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Disguise as a G.o.ddess!

No matter how much fertilizer Beowulf eaten, to escape alone from an island full of giants is absolutely impossible.

Reynold is sitting cross-legged on top of the giant’s big head, stroking his chin, thinking of a battle plan.

This island seems to be extremely huge, the giants on the island might not be numbered in the ten thousand, but there are at least a few thousands of them. Even with Reynold and demonic blade’s help, to kill all the giants on the island is extremely difficult.

However, there is already a plan in Reynold’s head, a wicked plan……

However there is a lack of helpers, therefore he is going to gather helpers.

Those words seem like nonsense, on this island full of giants, just where the heck is he going to get helpers?

However, the answer to the problem is giants.

It is giant’s nature to be brutal, aggressive, and fight among themselves frequently, so much that it led to splitting up of many tribes.

This proofs one thing, using giants to fight against giants is possible to set up!

Of course, with only a mere human body, perhaps they might be unable obtain leadership over the giant tribe.


Reynold takes out a [Traveller’s School] badge from his bosom, gently pressing the push b.u.t.ton in the centre, a transparent image suddenly emerge in the air. It is a black armoured, knight like person.

This tall knight is wearing a full helm, hiding his face, and he never spoke.

Even though Reynold have been in the school for a period of time until now he has no idea who this guy is, or he is merely a pile of armour.

However, these are not important. (Concerns about who the knight is)

Reynold examines his [Traveller Points], after exhausting his family property to buy the strongest demon blade in the legends, Reynold remaining savings are so little that they can be neglected.

A transparent image of a chain of numbers suddenly appear in front of the black knight, after the points constantly change, it finally stop at [25].

There are only 25 remaining points! Reynold stares at those points for a while, dammit, he is poorer than he imagined himself to be!

If he remembered correctly, the price of [Disguise Potion] is only 20 points.

Reynold is somewhat apprehensive, but still said, “Pardon me, I need to buy a bottle of [Disguise Potion].”

Black knight remain completely still for a moment then a transparent image of a bottle of green mixture appears in the air.

Reynold reach out catching the green mixture, when Reynold grip the bottle mixture, the image of the transparent bottle of mixture slowly solidifies, while the numbers on top of the black knight also start changing, in the end, Reynold receive a green coloured [Disguise Potion], while the points also stop at [5]

(Tl: imagine the points on the image changing like jackpot machine)

As expected, with a price of 20, using this way, can only buy a bottle

Reynold can’t help but to sigh. In this case, there is no choice but to change the plan.

To be more wicked………

“Thank you! Purchase termination!” Reynold sways the bottle of compound in his hand, smiling at the black knight.

Instantly, the black knight disappears into thin air, just like how he materialized out of thin air.

Reynold put his school badge into his bosom.

This is the [Traveller’s Shop], which depends on [Traveller’s Point] to buy some items to strengthen themselves.

While [Traveller Points] come from succeeding story instances, and also according to the rate of completion of the story instances, the resulting prize is also different.

Every travellers’ dream is to reach the [Strongest Ruler] standard, creating their own story world.

Or it may not be every travellers’ dream, but at least, it is Reynold’s dream.

While Reynold is thinking, he tighten his grip the bottle of green compound, he must complete this story instance, and become stronger!

Think about clearing the instance, Reynold sigh once again.

The original plan was to purchase 3 bottles of [Disguise Potion], turning Reynold and party into giants, to occupy a small giant tribe, and then continuing to annex other tribes, from medium scale to large scale then finally challenge giant Grendel.

No matter if Beowulf lead [warriors] or [giants], he just needs to kill Grendel, the plot of the story will be completed!

Sigh, however, there is only a bottle of disguise potion, it seems that we can only use a wicked plan (than the previous plan)!

Reynold gaze stops at Chihiro.

Since there is only one bottle of disguise potion, then we shall let little Chihiro disguise as beautiful female among the giants, next……..

Using a G.o.ddess’s power to rally supporters……..

Oh my! That idea was so bad that he can’t even look straight and felt like vomiting…….

However, with these male giants with second rated intelligence and mild brain dead, this method might really work……..

But, a lone G.o.ddess can be said to have no influence or power to rally supporters……

G.o.ddess and what not must have a follower and a supporter, in this way, the influence will become stronger.

As a result, the small giant tribe at the end of the forest in front, become Reynold’s objective………

This type of small giant tribe, in order to evade powerful enemies, are commonly at secretive locations, without somebody who is familiar with the surrounding leading them, they will really can’t find it (the tribe).

This time, they are counted as lucky.

This giant tribe was built in the middle a lonely giant stone formation, the giant stone formation is made from about 10 giant stones in picturesque disorder, which seems to be arranged according to some kind of fixed pattern.

These giant stone pillars are as thick as a small mountain, with an outward appearance that look like jades which were rubbed for a long time. They are very smooth and round, as though they have been through a long period of carving, strange faces were carved on them, with eyes and nose, looking at them gives an inexplicable strange feeling.

(Tl: The more you rub a jade the smoother it becomes, I think)

The face on every stone pillar look like a wanderer looking at the sky waiting to go home.

The land here also have exposed red rocks, when stepping on them, sand will fall off from the rock.

(Tl: not sure why 哗啦啦落下了沙砾状的石头 sand will fall off the rock, I’m just gonna follow the raws)

Reynold let giant Luton stop outside half a mile, afraid that his large body weight and shape will cause the giant tribe to be alert.

The giants sew animal leather to form large tall tents hiding in the middle of the stone formation, like a mushroom.

From the number of tents, this small tribe seems to only have around 10 families.

In the giant’s lifestyle, the monogamy system does not exist, every male giant possesses multiple female giants each, of course, under the condition that he is strong.

In the middle of numerous tents, a large G.o.ddess statue was buried tilted halfway in the sand, the revealed upper body is no less than 500cm!

The stone G.o.ddess was sculpted with a well develop figure, using skills in the realm of G.o.ds, by inferring from the plump chest, this must the masterpiece of a hungry male giant.

(Tl: Yes, a hungry male giant, it is said that Artists create their best masterpieces when they are hungry.)

The race of giants also have their own culture and customs, they are devout worshippers of [G.o.ddess of birth], their G.o.ddess of birth……

Other than having a plump chest, if this G.o.ddess statue were dug out from the soil, the b.u.t.t will also be incomparably ample!

Years of hardship have corroded the G.o.ddess’s beautiful face, cobweb-like cracks also appeared on the solid rock, the flower shaped pallet propped highly in her hand is also missing a corner, and wild grapevines from the wilderness are also coiling around her pale white body contours.

A few air dried beast skins are hanged on the stone G.o.ddess’s flower shaped pallet, and some pieces of pig trotter like meat.

It seems that this giant tribe is confident of their hidden spot, there are not even any sentinels, only a few child giants outside playing crazily.

“Awesome!” Reynold gives a thumb up, not sure whether if it is a praise or a ridicule.


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