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Chapter 887: Even If She Does Not Die, She Has To Be Skinned Alive!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Gu Si whipped out a lighter from his pocket calmly.

It was made of ferrous metal and there was a wolf’s head embossed on it. It looked fierce and ruthless.

With a flick of his finger, it clicked open. A bright yellow flame ignited. When he closed the case, the flame died.

Klink, klink, klink… The sound of him opening and closing the lighter was ear-piercing.

It sounded like death.

The smell of gasoline wafted up to the bodyguards’ noses. They looked like they were in a complete state of panic. They couldn’t help but step backwards, trying to distance themselves from Gu Si and the rest.

Seeing that the bodyguards were retreating, Leng Xuan’s frown became deeper. “You guys-”

The strong smell of gasoline wafted to the second floor, a.s.saulting everyone’s noses.

Leng Xuan paused as her expression changed drastically. She took big strides forward. Gripping the railing tightly with both hands, she yelled while covering her nose, “Gu Si!”

Old Master Leng and Leng Yun were very shocked. “Gu Si! What are you trying to do?!”

Gu Si continued to open and close the lighter.

Every time the flame ignited, it provoked Leng Xuan, causing her pupils to constrict significantly.

Gu Si played with the lighter carelessly. The subordinates threw the metal boxes around the villa. They flew past the group of bodyguards, drenching them in gasoline.

The deafening sound of the metal boxes slamming onto the marble floor reverberated throughout the entire villa.

The bodyguards, who had undergone stringent training and were always in perfect order, lost their cool. They looked pale. Even Leng Xuan and Old Master Leng who were stuck on the second floor did not dare to run down.

They kept retreating. They stared at Gu Si and the rest like they were lunatics!

When they had noted the metal boxes earlier, they never thought that they would contain gasoline!

With a stiff expression, Bai Qingqing turned towards Gu Si and opened her mouth before realizing that she had lost her composure.

She took a deep breath and said, “Young Master, you…”

Gu Si tilted his head slightly. He looked at Leng Xuan who was upstairs. Smiling, he said slowly with a light voice, “You better f*cking come down now.”

Of course, Leng Xuan did not dare to go down. She wanted to turn around and run.

In the next moment, Jiangsui threw his black metal box up to the second floor.

“Clank!” Gasoline splashed onto Leng Xuan and the rest of the Leng family members upstairs.

After splas.h.i.+ng Leng Xuan, the metal box dropped down from the second floor.

Gu Si took the lighter that another subordinate had pa.s.sed him and pointed it at them. “Run! Try and run again if you dare!”

On the second floor, Leng Xuan, Leng Yun, and Old Master Leng stopped in their tracks. They turned around and stared at Gu Si with nervous gazes.

Just then, they heard people approaching with quick and steady steps from outside the door.

Huo Zhi led a group of people onto the grounds of the Leng family’s villa.

The smell of gasoline had already permeated the outside of the villa.

The moment Huo Zhi got out of the car, he could smell it in the air. As he hurried in, he saw a gun and lighter in Gu Si’s hands. He clenched his jaws.

This kid was just as crazy as Gu Mang!

“Gu Si.” Huo Zhi approached him quickly, ignoring the gasoline soaking his shoes.

His heart was racing uncontrollably.

Seeing Huo Zhi, Leng Xuan’s stiff face twitched slightly. Then, she turned around and exchanged glances with Leng Yun.

Leng Yun knew what she was thinking. All she could smell was gasoline. Trembling, she took out her phone and contacted the Head Elder.

Huo Zhi could not possibly control Gu Si alone.

Furthermore, Leng Xuan had taken action against Gu Mang. She was afraid that Huo Zhi would stand by Gu Si’s side.

“Give me the gun and the lighter,” Huo Zhi said sternly upon reaching Gu Si.

Gu Si scoffed. He was still aiming the gun at Leng Xuan as he turned his head slightly.

“What’s wrong with you? Is this how you support my sister? Your fondness for her is so f*cking worthless. My sister is lying in the hospital now. I will say this now. Even if this idiot does not die today, she has to be skinned alive!”

His ruthless and fierce aura sent s.h.i.+vers down Huo Zhi’s spine.. He sounded indignant and vengeful.


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