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Chapter 873: Sister Mang’s Crazy Talent! Shame On Kang Qi!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Bai Sui looked at Gu Mang. “Young Lady, can you write the program?”

Gu Mang nodded.

Gu Mang walked to the front of the computer and put her baseball cap to the side. Then, she pulled the chair back and sat down.

No one expected that Gu Mang could do it on her own. They all stared blankly at the girl as she typed away on the keyboard.

It was just an algorithmic program, so Gu Mang wrote it very quickly.

They could only see Gu Mang’s fingers tapping quickly on the keyboard. Code appeared on screen. It was like a visual feast. The sound of keys being pressed filled the judges’ room.

When Huo Zhi entered, he saw Gu Mang sitting in front of the computer.

The bald man was stunned. “What is Ms. Gu doing?”

Huo Zhi looked past the crowd and at the computer screen. It was a type of algorithmic code.

Gu Mang finished writing the algorithmic program. The medical organization input the formulas for the four major vital signs first.

Data connection… Program running… In the blink of an eye, the results, which supported each formula, appeared on screen.

She then compared it to the data sent by the medical organization. There was no difference at all! In fact, it was so precise that even the decimal points were identical!

The judges’ team stared at the screen, dumbfounded.

The words ‘true and feasible’ could be printed on the formulas that Gu Mang had come up with. The thousands of data points and the ma.s.sive database’s computing power had confirmed it all.

She had succeeded in proving them!

All of the judges had researched this for so many years and they had been relying on experimental results to explain the problem. Yet, Gu Mang managed to simplify everything with mathematics.

They suddenly thought of an up and coming topic in the medical field.

How can we integrate computing and artificial intelligence into medicine?

Gu Mang did not stop. She continued to prove the formula of neurophysiology and cardiac regulation. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the screen and they all looked tense.

She edited the code and typed in the formula. Then, she imported the data and ran the program! The formula of the two short answer questions was successfully proved again!

The medical organization’s database was used on all nine formulas. That was enough to support Gu Mang’s answers!

They had previously argued that it would take a lot of time, manpower, and resources to prove these formulas and yet Gu Mang had proved all of them in less than ten minutes!

Fei Luo looked at the screen in excitement. If these formulas could really be applied in medical studies, they would surely save a lot of unnecessary steps in the future!

It was as if lightning had struck Kang Qi’s mind. He stared at the computer screen stiffly. All of the data supported the formulas.

He used the medical organization’s database and told Gu Mang to prove all of her formulas.

In an instant, his face burned with shame.

Bai Sui raised his chin at the computer screen. “The results are out. Does anyone here have an issue with that?”

None of them dared to say anything.

Gu Mang got up and put on her baseball cap. She pressed on the peak slightly and said without much expression, “I’m leaving.”

“Alright,” Bai Sui answered respectfully before following Gu Mang out of the judges’ room.

When Bai Sui pa.s.sed by Huo Zhi, he glanced at him.

Since Gu Mang had left, Huo Zhi didn’t stay for long.

Soon, the entire judges room fell into silence.

The judges snapped back to reality after some time.

“From what I recall, Gu Mang is pretty young,” a judge murmured. “She must have some crazy talent to be able to come up with such formulas…”

Another judge said with a trembling voice, “She’s nineteen…”

Before the compet.i.tion, Gu Mang had not been a reputable name in the medical field.

If it weren’t for the fact that she had scored full marks on the written test and appeared on the news, who would have known about the student at Capital University named Gu Mang?

But once the results of the compet.i.tion were announced, Gu Mang’s name would surely be widely discussed in the medical field.


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