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“I’m not a devil, I’m just better at planning than you. However, this also means that I am more suited to take hold of Muyun and everything in the Li Family……” Li Muhua indifferently said, “Do you know? Other than Li Meng, eighty percent of the people by Father’s side are my men. Therefore, even if Father did not send Li Meng to your side, there would be another ‘Li Meng’ who takes his place. Your chance of victory was next to nothing. If you had looked for helpers yourself, it’d have made it even easier to infiltrate your side.”

Li Mucheng had finally become aware of how far the disparity was between him and his brother whom he viewed as an enemy. Currently, the only thing he thought about was whether he could survive this ordeal, so he tried asking, “Right now… what are you planning to do to me?”

“What I’m planning?” Li Muhua laughed out loud, as if he had heard the funniest question ever, “What do you think? I’m obviously planning to do what you were planning to do to me.”

“You… you want to kill me!?” Li Mucheng was frightened to the point of crawling backwards while s.h.i.+vering all over.

Li Muhua looked upon him with disdain, “What a coward, a person who doesn’t dare to lose isn’t fit to gamble with me. I can tell you this with absolute certainty, you must die. Once you’re dead, I can pile all of this onto the Xu Family. Once that is done, Yu Lei and Changlin would unconditionally stand on our side and become hostile with Zhonghai’s Xu Family, and our alliance would be firm. Therefore, my dear Gege, I’m not here today to send money…… I, am here to pay you my last respects……”

Li Muhua felt the chilliness and killing intent from Li Muhua’s gaze, he felt his life hanging on a thread. His instincts led him to roar, get up, and flee in the opposite direction!

Li Muhua leisurely walked to Li Meng’s side, and held out a hand towards him. The latter straightforwardly handed the gun over to him.

“You had better not be a human being in your next life, you’re more suited to be a stupid pig……”

Li Muhua raised his hand, aimed at Li Mucheng’s panically fleeing rear figure, and pulled the trigger……


Sparks burst from the muzzle, the bullet streaked across.

Li Muhua’s lonesome fleeing figure had a streak of blood shooting out, he fell onto the cement floor, stirring up the dust……

*Clang! Cling Clang……*

Suddenly, a steel pipe fell from the second floor of the warehouse, and fell onto the surface of the first floor. As it rolled, it created sounds of collisions on metal.

“Who’s up there!?”

Li Muhua, Li Meng and the three bodyguards simultaneously noticed that there was someone else present, and looked towards where the steel pipe had fallen off from!

On the narrow corridor of the second floor, Yang Chen held onto Mo QIanni who was trembling due to fear, and helplessly sighed.

Everything that had happened earlier was seen by the two of them, and the scene of Li Muhua pulling the trigger was the first time Mo Qianni had seen someone being killed. As she had been too frightened, she accidentally kicked a discarded steel pipe, exposing the two’s location.

“Erm, Junior Li, don’t be nervous, it’s us.” Yang Chen greeted Li Muhua. While gripping Mo Qianni’s hand, he walked down the stairs.

No matter how strong Mo Qianni seemed, she was still a woman. Witnessing the scene of these brothers secretly scheming against each other and such a gory scene had made her brain stop thinking momentarily. She let Yang Chen pull her down the stairs with him.

Li Muhua narrowed his eyes with a complicated look.

“Mr. Yang, Miss Mo, could the two of you please explain why you are here?” Li Muhua didn’t panic, though he was initially fl.u.s.tered, he immediately calmed down.

Yang Chen naturally had Mo Qianni partially covered behind him as he walked, when he was about ten meters away from Li Muhua and the others, he stopped. Next, he amiably smiled and said, “We were just worried about your safety. You’re quite a good guy, you brought us to eat and play, I can’t possibly stand by and watch as you get killed by a bad person, can I? So I followed you here.”

Li Meng who stood behind Li Muhua sneered and said, “Young Master, these two have definitely seen everything and mustn’t be left alive!”

Li Muhua frowned, his gaze gradually turned chilly, “Mr. Yang, I must thank you for your kind intentions, however, you seem to already have seen what you shouldn’t.”

“This……” Yang Chen rubbed his nose, and said in an embarra.s.sed manner, “How about we negotiate? I really don’t want to ruin the relations.h.i.+p between us, after all we still need to collaborate. Moreover, this is just your family’s matter, we won’t meddle with your internal affairs. How about Miss Mo and I pretend that we didn’t see a thing, while you guys just continue following the plans you made if we didn’t appear. Do what you should do, and we can still laugh and have fun everywhere, what do you think?”

“Haha.” Li Muhua laughed, “Mr. Yang is truly humorous. If you’ve seen it, then you’ve seen it, how can you pretend nothing happened? In this world, the only ones who can keep a secret… are dead people.”

Hearing Li Muhua bluntly say that he was going to kill the both of them, Mo Qianni who had been hiding behind Yang Chen didn’t react with fear, she instead had the pride in her heart incited. With a flushed face, she stood out and rained curses, “Li Muhua! You’re insane! A hypocrite who killed his own brother! You don’t even have the guts to admit it! You won’t have a good end!”


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