.

“Right, is this Yu Jianlin, formidable?” Tuoba Ye was a little curious.

He liked having formidable opponents, if the opponent was too weak, he would not be interested.

“Yu Jialin is the leader of Divine Wind group, he is an expert at Mad Devil’s blade technique and he is very strong. Previously, all the favorites were basically members of Ten Extremes group and Six Dao group, but Yu Jialin could be a favorite even among such compet.i.tion. Once he uses the Mad Devil’s blade technique, he will become very violent and his fighting strength will rise rapidly, so it is very difficult to go against him. Even among the Ten Extremes group and Six Dao group, there are only three-five people who can beat him without much loss.” said Yang Bin.

He paused for a while and continued to speak: “On the whole, Divine Wind group’s strength is not at the same level as the Divine Punishment group’s, but there is not much gap between them, it is ranked among the top five groups.”

“This opponent is a little interesting, will the bettings open for the match between me and him?” Tuoba Ye smiled.

“Leader, the bettings are open for the match between you two, but the odds are the same for both of you, one to one.” said Yang Bin.

Tuoba Ye laughed: “It seems the the people in charge of betting booths have become very careful, they actually made my odds rate so low.”

“That is natural, leader is one of the strongest dark horses now. No one knows the information on your abilities, so the odds rate are naturally very low.” Yang Bin proudly said.

“I have four thousand and five hundred Yuan Force pills here, stake them all on my victory!” said Tuoba Ye.

“I will immediately go deal with it!” Yang Bin was very happy.

He was full of confidence in Tuoba Ye, so he naturally didn’t hesitate.

Just at this time, Jian Yi appeared: “Yang Bin, help me put the bets too, I want to bet on my victory, ten thousand Yuan Force pills.”

“Sir Jian Yi, your opponent is Yuan Feng, he is very strong, you really want to wager ten thousand Yuan Force pills on yourself?” Yang Bin was astonished.

Tuoba Ye similarly was somewhat astonished, but what he was astonished at was the amount of money Jian Yi took out so easily, ten thousand Yuan Force pills! Both of them were new Outer Sect disciples, but if they were to be compared, Tuoba Ye would come out as a poor wretch, the Yuan Force pills he wanted to bet came from his previous two winnings, otherwise he simply didn’t have any Yuan Force pills to wager.

“I don’t care who this Yuan Feng is, my victory is certain!” said Jian Yi.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Yang Bin, don’t complain and go make the wager, no need to think of anything else.”

Clearly, Jian Yi also had met a formidable opponent, and there was bettings opened for his match.

Jian Yi was full of confidence in his match, he was certain of his victory. Even if he lost, it is his own Yuan Force pills that would be lost.

“Sir Jian Yi, give me the Yuan Force pills, I will immediately go to make the wager.” said Yang Bin.

Jian Yi took out a big pouch of Yuan Force pills and said: “There are twenty thousand Yuan Force pills, wager the remaining ten thousand Yuan Force pills on leader’s victory.”

“Ok, go now.” said Tuoba Ye.

Yang Bin was hesitating a little, but after Tuoba Ye spoke, he left with the Yuan Force pills.

Tuoba Ye looked at Jian Yi: “Jian Yi, you really have a lot of money, it is all well and good that you bet on your own victory, but aren’t you afraid of losing the money, you bet on me?”


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