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Chapter 833: Who The F*ck Is The Young Lady of The Gu Family? I’m Gu Mang!

Although it was midnight, there were still many people on the streets. From time to time, police cars would pa.s.s by with their sirens on. It was as if they were out to arrest a fugitive who had committed a major crime.

Even the special police were dispatched.

But they had not found her yet. Instead, the capital was in turmoil and everyone felt like they were in danger.

Gu Mang did not return to the North Sh.o.r.e District. She went to the apartment near Capital University.

The apartment had been prepared by Lu Chengzhou when she started school but she hadn’t lived in it at all because she had chosen to live on campus instead. Thankfully, she still had the key to the apartment.

When Gu Mang came out from the elevator, she had her earphones in on one side and she was having a phone call with Lin Shuang.

“I’ve cleared all the surveillance cameras.” Lin Shuang took an order two days ago and she was still in Country D at the moment. She quickly packed her things and said, “I’m coming to the capital right away.”

“There’s no need to.” Gu Mang swiped her room key. Beep! The door opened. Then, she turned the doork.n.o.b and entered the room. “We’ll see.”

Lin Shuang stopped a.s.sembling her computer and she couldn’t help but sigh as she pressed her forehead. “Little Sister Gu, I really didn’t expect that the Young Lady of Jijing Island’s Gu Family still had a throne to ascend to.”

Gu Mang’s fingers tightened slightly around her backpack strap. “Who the f*ck is the Young Lady of the Gu family? I am Gu Mang.”

Her tone was as sharp as a knife.

The Gu family had been testing Gu Mang’s patience and this time, Gu Mang had reached her limit.

Lin Shuang was relieved to hear that she could still scold others. With that, she became slightly serious and asked, “What did Lu Chengzhou say about it?”

Gu Mang threw her backpack on the sofa. When Lu Chengzhou was mentioned, her cold expression mellowed.

She lowered her voice and answered, “There are some things that I have to be clear about. I’m not meeting him for the time being.”

“Alright,” Lin Shuang said. “Let me know if you need me.”

“Mmh,” Gu Mang responded before hanging up.

She tapped her finger on the screen twice and stared at Ye Junci’s phone number that Yun Ling had sent to her. She pursed her lips.

After a while, there was movement in her eyes again and she put her phone on the coffee table casually. Then, she took out her laptop from her backpack.

Someone had come by to clean up the apartment. It was very neat and tidy.

Gu Mang sat on the carpet and tapped on the keyboard speedily. The IP address of the Blood Inst.i.tute was shown on screen as well as Director Qian’s personal IP.

While she cracked the security system, her fingers paused suddenly.

Lu Chengzhou had made Red Flame’s technical team upgrade the security system of the Blood Inst.i.tute.

It was as secure as Red Flame’s system.

Gu Mang shut her eyes.

If Granny had not told her to go to the Blood Inst.i.tute with her dying breath, who knew when she would have discovered all the things that Lu Chengzhou had done for her?

When she opened her eyes again, there was only rage in her eyes. Even the slightest issue would have sent her flying into a rage.

She continued tapping on the keyboard. She had been with Red Flame for some time. It was very easy for her to hack in.

All the information regarding the Blood Inst.i.tute’s project appeared on screen. The lab record had over 2000 pages.

Gu Mang began to read from the first page.

On the footer of every page was the date. The earliest one dated back to fourteen years ago. That was the day that the Blood Inst.i.tute started on the project.

Gu Mang simply took the medicine from Jijing Island and let Yu Zhongjing conduct tests on it.

Lu Chengzhou did not do the same. He offered blood samples to the Blood Inst.i.tute every year.

He… was just like her…

They needed the medicine…

Only the doorway lights were on in the room and it was a little dark by the coffee table. The light from the laptop reflected in her eyes. It looked as if they were being swallowed up by an abyss. There was only boundless darkness.

After a while, Gu Mang moved her fingers and flipped through the pages, one by one.

The first pages were almost identical to the information that Yu Zhongjing had.

The Blood Inst.i.tute had spent six years deducing three of the four substances, only managing to do so eight years ago.

But none of them could be extracted and they could not even get any data on the fourth substance at all.

Lu Chengzhou seemed to have given up. He simply stopped funding the Blood Inst.i.tute.

The project was halted.


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