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Chapter 2378 So He’s Ian (9)

“President Qin, this is the marketing department’s newest promotion proposal. What are your thoughts?” the marketing director asked sincerely for Qin Chu’s feedback.

However, Qin Chu gave no reaction at all because something else was on his mind.

“President Qin, President Qin…” Yang whispered.

“Huh?” Qin Chu finally came back to the present.

“Director w.a.n.g just gave us a presentation on their department’s proposal. What do you think?” Yang repeated the marketing director’s question.

Qin Chu looked up listlessly. He looked at the PowerPoint on the screen and said, “Let me think about it. Send me a copy of the proposal to my office, and I’ll give my opinion after I look over it again.”

“Okay, President Qin.”

“Meeting’s over. That’s all for today.” Qin Chu got up, feeling a bit exhausted, and left the conference room.

Yang gave him a bottle of water and asked, “President Qin, how are you? You haven’t looked good recently.”

Qin Chu opened the bottle of water and poured it down his throat. Then, he gave a heavy sigh and said, “Yeah, it’s been bad.”

“Can I ask why? Is it because you got into an argument with President Huo?” Yang asked.

“No. I love her too much to argue with her,” Qin Chu responded.

“If you don’t mind sharing with me, can you tell me what is bothering you? It gets more stressful if you deal with it alone…”

“It’s nothing important. It might be that there’s a lot of miscellaneous work at the company and I was a bit frustrated.”

“Why don’t you and your family go to Yunding Mountain for a getaway? Didn’t you say it was nice there? Bella and I can handle it here. There’s also Director Jing here so everything should be fine,” Yang suggested.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about me. I just need to get some fresh air…”

“Okay. Oh, President Qin, there’s one more thing…”

“What is it?” Although Yang nagged him a lot, Qin Chu still liked him as his secretary. He even thought Yang was quite adorable sometimes.

“Can I get off work a bit earlier tomorrow?” Yang asked hesitantly.


“It’s because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… My wife wants me to go home early and spend time with her. I don’t know what got into her but she’s very much into stand-up comedy now. There’s a well-known comedian I town and has a show at 4:30 PM tomorrow. I thought maybe I could leave half an hour early… Haha… I’ll make up for that half an hour later…”

“Okay…” Qin Chu’s simple response was the greatest delight of Yang. Yang kept thanking Qin Chu. “Thank you, President Qin. Thank you, President Qin.”

Then when Yang was about to leave, Qin Chu called him, “Wait…”

“Is there something else you need, President Qin?”

“Should I get something for her for Valentine’s Day?” Qin Chu asked, looking slightly unnatural.

“Boss, are you going to buy President Huo a present?” Yang’s eyes lit up with enthusiasm.

“Not your business. Just answer my question…” Qin Chu responded.

“Haha, President Qin. Let me tell you something. Since ordinary people would give roses and most women do like them… I’m giving 99 roses to my wife this year to resemble forever love…”

“Okay. That’s all…” Qin Chu waved his hand, telling Yang to leave.

If it weren’t for Yang, Qin Chu would’ve forgotten that tomorrow was Valentine’s Day.

He immediately started to think about what to give to Huo Mian. He had missed four Valentine’s Days with her so he thought he really needed to put in a lot of effort to make it up to her.

At lunch, Huo Mian and her a.s.sistant, Chen Jie, went to eat lunch at the hospital’s cafeteria.

“Sister Mian, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. Do you know what President Qin is going to get you?” Chen Jie asked out of curiosity. Chen Jie normally didn’t engage in gossip but she knew that Qin Chu loved Huo Mian a lot so she was curious about what he was going to get her.

When Huo Mian heard this question, she slightly froze…


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