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Chapter 4903: In The Remaining Lifetime (83)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qin Chu’s heart ached when he saw Huo Mian crying like a puppy.

This man was as fearless as a king but he was only afraid of Huo Mian crying.

Huo Mian’s tears were the most lethal weapon Qin Chu feared in his life.

Qin Chu tightened his arms around Huo Mian’s waist when he saw how sad his wife was.

“Honey, don’t cry… let’s think about it slowly. I will think about it with you. We’ll definitely remember it.”

Meanwhile, in the parallel universe.

Su Yu woke up alone in the middle of the night. He sat on the rooftop of his private mansion and looked at the starry night sky.

He actually had insomnia…

Because when he fell asleep, he had a dream.

He dreamed of the scene in the nightmare, of him being captured by Zhao Qingya.

Huo Mian came to save him with a big belly. Then, the two of them were locked up in a small dark room and went through so many unforgettable things.

He dreamed of Huo Mian crying her heart out…

He dreamed of the last time they’d met, the last time he’d seen her in the incubus.

He even dreamed that he had asked Master Wu to tell her, “If there’s a next life, can I become you and remove all my pride so that you will fall madly in love with me.”

It had been a long time since Su Yu had such a sad dream.

In this parallel universe, he had everything.

He had a family, friends, wife, daughter, and company.

But why did he feel so sad when he thought about what happened in that world?

The door was gently pushed open.

He turned around and saw Huo Mian walk in wearing a light pink nightgown.

“Come here.” Su Yu hooked his finger and smiled gently.

Huo Mian quietly walked over and slowly lay down beside him.

She was going to lie on the floor, but the moment her neck touched the floor, her head rested on Su Yu’s muscular arm.

She smiled warmly and put her hand on his waist.

“Why are you here?”

“I had a nightmare and had insomnia.”

“What did you dream about?” she asked curiously.

“I dreamed that I was kidnapped by bad people, and then you went to save me… and you were pregnant… We went through a lot,” Su Yu said seriously.

As for those memories, although he had sealed them away, they were still so clear when he recalled them. It was as if everything had happened yesterday.

“Your imagination sure is wild… You can even dream of such a melodramatic plot. I think you should stop being the boss and start writing novels…”

Su Yu laughed out loud. “If I write a novel, you and Momo can eat dirt together.”

“It’s okay. We’re willing to follow you even if we have to eat dirt.”

In this world, Su Yu and Huo Mian depended on each other. They had never fought since they got married.

The reason was simple; Su Yu was always obedient to Huo Mian, and she was always right.

Therefore, she knew how good Su Yu was to her. She tried her best to be gentle to him.



“If in this world, a man who is better looking, more capable, more mature than me, and one who likes you a lot, appeared… would you still consider him?”

Sometimes, when Su Yu thought about it quietly, he had to admit that Qin Chu was better than him.

Qin Chu had a high tolerance, was devoted to love, and was very mature. He wouldn’t be as impulsive as him.

“Am I that kind of a person to you?” Huo Mian was obviously unhappy.

“Don’t be mad, I’m just asking about a hypothetical situation.” Seeing that Huo Mian was unhappy, Su Yu quickly tried to smooth things over.

Huo Mian thought about it and answered seriously, “I don’t think so. After all… I met you first.”

“What if you had met him first?” Su Yu asked again.


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