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Challenging Wife

Liu Minghao nodded his head blankly, unable to think straight as he followed Yang Chen’s command.

Yang Chen picked up a light machine gun from the ground after getting out of the car. He weighed it in his hands and walked towards Gao Yu after ensuring that it had bullets loaded inside it.

Gao Yu’s bloodstained face was empty and hollow.

Even though he was on the brink of death, his guards did not move a muscle to help him.

They didn’t even dare to run away! It wasn’t because they were cowards, it was because they knew that their opponent was no human!

Aishapova hid behind them, looking for a chance to escape. The death of her subordinate and the destruction of the Giant Whale Society’s headquarters did not bode well for her.

They were the only ones left on the street. Everyone else fled from the scene. Even the police were reluctant and hesitant to intervene knowing full well that this was the Giant Whale Society’s territory. So Aishapova couldn’t just escape by blending in with the crowd.

Yang Chen knew what she was planning to do but he wasn’t bothered by it. He tossed the light machine gun towards Liu Minghao.

Liu Minghao caught the gun in confusion.

“Do you know how to use it?”

“Ye—yes,” Liu Minghao stuttered.

Yang Chen nodded and pointed towards Gao Yu who was gasping for air. “Aim for his head and only his head! Unload all the remaining bullets!”

“What?!” Liu Minghao yelped. “But… but Brother-In-Law, he’s almost dead already!”

Liu Minghao didn’t dare to look at Gao Yu. Even though he knew Gao Yu was an evil man, his current state made him look worse than a beggar!

It was painful to think about.

Gao Yu’s eyes were filled with despair and fear.

Yang Chen snickered. “Didn’t you say you wanted to defeat your dad? Your dad was able to kill your mom. Here you are with a gun in your hand and your enemy at your feet and you’re not able to? Don’t bother avenging your mother.”

Liu Minghao silenced himself at his words. Seconds later, he took a deep breath and looked towards Gao Yu.

He lifted the gun, aimed at him, and pulled the trigger.

Everyone felt a sense of fear pooling in their chest as the gunshots rang across the street!

This fear wasn’t aimed towards Liu Minghao’s gunshots but towards Yang Chen for his indifference!

Liu Minghao couldn’t feel anything as he watched the skull crack open from the bullets.

Blood and brains sputtered out. Liu Minghao could even see pieces of bone start to fly out.


Liu Minghao started crying uncontrollably while shooting!

The moment the bullets ran out, he threw the gun away and vomited with his back facing Yang Chen!

Yang Chen came forward and patted his back emotionlessly when Liu Minghao was done vomiting.

“Feeling better yet?”

Liu Minghao stood up and nodded. “Bet—better…”

Yang Chen smiled. “Still want to kill your dad?”

Liu Minghao shuddered and shook his head.

“Why?” Yang Chen asked calmly.

Liu Minghao gulped and answered with a low voice, “I… can’t do it… I’m still too weak…”

“Looks like there’s hope for you after all.” Yang Chen wrapped his arms around Liu Minghao’s neck and said sternly, “You have to remember one thing. The underworld isn’t a playground for you to play a gangster in. Drugs are not the thing most people are afraid of. It’s the dehumanizing acts that have to be performed daily. Your father isn’t a nice person but he tried his best to keep you safe from people who are trying to kill you.”

“Don’t question him for being in the underworld, it’s essentially the same as questioning your own family. All you need to worry about is who takes care of you and who doesn’t. If you don’t want to be killed like him, learn from your father and stop trying to pretend that you know everything. You’re no one without the protection of the Green Dragon Society!”

Liu Minghao looked up and shuddered when he saw Yang Chen’s calm expression. “Brother-In-Law… you’re a demon…”

“Hah.” Yang Chen grinned. “Those who said that in the past had died by my hands. But I’ll give you a pa.s.s because of your sister…”

Liu Minghao couldn’t help but smile.

He seemed to have grown up quite a bit because of this incident.

Yang Chen patted his shoulder and nudged him into the car, signaling that it was time to go back.

Liu Minghao asked when they got into the car, “Brother-in-law, what about Aishapova? Are you going to let her go?”

“I’m more interested in her organization. Genetic weapons are not developed for fun, they are developed with purpose. The Giant Whale Society might have been a p.a.w.n of theirs. They must not be happy with me destroying it. Isn’t it better for her to relay the news to them then?” Yang Chen said.

Liu Minghao was still troubled about something else. “Brother-in-law, what about the genetic mutation in my body?”

Yang Chen started the engine and stepped on the gas pedal while saying, “There’s someone who can treat you. Besides you still have three more days so what are you afraid of?”

Liu Minghao was confused but he decided not to probe further because Yang Chen had never lied to him.

It was almost midnight when they reached Zhonghai. Yang Chen dialed Jane’s phone number and asked if she could make it to the laboratory after telling her about the genetic weapon that infected Liu Minghao’s body.

Jane was naturally sensitive towards the topic of ‘genetic weapons’ since it was a leading field in science. A genius scientist like her was naturally interested in it and since Yang Chen was the one who asked, she left for the laboratory immediately.

When Yang Chen brought Liu Minghao to the laboratory, Jane was already waiting for them there in a lab coat and gla.s.ses.

Although she was a renowned lecturer, she didn’t have a lot of time to dabble in the field of research. Her greatest trait was her efficiency so she didn’t have any problems with her eyesight. She only wore gla.s.ses to look more intelligent.

Liu Minghao was stunned by her beauty, silently worried for his sister.

“Dear Yang Chen, you really do know how to keep me occupied. I’ve only been here for two days and there’s already an interesting research subject for me.” Jane joked around, not surprised with the blood on Yang Chen.

Yang Chen replied, “I hope it doesn’t interfere with your work for Yu Lei, lest Ruoxi kill me with her glare.”

“That’s impossible.” Jane laughed mischievously. “Let me tell you a secret. I already figured out how to synthesize the new material after looking through the data. Only my dumb students need so much money just to synthesize a sample. I can provide a better way whenever I choose to. I’m here to ask for your help because I don’t want to be treated like a trade item by Catherine and the Rothschild.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “I knew it. Even though I don’t mind it too much, your arrival has been the source of several issues in my home.”

“Oh ya, speaking of Boss Lin…” Jane looked at him pitifully. “She was so p.i.s.sed at you that her aura had scared everyone in the hall. I’ve never met someone as cold as her. No one dared to approach her during the event. Honestly, it was my first time thinking of her as a challenging wife.”

Yang Chen shuddered at the thought of it. “Hah… I’ll stay out of her way as long as I can. Take his blood sample so that I can send him home, his family members are all up in my case.”

Jane said no more and brought Yang Chen into the laboratory. It was quite hectic for her since she had to do everything herself.

Jane suddenly asked when she was making preparations, “Genetic toxins aren’t like any ordinary toxins. I might not succeed in a.n.a.lyzing and cracking the code, let alone in producing the antidote. Are you really fine with letting me do it within three days? What if I fail?”

Yang Chen leaned on the door and shrugged. “Nothing, I believe in you like how you believed that I could help you.”

Jane froze for a second. She lifted her head and beamed at Yang Chen with a nod.

After collecting Liu Minghao’s blood sample in a sterilized room, Jane signaled for them to leave.

Liu Minghao was confused since she had only collected his blood sample. “Brother-in-law, is that it?”

“You want to stay overnight?” Yang Chen looked at the time. “It’s almost 2 o’clock.”

Liu Minghao shook his head hurriedly. “I… won’t die right?”

“How would I know?” Yang Chen replied nonchalantly.

Liu Minghao sucked in a breath as he wailed, “Brother-in-law, are you playing with me?!”

“What’s with the noise? You would’ve been dead ages ago if it wasn’t for me. I’ll throw you into the river and feed you to the fish if you tell your family about the toxin!” Yang Chen hit his head mercilessly.

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Chapter 4/6

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