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3847 Unemployed Huo Mian 7

“Mr. Su…” Gao Yaruo faltered at a critical time and didn’t dare to say another word, which was expected.

After all, everyone was aware of Su Yu’s short temper, so she could only be tough behind his back.

Once she was standing in front of the real person, she didn’t dare to say a word.

“Tell me. You have to tell me. I’m actually really interested to know what the rumor is,” Su Yu insisted, which left Gao Yaruo no choice but to tell him everything.

The other employees were whispering too.

“Oh my G.o.d, Gao Yaruo is so unlucky and got caught on the spot. Mr. Su is really mad this time.”

“Yeah, of course it’s hurtful for Mr. Su. What is this even about?”

“Gao Yaruo dug a hole for herself this time. This b.i.t.c.h will definitely fail sooner or later. After all, she’s asking for it.”

Most people here were just watching. After all it was none of their business.

Seeing Gao Yaruo being this embarra.s.sed, her agent and cousin Nie Lingxuan stood up and said, “Mr. Su…”

“You shut up. I’m questioning her, not you.”

Her cousin was speechless.

Gao Yaruo suddenly panicked. If even her cousin’s words were of no use, what could she do?

“Why aren’t you saying anything now? Weren’t you really excited before?” questioned Su Yu coldly.

“Mr. Su, I’m sorry. I apologize.”

Gao Yaruo decided to apologize to Su Yu in front of everyone. After all she was a girl, as long as she admitted the mistake and apologized, Su Yu wouldn’t give her a hard time.

If it were before, it might have worked. After all, Su Yu didn’t want to be on the same level as those women.

But this time, Mr. Su intentionally wanted to punish her as a warning to everyone else, so the apology didn’t work.

“Hey, don’t start apologizing yet. I want to hear what you didn’t finish before. Go ahead and finish it.”

Gao Yaruo was speechless.

“Spit it out fast! Otherwise no one gets to leave this cafeteria. We’ll just stay here and kill time and won’t get off work.”

Upon hearing this, Gao Yaruo’s face went white like a sheet.

Right now it was lunch time, and there were at least a couple hundred people.

If no one was allowed to leave and had to stay here, it would be unimaginable. She would be drowned if everyone here spat on her once.

“Mr. Su… Please don’t. I will tell you everything.”

“Go ahead. What is the rumor?” Su Yu pulled out a chair and sat down next to Gao Yaruo.

An was standing behind Su Yu without any expression. He seemed to have gotten used to Su Yu’s temper.

“Mr. Su. I didn’t say this but I just heard it from people. People say that there is something between you and Su Xiaoxiao since you looked after her so much. Think about it, she hasn’t joined the company for long, and she doesn’t need to do anything. And no matter what mistakes she made, you never gave her any punishments. For other people, they would be fired from just a little mistake. Among all the trainees, she’s the one with the most days of absence in cla.s.s, not to mention late arrival and early departures. One time when we went to a commercial performance, she ran away halfway and didn’t even perform. However she didn’t get any punishment at all but was even given a more important role. So people all say that she might be… your…”

“Go ahead, finish it.” Su Yu looked calm.

“They all say… she might be your secret girlfriend. Or like a bed partner…” said Gao Yaruo after gathering her courage while gritting her teeth tight.

Su Xiaoxiao immediately exploded before Su Yu even said anything.

“Gao Yaruo, what f.u.c.king c.r.a.p are you talking about? If you dare to say another word, I will rip you apart.”

Su Xiaoxiao also had her princess temperament. She had not been getting along with Gao Yaruo for a long time, but had never been this amped up like today.

Someone said she had an affair with her uncle? What slander!


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