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Chapter 1932:

The Twins Went Missing (3)

Translator: Noodletown Translations Editor: Noodletown Translations

“I did,” Professor Lu’s voice trembled with excitement.

“Wow, how was it? Tell me all about it!!” Lu Yan was clearly more excited than her father.

“Your sister looks just like your mom. She has distinctive features and beautiful eyes. The twins too! It’s hard for me to believe this was all real when I saw them, I keep thinking it’s a dream.”

“Do they look just like the photo?” Lu Yan’s heart was filled with joy.

“They are much more cordial than the photos, especially the twins. Their smiles are so sweet, and their eyes become arched like the crescent moon. Little Bean’s face is also a little rounder than Pudding’s.”

“I’m so jealous!” When Lu Yan overheard that her father was going to meet her sister and the twins while in disguise, she became very excited.

Even though she had already met her sister in person, she was sad that she could only pa.s.s by Huo Mian as a stranger and never had the chance to closely observe her. Now, the twins were three years old but she, their auntie, hadn’t even met them in person.

She was pretty much out of luck with that psychotic Ian chasing her all around the globe.

“Where are you right now?” Professor Lu asked.


“I feel much better knowing that you’re with Qiao Fei, so stay there and don’t run around.”

“I know, Dad.” Reluctantly, she nodded.

Despite using a rather peculiar way to meet his own daughter and granddaughters for a short amount of time, Professor Lu was already content.

“Mian, once Ian is dead, and if I’m still alive, I will go look for you for sure. I hope, in my remaining years, that one day, I can still hear you call me dad,” Professor Lu murmured to himself as he watched the family of four disappear into the distance.

“That old man was a little odd.” Qin Chu thought about it for a moment and felt that something was different about the old man who was giving away balloons.

“What’s weird about him?” Huo Mian asked curiously.

“I can’t quite put my finger on it, but he just feels… odd.”

“Okay, Chu, let’s chill, okay? We rarely get to come out together, don’t ruin the fun!” Qin Ning reminded with a smile.

Qin Chu dropped the topic, and the family four spent the rest of the day in Disney.

At night time, everyone checked into the hotel within the park.

The twins happily finished watching the fireworks and returned to their luxury suite with Qin Ning. From the inside to the outside, there were a total of eight bodyguards.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian resided in the suite next door, their door was also guarded by two bodyguards.

Qin Chu has been more and more careful, despite America being his turf. He didn’t want to let his guard down, especially when Su Yu had warned him that Huo Siqian’s people followed them here.

– 10:30 PM –

Huo Mian walked out of the shower and noticed Qin Chu on the balcony, talking on the phone with a grave expression and furrowed eyebrows. Even though Qin Chu stayed silent most of the time, he very rarely showed expressions of discontentment.

Huo Mian walked over barefoot, not making a sound.

“Get rid of all of them,” Qin Chu’s voice was frighteningly cold.

“Honey, who’s calling?”

Qin Chu hung up the phone swiftly as Huo Mian finished her question.

“It’s business.”

“In China?” Huo Mian asked, surprised.

“No, HQ.”

“Oh, I see.” Huo Mian nodded.

“Your hair isn’t dry yet, why are you out?” Before Huo Mian could answer, Qin Chu gently pulled her into the living room and began to blow dry her messy hair.

Huo Mian smiled contently. She loved moments like this because, in these moments, she could enjoy Qin Chu’s love and tenderness like a little kid that was always insatiable.




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