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Chapter 96 I“m sick

Before the rescue team had arrived. Vorden and Quinn were both sitting down in the centre of the arena. The two of them didn’t have much to talk about, so they just chatted about there old lives at school.

Quinn’s life seemed horrible, he went on to explain how he was raised with no parents and how he was bullied since entering school. The bullying wasn’t really bad until the treaty was signed. When there was no more war, that’s when people started to go crazy.

However, whenever Quinn would ask Vorden about his school life, he would give a simple answer and ask Quinn a question. The first few times, he didn’t really notice anything strange, but then, Quinn started purposely asking questions that were harder to avoid.

But again, Vorden seemed to avoid the question, in the end, Quinn decided to stop. It wasn’t right integrating someone like this. If Vorden had something he didn’t want to share, then it was up to him.

“Hey, I just noticed something,” Vorden said as he pointed at Quinn’s wrist.

Quinn lifted his hand and looked at it, and even he was surprised by what he was seeing. The number on his wrist.w.a.tch was still saying he was a level 1.

“I thought you said it would change when I activated my MC points?”

“Well, that’s what’s supposed to happen.” Vorden then placed his hand on his chin as he thought about it for a while. “Do you think it’s because you’re a vampire? Just like how I can’t copy your shadow ability, the watch might not be able to measure your type of MC in your body.”

Hearing this news, Quinn was actually a little upset. With the use and gain of an ability as well as Vorden’s plan. He was looking forward to being able to use his powers freely. As a level 6 user people would no longer challenge him just as he walked around the school.

But now, if he showed he had shadow powers and the number on his wrist.w.a.tch still indicated one, they would be just as suspicious about him. They would say the watch was broken and get him a new one, but it would just be the same result.

“I think it’s best if you hide your shadow ability for now.” Said Vorden. “You’ve already hidden your vampire abilities for this long, you can hide your shadow abilities, right?”

Vorden could see Quinn was a little downhearted by the news he had given him. After learning what Quinn had gone through at his last school, it was understandable. In a way, Vorden thought he was helping him by getting revenge and attacking those second years, but it was just making him and Peter a bigger target.

‘I’m so selfish’ Vorden thought.

“Don’t look so down,” said Vorden. “if we find someone in the school that’s good at technology, we can get them to tinker with the watch. They don’t need to find out about your cells but just get someone to hack it, so it displays the number six. Plus look at the Brightside, the military tournament is coming up, and it would be good if you hide your ability until then. Show everyone on the big stage. Besides if you came back with a level 6 now, they would be more shocked about how you learnt it so fast, so it works in our favour.”

Hearing those words did cheer Quinn up a bit. There was always a geeky person who was good at technology in the school. The only problem was approaching said person. Maybe this was something Layla would be better at doing.

Just then the sergeants and professors had entered the room, and surprisingly the first person who ran up to the both of them was their homeroom teacher Del. He continued to dash forward until he gave the two of them a big hug.

“I’m so glad your both safe.” He said with tears rolling down his face.

Quinn and Vorden thought it was sweet and didn’t realise the homeroom teacher cared about them so much.

But the truth was, Del, didn’t care about either of them at all. He was filled with tears of joy that they wouldn’t have to stay in this scary place any longer. He felt like the longer he remained in this place, the more likely he was to die, especially after seeing Ian’s dead body on the floor.

Hayley then came over to the two of them and did a general check-up to see if they were okay. “You look a little different from the last time I saw you?” Hayley said.

“You remember me?” Quinn asked

“Of course, I do, I remember you taking that girl to my office at that time.”

Not many people even remembered what Quinn looked like after seeing him the first time. Which is why the other teachers had no reaction when seeing him, so he was quite surprised.

“Boys your age do grow quick, you’re looking like a man already.” She said, smiling.

She didn’t know why, but as she was touching Quinn all over, she could feel his bulging muscles. His body was toned for his age, and a certain feeling was coming over her a little.

‘Looks like the Charm effect is working.’ The system said, ‘It’s a shame you didn’t save up all your stats and put all your points into the thing, she would have confessed to you right here and now.’

At first, Quinn thought the system was joking but looking at Hayley’s face she really was taking a little longer to check up on him compared to Vorden. Suddenly she snapped out of it and took her hands away.

After checking all their vitals were fine, she handed both of them a food pill. Vorden took the pill immediately while Quinn did the same.

Although Quinn felt full, he decided to still take the pill regardless.

However, as the pill went into Quinn’s mouth and down his throat, he started coughing wildly, it was as if he was choking on the pill.

“Is he choking?” Del asked.

“I highly doubt it, the pill is around the same size as a pea, and it dissolves almost immediately.”

Quinn continued to cough with his hands placed on his knees until he threw up all across the floor.

Fay, who was standing by his side, had a worried look on her face. “Hayley quick check up on him, there’s blood in his vomit.”


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