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2456 A War Without Guns and Fire (7)

Very soon after Bella left the room, Zhixin came in.

Zhixin had matured a lot in terms of his career at the GK Corporation thanks to Qin Chu, Yang, and Bella.

No longer did people look down on him. He was no longer just Qin Chu’s brother-in-law that got into the company through personal relations.h.i.+ps.

Approximately half a month ago, Zhixin was promoted from a department manager to director of the operations department at the company’s staff meeting. He was becoming a more reliable and elite manager.

“Sis, you’re here,” Zhixin said with a smile when he saw Huo Mian. He was in his handsome black suit.

“I got off work early today so I came. Oh, I heard you got promoted. Well done, you little brat.”

“Haha, I was able to succeed because of everyone’s help. But, my promotion happened half a month ago. Sis, you’re such a slow reactor,” Zhixin complained.

Huo Mian:

“Ah-hem… So how are you and Bella? Don’t tell me there’s no progress…”

“I went to her house for dinner last weekend. She cooked for me. Do you think that’s progress?” Zhixin said proudly.

“Then have you guys officially started dating yet?” Huo Mian said with a feeble smile. Her little brother was a bit slow and very conservative when it came to pursuing girls…

“I’m taking it slow. What’s the rush, right? If I rush it, she might be scared and we won’t even be able to be friends…” “Fine, you win, my friend…”

“Sis, if there’s nothing important, then I’ll go finish my work first. Oh, Mom said she misses Pudding and Little Bean. If you have time this week, can you bring them home? It’s a bit hard for us to go over to South Hill Manor since your inlaws are living there now…”


“Wait, I have something to ask you.” Huo Mian halted Zhixin.

“What is it, Sis?”

“It’s about your brother-in-law. What I mean to ask is, do you think he has been acting weird lately?”

“Huh? Acting weird? No…” Zhixin was astonished by Huo Mian’s question.

“Does he work more in the office or does he go out more often now?”

“I think he goes out more often but he usually doesn’t go out alone. Usually, I or Yang goes with him.”

Then… has he been talking with people you don’t know that much?”

“He usually talks to clients a lot and I don’t know many of the clients. Does that count as strangers?” Zhixin didn’t know how to respond to Huo Mian’s questions.

Huo Mian seemed to have something on her mind, and it didn’t seem like her mind was present.

“Sis, what’s the matter? Why are you interrogating me like Chu’s a criminal? Are you suspecting that he did something?” Zhixin looked at Huo Mian with curious eyes.

“Didn’t you tell me that your brother-in-law might have a mistress out there?” Huo Mian said half-jokingly.

“Oh, I just heard him on the phone once. It might have been a misunderstanding. I don’t think my brother-in-law’s the kind of person to have a mistress out there. If he did, there should be traces somewhere. Also, doesn’t he go home immediately after work? He also doesn’t go to dinner parties that much. How would such a man have time for a mistress? Sis, you shouldn’t be so suspicious…”

“Okay, okay. Now you’re telling me not to worry but before, you didn’t sound like that.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Haha, I thought I was doing it for you so I tried to be more alert. Now I work here and am with Brother-in-Law all day long. I’m basically monitoring him for you. Don’t worry. Nothing seems off. If something is off, I’ll report to you immediately.”

“Okay. You can go to work now.”

“Okay,” Zhixin said and then left.

Huo Mian gave a light sigh.

She wasn’t worried that Qin Chu had a mistress. She was just worried that Qin Chu would be controlled by Huo Siqian and not let her know like last time. She was worried that he would take all the burden and stress upon himself again. That was why Huo Mian wanted to ask Zhixin if he knew of anything but she got nothing out of him.

“What are you thinking about?” Suddenly, Huo Mian was startled by a voice from behind.


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