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Chapter 840: We Finally Meet

Gu Mang half-squatted and rested her arm on her thighs while staring at Leng Xuan.

When she spoke, her voice was light and slow. She sounded really threatening. “Let’s play it fair and see who’s stronger.”

“What did you inject into me?!” Leng Xuan gave her a deathly stare.

Gu Mang did not answer her. She stood up. She walked towards Jiangsui, took her cap from him, and put it on. Then, she put on her coat and turned to leave.

“Gu Mang, stop right there!” Leng Xuan looked anxious.

Gu Mang turned a deaf ear to her cries. She threw a gla.s.s bottle into Lu Wu’s arms. “Inject this her with this in an hour.”

“Got it,” answered Lu Wu respectfully.

With that, he glanced at Leng Xuan. The moment Gu Mang, Jiangsui, and the others left, Leng Yun and those on the medical team went to help Leng Xuan up. As they were helping her up, her expression changed suddenly.

Severe pain spread from her bones and nerve endings across her entire body. She slumped against Leng Yun, convulsing. Her face was twisted as if she were suffering from great pain.

Leng Yun’s face turned pale from shock. “Elder…”

Red Scorpion had not taken the medical kit away. A few members of the medical team immediately opened the box and examined Leng Xuan. In the end, they could not figure anything out.

Even injecting painkillers into Leng Xuan did not reduce her pain. Instead it hurt her even more than before.

Lu Wu had never seen such a toxin.

Even the warden of the supermax prison, who claimed to have seen every medicine, had never come across such a situation.

Gu Mang and the others walked out of the supermax prison. Gu Mang exuded a stifling aura.

Jiangsui lowered his head respectfully. “Sister Mang, what’s next?”

“Return to Jijing Island.” Gu Mang’s voice was icy cold.

“Huh?!” Jiangsui turned around in shock. It took a while to process what she had just said. He asked with uncertainty, “Sister Mang, are you going to return to Jijing Island?!”

Gu Mang did not respond. She got in the back seat of the car and slammed the door shut.

Jiangsui sat beside her. He asked, “Sister Mang, did I interpret that correctly? Are you returning to the Gu residence?”

Gu Mang remained silent once again.

Jiangsui understood now and he immediately panicked. “No. Sister Mang, don’t be rash. This matter has gotten too out of hand. What’s going to happen to Lu Chengzhou if you return?”

At this moment, the heir, the Gu family, and the Elders’ a.s.sociation could be left aside. The most worrying thing was the Gu family announcing her engagement to Huo Zhi as soon as she returned to Jijing Island.

Given how hard Lu Chengzhou is looking for Gu Mang, it’d be a miracle if he didn’t flip over the entire island! Gu Si is still at Red Flame!

Gu Mang looked down. Nothing could be deduced from her facial expressions.

Jiangsui looked at her stiffly.

After a long while, Jiangsui heard Gu Mang say in an almost inaudible voice, “I don’t know…”

She did not know what to do…

Half an hour later.

Leng Yun and the medical team were helpless. Leng Xuan’s face was pale from the pain and she looked like she had just been waterboarded.

Lu Wu remained indifferent. He played around with the chemical that Gu Mang had left behind. Leng Yun glared at Lu Wu furiously. Had she not been searched by Red Scorpion she would have shot Lu Wu right then.

Just then there was a sound from Lu Wu’s earpiece.

“Warden Wu, Young Master Lu has arrived.”

Lu Wu was stunned for a moment. Ms. Gu had already left. Why was Young Master Lu coming to the prison so suddenly?

“Got it,” he responded. He had no time to think so he pressed his earpiece and pa.s.sed the chemical to a subordinate. “Inject this into her in half an hour’s time.”

The other party responded respectfully, “Got it.”

When Lu Wu came out of the supermax prison, he saw Lu Chengzhou, Lu Yī, and Lu Qi walking over.

“Where is Gu Mang?” Lu Chengzhou’s gaze was fixed on the entrance of the supermax prison. He lifted his chin. “Is she inside?”

Lu Wu was stunned for a moment. He suddenly understood that Young Master Lu must have come by helicopter.

And he missed Ms. Gu? Well…

Lu Wu looked at Lu Chengzhou cautiously and said faintly, “Ms. Gu left half an hour ago…”

Lu Chengzhou was silent.

Lu Yī and Lu Qi widened their eyes slightly.

At the apartment.

Gu Mang thought that she would see Lu Chengzhou when she arrived but found the apartment empty. She shut the door and put her backpack on the sofa casually.

When she saw the cup with the lipstick stain, she paused. She took it to the kitchen and washed it clean before putting it on the dish rack. Afterwards, she returned to the sofa and switched on her phone. She sent Huo Zhi a message.

She sent the message and she put her hand down slowly. Jiangsui’s words flashed in her mind.

What’s going to happen to Lu Chengzhou if you return?

The room was exceptionally silent. She sat still on the sofa.

Swis.h.!.+ Beep! There was the sound of someone swiping their card at the door.

Gu Mang’s dark eyes gradually focused and she turned to see the door open.

Lu Chengzhou stood at the entrance.

Their gazes met.


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