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Chapter 368 Using the Teleporter

A rare expression was seen on a student’s face today, one who rarely did ever show his emotions, but he was over the moon. Why, because the long-awaited project that he had been working on for the whole year now was finally complete.

Logan sat down in his chair, looking at the green screen. A nine-digit sequence of numbers was shown, and it meant he had finally cracked the code.

If he wanted to, right now, he could open up the oddly shaped square teleporter, input the code and it would take him to the destination on the other side.

‘So this was created by Richard Eno, huh? I wonder where you lead?’ Logan thought.

Truthfully right now more than anything he just wanted to jump into the teleporter, but there were a few things that needed to be done before that happened. The first thing, he couldn’t just leave in the middle of the school term, summer would be coming soon, and that would be his best chance to travel to the unknown place. While the second was a question of how to get back.

The military didn’t sell teleporters that came back to the base. But it shouldn’t be too much a problem for Logan. He could always travel to the unknown planet, and If there was a teleporter leading there, they should be one leading elsewhere and then eventually they could update the school on their location before coming back.

All students were in some way required to notify them, of where they were towards the end of thier summer. In most cases, students would be asked to all meet up in a particular area.

Thankfully, Logan was a VIP student, so he had special privileges which would allow them to come and collect him from wherever he was.


Suddenly, the sound of Logan’s door was heard being slammed wide open. There was no knock, no nothing, and it truthfully startled him.

“Don’t touch that teleporter!” Quinn shouted, imagining in his head that Logan had already gone in.

A few moments ago, when Logan returned to his room, he had seen the green screen, and as promised, he had sent a message to Quinn.

Quinn tried his best to make his way there as fast as possible, afraid that perhaps Logan would be too tempted to do some type of test.

‘What if he’s already gone in, what if it all goes wrong? Maybe I should have told him where it led to. He might have even accidentally connected them to us.’

But in the end, it was all in his head, and Logan was peacefully in his chair.

“Quinn, can you please not do that. What if I was working on something important and you jolted me. You’re lucky I was alone in my thoughts.” Logan replied, but the two sides of his mouth suddenly rose up once again to show a creepy smile.

“Is that a smile?” Quinn asked. When looking at him, it looked more like a creepy doll smiling, where its teeth weren’t showing.

The two of them sat down and talked, and Logan explained to Quinn how he thought it would be best to use the teleporter in the summer. This was it, for Quinn. He had been trying his best to figure out how to stop Logan from using it, but in the end, the only thing he could do was tell the truth.

“Logan, I don’t think it’s a good idea we use the teleporter, and before you ask why. It’s because I know where it goes. When Fex was here, he spotted it in an instant, and he gave me a warning. These square-shaped teleporters, there all linked back to where the vampire’s homes are.”

Logan remained silent, the smile on his face wasn’t present anymore, and he placed his hand on his chin. It was his thinking pose, and Quinn knew not to interrupt while Logan was thinking.

“Isn’t this a good thing then?” Logan replied with a surprising answer. “I mean, now we have a way to save Peter, right?”

“What are you saying, Logan,” Quinn replied. “Look I want to save Peter as well, but I think for once you’re letting your emotions get the better of you. Why didn’t you try to save him in the dungeon in the first place? It was because we had no information on the school dungeon, and it was risky.

“The place where the vampires live, we know absolutely nothing at all, say we were able to get there and sneak in. Then what would you do about your smell? Vampires and humans have a distinctive smell from each other, and it seems to go even beyond that. I know you want to help Peter, and I do to… but not now.”

“Correct Quinn, not now which was why I was suggesting in the summer,” Logan explained. “Your growth in strength so far has been rapid, don’t think I haven’t noticed. I made some rough calculations in my mind, and I have never seen anything like it before.

“Eventually the vampires will come after us, right? But we have no clue when, and we have no clue where yet they know about you and you don’t know about them. This is the chance for us to gather the information needed, whats one vampire among…” For a moment Logan stopped there realising he had no clue how many vampires they were.

“My point is, Sometimes the best hiding place is one right under their noses. Between now and then, do whatever you can to get stronger, cause I’m telling you, Quinn, I have made up my mind. I’m going.

“This isn’t just about Peter. Of course, I feel like I failed him many times and want to help him, but this also goes down to my research. This is my whole life, not just mine but my families as well.”

“Logan!” Quinn shouted, but could see when looking at him, his expression was one of determination, he was going to go through that teleporter no matter what.

“Logan…I’ll think about it.”

“Will you tell the others?” Logan asked.

“Did you guys tell me when they came to get Peter? Honestly, this matter doesn’t involve them.” Quinn replied.

“I would disagree with you Quinn. Your shadow ability is a trait that only vampires can use correct? The second Vorden declared that his family was protecting that ability, his whole family is now involved whether you like it or not. Peter, he was changed and became a vampire because of you, and now Layla the same. They have nowhere to go now and no one to rely on but you.

“The only person that still isn’t directly involved in this mess is me, but I am volunteering and choosing to go. You don’t have to make up your mind now, but I think I already know what your answer in the summer will be, so Quinn get stronger, get as strong as you can, and if there’s any way I can help let me know.”

‘d.a.m.n it, can he read my mind or something.’ Quinn had already decided. Too many of the people around him were leaving because of him, if Logan was to go to the vampire world, he would do anything he could to protect him, he didn’t want another one of those who were close to him to disappear.

“Oh, before you go, about that scent thing,” Logan said. “I was wondering after the trick Fex pulled to disguise the smell and trick them into thinking Peter was you, I was wondering if maybe there was some way to replicate it. All I need is a bit of your blood.”

‘Wel, this is a change, usuelly I’m the one asking other people for blood, but here Logan’s asking for mine.’

“Sure go ahead,” Quinn replied.

After taking some of Quinn’s blood, it was stored away in what looked like a specialized fridge. The computer screen started to do its thing as it was a.n.a.lyzing the contents inside it. While watching everything Logan was doing, it made Quinn think.

“I remember you did quite well in the crafting tournament if I gave you some advance crystals do you think you could make me a pair of new gauntlets.”

Once again, Logan placed his hand on his chin as he thought.

“The problem isn’t making them. I can pretty much make anything since I can just look for a standard blueprint online. The problem is, I’m not a forger. Although I would say I’m better than the average forger, I also don’t come close to those at the top. Not once have I ever when creating a weapon or armour have I been able to create an active skill along with it.”

‘Is it what Leo was talking about, how the top foragers without even realizing it, are implementing a part of their Qi while making the weapon.’

“Do you know anyone who can?” Quinn asked.

“Sadly I do not.”

If he allowed Logan to make the gauntlets for him, he thought it would just be a waste in the end, but he could always use it as a last resort. Then while in the middle of thinking, Quinn started to think about his boots.

[Shadow equip]

The Shadow surrounded his legs and his boots suddenly appear around his two feet. These were the only items that he owned which had the active skill wind walk.


When using his inspect skill, the basic information about the stat points, the active skill and finally the name of the creator appeared.

‘I think I have a way to find a good forger.’ Quinn said.


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