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3018 The Forgotten Deserted Island 18

Outside the door of the special care ward in the Army Hospital, six instead of four bodyguards stood there.

Four more stood on guard inside the ward. Su Yu felt it was due to his carelessness that someone could sneak into the ward without their notice.

Holding a little girl’s hand, Shen Mingxi stood at the door.

“Young Master Shen.”

“I’m here to see Qin Chu.”

“President Su told us about your visit. Please enter.”


Shen Mingxi pushed open the door and entered with the girl.

He didn’t have a close relations.h.i.+p with Qin Chu, but due to his friends.h.i.+p with Su Yu, he had met and befriended Huo Mian.

Now that Qin Chu was in such big trouble, he felt he must come and see him.

Anyway, he wanted to come and check on his wellbeing.

Before he came, he had called Su Yu and gained his approval.

Wearing an oxygen mask, Qin Chu was still unconscious.

Shen Mingxi was deeply touched.

He felt again the fragileness of humans when he saw this G.o.d-like man struggle with death.

If life was gone, it would be useless to talk about love; and it was just a fantasy to imagine the next life.

“Uncle Shen, isn’t he Pudding and Little Bean’s Dad?”


“What happened to him?”

“He’s… sick.”

“What a pity. If Pudding and Little Bean know it, they will be very sad, right?”

“Yeah. Father-less children are very pitiable,” Shen Mingxi sighed.

Hearing his words, Tiantian tightened her grip on Shen Mingxi’s hand.

“Fortunately, I have Uncle Shen.”

Hearing the kid’s words, Shen Mingxi felt something stung his heart.

“Why isn’t Auntie Mian here?”

“Auntie Mian…is also in trouble and can’t come.”

“If their dad can’t get better, they will lose him. If Auntie Mian can’t come back, they will lose their mommy too. Then they will become orphans too, right?”

Shen Mingxi didn’t answer.

Questions from children were always innocent and direct.

“Uncle Shen, if their Dad can’t get better, can you take care of them?”

Shen Mingxi looked at Tiantian curiously, not understanding why she made this request.

“Uncle Shen, Auntie Mian was very good to me and always bought new clothes and snacks for me; she even let me live in their home and play with the sisters. If they’re gone, the sisters will be orphans and be sent to the orphanage. I heard the teachers in the orphanages are bad and the kids in there have no one to protect them when they are bullied. I don’t want the two sisters to live like that. I can eat less in the future, so can Uncle Shen keep these two sisters and let them live with us?”

Shen Mingxi finally understood that Tiantian wanted him to take care of the twins so they wouldn’t become orphans.

“Tiantian, don’t worry. Pudding and Little Bean have lots of people willing to take care of them,” Shen Mingxi explained patiently.

Even if Qin Chu and Huo Mian were gone, Su Yu would be the best candidate to take care of the twins.

He wasn’t their biological father but was as close to them as a father.

At this moment, the door opened.

Shen Mingxi turned and saw Su Yu walk in.

Shen Mingxi nodded at him.

“Uncle Su,” Tiantian greeted him without being prompted.

Su Yu nodded but didn’t speak. To tell the truth, due to his dislike for Huo Yanyan, he found it was hard to like her daughter.

“How’s the investigation? Got any progress?” Shen Mingxi asked.


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