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Chapter 3721 Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 11

“Mr. Su, don’t make it a big deal…”“Don’t pull this bulls.h.i.+t on me… I didn’t say anything when you sparred with Han Yueyao, but…” Su Yu paused.

With a sneer, Zeng Rou continued for him, “But you can’t bear to see me needle Huo Mian because you love her. Well, it seems your girlfriend is only a s.h.i.+eld for you. I truly pity her since she’s just like me… I finally understand why the women around you hate Huo Mian’s guts… Because you’re an idiot. Who would like Huo Mian after seeing how much you cherish her? You look at her as if you are looking at G.o.d…”

Zeng Rou said sarcastically…

Zeng Rou was resentful that Su Yu loved Huo Mian so much even though she was married and pregnant; but no matter what Zeng Rou did for him, he’d never wanted to spare her a glance.

Having stayed in his house for so long, she had thought he’d be closer to her, but…

“Don’t drag Huo Mian into this. Zeng Rou, what on earth do you want?”

“Nothing. Mr. Su, you sound as if I did something wrong to you.”

“Zeng Rou, don’t think I fear your father’s status and dare not deal with you.”

Su Yu was infuriated with the woman’s att.i.tude and behavior.

“Of course I know you are not afraid of my father. You’re the great prince of the Su Family, a powerful and famous family. My father’s position in the government is s.h.i.+t in your eyes… So, I never dare to take advantage of my father’s position to bully people.”

“Do you think I’m soft?” Su Yu glared at her.

“I… don’t.”

“Zeng Rou, is your uncle still imprisoned in Qinchuan Prison…?”

Su Yu suddenly mentioned something seemingly irrelevant to their current topic.

Hearing the mention of her uncle and Qinchuan Prison, Zeng Rou had a new look in her eyes.

“How do you know about that?”

“Hehe. If I want, I can find every skeleton in your closet… You know and I know why your uncle is in the prison… In his current position, your father can’t get him out… Your uncle’s crime can be big and can be small; on the serious end, he could be executed immediately… So, don’t force my hand; I’ve been nice to you and don’t owe you anything… If you mess with me, I can get your uncle killed mysteriously; as for your father, I can remove him from his current position… Your father’s dirty laundry is so big that I can spend days investigating it…”

“Enough. Stop…”

Zeng Rou had never imagined that Su Yu would go and investigate her.

Su Yu’s terrifying power didn’t all come from his grandfather and father; he had his own methods.

In the Zeng Family, Zeng Rou’s uncle was a taboo topic.

She had taken the risk to work for the senior because he could save her uncle’s life.

But Su Yu had found her weakness…

“I never imagined that you’d threaten me.” Zeng Rou clenched her teeth, looking subdued.

“I don’t want to do it, but you forced me… Zeng Rou, retreat while you still can…or you’d end up pathetically. Don’t you think so?”

Su Yu took out a cigarette with a smile and lit it with a das.h.i.+ng movement.

Zeng Rou had to admit Su Yu had his unique charm.

Even though he had shown his dark side to her, she still…couldn’t give up and move on; she still wanted this man.


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