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Time pa.s.sed away. It was suddenly raining outside when w.a.n.g Weixi, Chen Kexin, Chen Keren, and Yi Duanfang ate lamian in a lamian restaurant at dusk.

  Chen Keren frowned and looked at the sudden heavy rain, and her mood was a bit bad. Chen Keren has always disliked the rainy days, because that day Ni Ya was buried, the cloudless sky suddenly poured down.

  At this time, the rain was quiet and gentle.

  Chen Kexin looked at the rain, suddenly she felt unhappy as well.

  Yi Duanfang looked at Chen Keren and glanced at Chen Kexin. He guessed that their emotions were related to their mother, but this thought was dispelled later.

  ”Life is not a novel. There’re not so many connections,” he thought, and then swallowed a mouthful of noodle.

  ”Dear, what’s wrong?” w.a.n.g Weixi looked up and found Chen Kexin staring in the rain unblinkingly. Chen Kexin shook her head and said faintly, “I just think about whether iris would be affected by the rian or not.”

  The hand which Chen Keren used to hold chopsticks got stiff, but only for a moment, she continued to eat noodle.

  With a faint grin, w.a.n.g Weixi stroked Chen Kexin’s head and said, “Don’t worry. This rain is very small and those flowers won’t be hurt.” Chen Kexin nodded.

  The boss heard their conversation and smilingly interjected, “This kind of rain would not have any effect. But it is getting darker. You guys would better finish early and go back early. The rain will probably fall through the night. By the evening, I guess it would be heavier.”

  They listened and frowned. It took more than an hour to go back from here. If the rain was getting heavy, it would be really not convenient.

  ”Or, let’s stay here for one night.” Yi Duanfang suddenly proposed. The rest of them raised their heads, looked at Yi Duanfang and the weather outside, and then nodded and agreed at the same time.

  After they ate noodles, four people drove the car to the Ruhua Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in Jiu Zhou.

  Chen Keren parked the car, and the rain was getting heavier. Several guards of the hotel saw them and hurriedly greeted them with umbrellas.

  w.a.n.g Weixi got out of the car and carefully embraced Chen Kexin. Yi Duanfang looked at Chen Keren, who had no expression of her face. He wanted to say something while Chen Keren glanced at him coldly. Consequently, he swallowed down the words he would like to say and then he slowly got out of the car. Finally, Chen Keren locked the car and slowly got out as well.

  The rain was really getting hard. No sooner had they four guys walked into the hotel than everyone stared at them.

  ”My Excellency guests, how many rooms would you like to order?” the desk clerk asked hospitably.

  w.a.n.g Weixi just wanted to talk. Unexpectedly, the clerk added, “Sorry, there are only two rooms left in our hotel.”

  Chen Kexin hugged w.a.n.g Weixi’s arm and said with excitement, “I would like to have a room for my husband and I.”

  Seeing the other two people freeze there, w.a.n.g Weixi snickered and said, “Well, you two guys have to sleep in one room.”

  Yi Duanfang’s mouth was O-shaped.

  Chen Keren said coldly, “Impossible.”

  Yi Duanfang wanted to beat someone.

  ”Chen Kexin, you would better be staying with me frankly,” Chen Keren added and took out her shining golden card.

  Chen Kexin nodded hard, and the full name was called out by Chen Keren in this indifferent tone. It was really scary.

  w.a.n.g Weixi did not succeed, but he was not disappointed. He only solemnly patted the shoulders of Yi Duanfang and said with sincere, “It doesn’t matter, we have next chances.”

  Yi Duanfang stared at w.a.n.g Weixi moodily, and cursed eighteenth generation of w.a.n.g Weixi’s ancestors.

  After the four people checked in, they went upstairs following a waiter. While they saw the two rooms, w.a.n.g Weixi and Chen Kexin pulled long faces.

  ”Why are there so many rooms between Room 344 and Room 345?!” Chen Kexin roared. This was like when we watched the film, Dong Cheng Xi Jiu, there were the Heaven No. 3, No. 4, and No. 5 between Heaven No. 1 and Heaven No. 2 in the inn.

  Chen Keren said disdainfully, “Do you want to climb from the window of Room 344 to Room 345 for dating your husband?”

  The waiter opened the door and suppressed a smile.

  Chen Kexin opened her mouth and looked at Chen Keren’s gloomy look. She did not dare to say anything, pouting in a sulk.

  w.a.n.g Weixi, who was behind Yi Duanfang, had nearly died, and then he was inevitably ridiculed by Yi Duanfang.

  As they had just eaten noodles, w.a.n.g Weixi and the other three were not hungry at all. After taking a shower, they all fell asleep.

  Chen Keren looked at Chen Kexin, who was sleeping nearby, and there were slight ripples in her heart. “How long haven’t we been so intimate? Since I went abroad, we have not had a good talk.

  ”If I had not been abroad, if I had stayed with her, maybe she would not have been hurt again, maybe…”

  Chen Keren got up and came to the window, looking at the pouring rain outside. She felt calm that she had never had before. No need to say anything anymore, because Chen Kexin had a man who had a power that she would abandon everything for him.

  Chen Keren finally accepted w.a.n.g Weixi, accepting the ident.i.ty of “brother-in-law”.

  Pulling on the curtains and turning on the bedside lamp, Chen Keren also laid down with peace of mind. That day Lan Xiao appeared in public dawned on her mind suddenly. “I do not know how he is going now? Whether he is still so painful or not? This time I really did something wrong…”

  Chen Kexin moved uneasily and turned over, rolling her quilt to the side of bed. Chen Keren felt helpless, and she touched Chen Kexin’s hair, thought, “Chen Kexin, Chen Kexin, you owe a huge debt that you could not pay off.”

  However, one with unilateral wishful thinking could only be injured. There were very few people who loved each other in the world. Even if they fell in love, one’s love must be less than the other’s, let alone the unrequited love.

  After a good while, Chen Keren finally fell asleep. She originally thought that she would sleep until dawn, yet she felt something crawling on her face, itchy and uncomfortable.

  ”Is Chen Kexin playing tricks on my face?”

  ”Snort.” She frowned slightly, considering that voice was from Yi Duanfang.

  ”Sh, you want to die, if you wake Keren up, she’ll kick your a.s.s!” At this time, Chen Kexin’s whisper was heard.

  Chen Keren felt unhappy, but the next thing made her more depressed.

  ”Grumbling~” Her stomach rumbled with a shame. Yi Duanfang’s hand paused, and then Chen Keren felt something shake above her face. It must be Yi Duanfang who was giggling.

  Chen Keren really wanted to get up and beat up him, but she felt really shameful, so she had to bear it.

  ”Don’t laugh. Kexin would like to eat barbecue. I will accompany her and bring some for you later. Don’t make a noise to affect Keren.” w.a.n.g Weixi whispered. Then he left with Chen Kexin.

  Chen Keren was very angry. “Even let a newhalf stay with me in a room. What is wrong with my sister and brother-in-law?” When she thought about, Yi Duanfang had stopped the movements on her face. He stared at Chen Keren’s exquisite face in a trance.

  Reaching out, Yi Duanfang slowly touched her thin eyebrows, her slender eyes, and then her curling eyelash. His slim finger did not stop.

  Chen Keren felt that her heart was beating wildly, making her fl.u.s.tered. This feeling was a bit strange. Not only she felt angry, but faintly happy.

  Yi Duanfang stared at her like a perfect piece of art. The fingers slid to her long nose. He couldn’t help admiring, “This nose would be envied by men.”

  His hand stopped at her lips. Yi Duanfang stunned. “What am I doing?” Raising his hand, he sat at the bedside, realizing his own abnormal behavior. He hurriedly stood up and got ready to leave.

  Yi Duanfang had not left yet, and the cold voice of Chen Keren was heard behind him. “Enough?” Yi Duanfang’s body was stiff there, and then slowly turned his face, seeing Chen Keren’s livid face for a second before he hurriedly tried to escape. How could Chen Keren let him go so easily? At the moment, Chen Keren grabbed Yi Duanfang’s arm and pulled it back. Yi Duanfang tumbled backward and fell on the bed.

  So soft~ Fortunately, he did not fall so hard, and thanked the facilities of this hotel. “This bed is really soft and there is also a kind of aroma. Um… why is this bed divided? Uh… I just feel soft, but it is so hard now? My head feels sore.”

  ”Yi Duanfang!” Chen Keren furiously shouted. Yi Duanfang awoke from the illusion, looking at Chen Keren’s irritated face, which made his hair stand on end. Looking down, he discovered shamefully that he actually… actually laid on Chen Keren’s legs, looking up… looking up and seeing her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

  Yi Duanfang felt that his face grew hot, but his eyes were still gazing at Chen Keren’s s.e.xy b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Chen Keren looked at him furiously, raised her hand, and slapped Yi Duanfang.

  Yi Duanfang was stunned there.

  Chen Keren was astonished as well.

  The next moment, the door was opened. w.a.n.g Weixi and Chen Kexin stood there with their mouths opened, gazing at the two guys in a weird posture.

  Chen Keren’s face flushed red with embarra.s.sment while Yi Duanfang sat up rapidly from the bed and kneaded his cheek, shouting angrily, “You are crazy! Why are you hitting me?”

  Chen Keren uncovered the quilt, standing up rapidly with her back to them silently.

  Yi Duanfang distressedly ran in front of a mirror to see his face, stamped angrily and said, “For G.o.d’s sake! My face is completely destroyed! Why are you using so much strength?”

  Chen Keren’s fist was trembling and her bones creaked.

  A flash of lightning reflected on her indifferent face, making them felt horrible.

  ”Yi Duanfang… Are you so anxious?” w.a.n.g Weixi pretended to be serious. Of course, if he was really serious, Yi Duanfang would be very grateful to him.

  Yi Duanfang turned around and found the expressions of Chen Kexin and w.a.n.g Weixi intertwined with sympathy and sorrow… “G.o.d, what is wrong with the world? I have suffered a beat, however, I have been treated as a b.a.s.t.a.r.d… ”

  Chen Kexin nodded and said, “Yeah, you irritated her, and hurry to apologize… It is normal to be beaten… cough…”

  The air in the room was getting tenser and tenser, but w.a.n.g Weixi and Chen Kexin were still saying something astonished. It seemed that Yi Duanfang had to die.

  Yi Duanfang looked at them coldly and said madly, “You two would better stop talking. I am the hurt one, okay?!”

  Chen Kexin and w.a.n.g Weixi looked at each other and then stared at Yi Duanfang with scorn. Chen Kexin ran to the bed, picked up the wallet and said, “I just came to get my wallet. This personal grievance, you two continue.” Then she ran with w.a.n.g Weixi.

  Yi Duanfang stretched out his arm and really wanted those unconscionable guys to take him away.

  Turning her face, Chen Keren coldly looked at Yi Duanfang who were in a pitiful look, and she said, “Why you still stay here?”

  Yi Duanfang awoke from illusion and looked at her with a bit of unnatural shyness.

  ”Why should I go? I… I didn’t do anything wrong!” He had no plan to apologize.

  Chen Keren felt that her self-cultivation was good enough. She smilingly looked at Yi Duanfang and slowly walked toward him.

  Yi Duanfang couldn’t help retreating, because Chen Keren’s expression was extremely dangerous in his eyes. The knives in the smile or the needles in the cotton could not describe the horror of her smile.

  ”What are you doing? Don’t come over!” Yi Duanfang shouted and grabbed his collar, which looked like a frightened bunny. It really made people want to love him more~

  ”What am I doing? I want to ask you? What happened? You were fascinated by my face? Your hand is not in its place? Why do you keep it?” As these words were spoken, she had already grabbed the Yi Duanfang’s hand.

  Yi Duanfang pointed at her with horror and said, “You… you know? Why don’t you open your eyes? You…” “How does this feel so strange?” He thought in his mind.

  Chen Keren stunned, and her cheek turned red. She used more strength and Yi Duanfang screamed painfully, “Boss, be gentle, my hand is going to be broken!”

  Chen Keren looked at him and said faintly, “I just want to see what kind of tricks you want to play. So? If I did not wake up, what else would you do?”

  Yi Duanfang felt that Chen Keren must be crazy. “The moment I just touched her, I thought I was crazy. This girl was crazier than me. She thought that I would…”

  ”Although you are very hot and you are very beautiful, but I would not be fond of you, you can rea.s.sure!” Yi Duanfang said with anger. He did not notice that Chen Keren was already furious to grind teeth.

  Chen Keren snorted, and there was another thunder outside. Lightning crossed the window and seemed to rush into the room. However, the rain was small.

  It seemed that they were angry, but they kept their temper.

  ”Yi Duanfang, you have molested me, but also humiliates me. You have great courage!” Chen Keren said with enormous strength.

  ”Ah! It’s going to be broken! It’s going to be broken!” Yi Duanfang painfully shrieked.

  Chen Keren continued to grab it without forgiveness.

  ”Fractured… b.a.s.t.a.r.d! It would be broken!” Yi Duanfang tried to get rid of Chen Keren’s hand, but the strength of the woman was really great.

  Seeing Yi Duanfang was sore extremely, Chen Keren gradually loosened his hand. Yi Duanfang quickly pulled out his hand and looked at Chen Keren pitifully. He also kneaded his injured hand.

  ”I had never seen a woman such like you!” said Yi Duanfang.

  Chen Keren crossed arms and said with interest, “Is it? Are you not seeing me now?”

  Yi Duanfang rolled his eyes, but he suddenly recalled that what he did just now was a little bit… improper. (Not a little bit of it. If it had been the other men, they should have died definitely.)

  ”You… you are unreasonable!”

  It rained hard again, and the wind swept the earth, wrapped raindrops and knocked on the window.

  Chen Keren and Yi Duanfang looked at each other silently.

  With time pa.s.sed, they did not know how to end it after just having conflict with no nutrition.

  ”It’s so cold, awful, how suddenly it rains again?” Chen Kexin opened the door with complaining. She still had dozens of kebabs on her hands, and the fragrance filled the room.

  Looking up, Chen Kexin saw that Chen Keren and Yi Duanfang confronted. Just a moment she froze at the door.

  w.a.n.g Weixi took off his coat and followed her in, and then… “Well, Kexin, let’s go to my room to eat.” He grabbed Chen Kexin.

  Chen Kexin nodded and was ready to quit. “I am hungry,” Chen Keren suddenly said. Chen Kexin’s hand paused on the door handle.

  Umm… A long time ago, Chen Keren’s stomach had already rumbled.

  Yi Duanfang also muttered, “I feel starve to death, Weixi, you have no conscience. Are you ready to eat alone?!” Then he stepped towards the door, and opened the door, and then he robbed the kebabs from Chen Kexin’s hands.

  ”Umm… has your trouble solved?” Chen Kexin said with a pouted mouth as she looked at her empty hands.

  Yi Duanfang sweated. “The girl is really insensitive to the atmosphere, they are really Chen family, all of them are demons!”

  Chen Keren went to the sofa and sat down. She said faintly, “Aren’t you hungry? When are you guys going to stop?”

  w.a.n.g Weixi felt as if a rank of crows was flying overhead. It was obvious that she was making a fuss…

  However, it seemed that Yi Duanfang did not need to make amends by dying. He quickly smiled and said, “Keren say so, you two don’t bother. Come over and eat.”

  Chen Kexin nodded obediently, and then grabbed Yi Duanfang to the sofa.

  Thus, the four guys began to eat.

  Two minutes pa.s.sed, and four people were still eating silently.

  w.a.n.g Weixi and Chen Kexin ogled at each other, but they did not dare to speak because of Chen Keren’s look without any emotion. Yi Duanfang just ate without any words, and he did not look at anyone, very abnormal. However, w.a.n.g Weixi found that as long as Yi Duanfang glanced at Chen Keren, her cheek grew red. w.a.n.g Weixi grinned and thought that both of them must have feelings for each other.

  ”Have you finished? Is it time to sleep?” After eating, Chen Keren made the order. Yi Duanfang rolled his eyes to her, stood up and left quickly. w.a.n.g Weixi gently talked to Chen Kexin and then he left.

  This night finally calmed down.


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