WebNovel My Youth Began With Him Chapter 4156 – Waiting Stubbornly for Lu Yan's Return (6)

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Chapter 4156: Waiting Stubbornly for Lu Yan’s Return (6)

“Why ask me? I think you know the answer.”

As a long-time buddy of Gao Ran’s, Qin Chu knew what Gao Ran was thinking.

“I was just hoping…” Gao Ran lowered his head in sorrow.

“Face the reality. From what he did with the cats and dogs, you’d know there’s no hope for the children. We just haven’t found their bodies yet.”

Qin Chu knew it sounded cruel, but it was the most likely outcome.

Jing De couldn’t have caught the children just to imprison them. Qin Chu didn’t know his motive yet, but he was obviously a violent psycho in disguise.

Bella had seen Jing De sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night but couldn’t find what he did in it. But Qin Chu knew he must be hiding a secret.

Ever since Jing De came back from the dead, Qin Chu and Huo Mian had been wary of him; now he finally made his move…

Meanwhile, Huo Mian ended her wandering and went to the school in the afternoon.

She talked to the teachers and took the twins out of the school.

She brought them to a dessert shop to have sweets.

“Mommy, you’re so nice today…”

Little Bean looked content while eating a blueberry cheesecake.

“If you like it, I’ll bring you here more often.”

“Mommy, didn’t you say we’re not allowed to eat lots of cakes? We’ll have bad teeth if we do, right?” Pudding asked in a low voice.

There was a red velvet cake before her, but she didn’t touch it.

Huo Mian smiled calmly. “Mommy did some reflection lately. I think I was too harsh with your kids. You’re still children and it’s natural for you to like cakes, candies, and chocolates. I’ll be less harsh with you in the future.”

“Wow… Mommy, you’re the best.”

Little Bean kissed her mommy’s cheek with cream on her lips to show her grat.i.tude.

Huo Mian raised her hand immediately and wiped off the smudge.

Pudding saw it…

“Pudding, why don’t you eat it? It’s not to your taste?”

“No… I don’t want to get fat…”

“Kid… You think too much. You’re a little girl and won’t get fat… Come on, let me feed you.”

Huo Mian picked up the red velvet cake, spooned up some, and brought it to Pudding’s lips.

“Mommy, you used BV perfume today?”

“You can smell that?” Huo Mian looked surprised.

When she was in the shopping mall with Su Yu, she had tried this perfume and liked it very much. She bought three bottles of it, of course, at Su Yu’s expense.

“Mommy, my sister is an expert in perfume… Do you remember she concocted a bottle of perfume for you on Women’s Day?”

“Of course. It’s the scent of jasmine flower, right?”

Huo Mian searched her memory and found the information.

“Right. It’s jasmine… I like flower scent, too,” Little Bean said as she ate the cake happily.

But Pudding looked thoughtful.

“Mommy, you used to dislike BV perfume, saying it smells weird with a scent like Chinese herbal medicine.”

“My tastes have changed after the illness. Today when I went shopping, I tried it and found I like it.”

Huo Mian tried to fool the kid with excuses, thinking kids were gullible.

Of course, she didn’t notice the look of aloofness in Pudding’s eyes.

“Mommy, did you see Auntie lately?” Pudding looked at Huo Mian in the eye and asked.


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