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3899 Su Yu, I“m Back 9

“Do you want s.e.x?”

“F*ck off.”

Not sure if the fellow was serious or just joking, Han Yueyao shot back.

After she sent the reply, she realized her tone sounded like Su Yu…

Meanwhile, the male star chuckled in the backstage lounge room when he read Han Yueyao’s reply.

“What’s so funny, my big star?” his agent, a woman, asked curiously.

“Sister Xue, do you know anything about Han Yueyao?”

“Han Yueyao? Who’s she?” His agent was puzzled.

“My partner in the dance show.”

“Oh, that girl…” His agent stopped smiling and frowned.

“She’s quite fun,” the male star commented.

“Bo, don’t get involved with her.”

The agent knew the guy loved seducing girls with his pretty face; despite his bad reputation, he had attracted lots of fans.

Many young girls were fascinated by him.

Fortunately, he only seduced his fans and unknown actresses.

Why didn’t he sleep with A-list actresses?

It was not that he couldn’t do it but that he was afraid the famous ones would make him marry them.

So, he stayed away from the big shots and only slept with the unknown actresses with good looks and gorgeous figures, such as Han Yueyao.

However, the moment the big star had his eye on his partner, he got a warning.

“What’s wrong, Sister Xue? What’s so great about the girl’s background that I can’t touch her?” The male star looked like a villain with a toothpick dangling between his teeth.

“Don’t you know she’s from Imperial Star?”

“So what? I’ve slept with many actresses from Imperial Star. That…um…captain of the trainees even came back to me after I slept with her.”

“This girl is different.”

“How different? You know something I don’t know?”

Hearing that his agent seemed to know Han Yueyao’s background, the male star was intrigued.

“You don’t know it? Bo, you’ve been in show business for years and you still don’t understand the hidden rules? How do you think that new girl could enter such a high-profile show?”

“What’s her background?”

“They say she’s Su Yu’s mistress,” his agent said calmly.

“Su Yu? Imperial Star’s big boss?”


“Oh, it’s fine. I don’t mind sharing women with other men.” The male star smirked.

People wouldn’t have guessed that a big star like him would have such a crooked view toward women.

“We can’t touch Su Yu’s woman. He’s very powerful and we can’t afford to mess with him.”

“Humph. What’s so great about him? Isn’t he just a guy from a family of high-level officials?”

“Heed my advice. Anyway, don’t mess with him. Okay?”

They ended the conversation and didn’t mention the topic again.

On the next day, Han Yueyao was ushered into Yuan Bo’s studio.

Yuan Bo was probably the most popular male star after Ni Yang retired.

Good looking, able to sing, dance, and act, he was loved by his many female fans and was regarded as the perfect candidate for the role of husband.

However, the rumors had it that he was diabolic with his personal life.

Of course, they were just gossip in certain circles.

Han Yueyao had told her agent and a.s.sistant about the rehearsal before she went out.

When she got into the car, her agent sent her a WeChat message, “Stay away from Yuan Bo. His reputation is very bad. People call him Little King Cannon in G City.”

Han Yueyao almost laughed out loud…


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