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Chapter 120 The little one“s name

Vorden stood there, standing in the sand. He hadn’t moved for a few seconds now, and his head was facing the floor. From the top of his head, a trickle of blood was dripping down onto his forehead, and little by little droplets would fall to the ground.

“Why is the boss just standing there?” Lippy asked.

The truth was Berg couldn’t explain it himself. Something about the person he was facing a few seconds ago had suddenly changed. He felt the same presence as when he was just about to face one of the elders in his own family.

Then for the first time since being beaten to the floor, Vorden had moved. He lifted his hand and wiped the blood away before staring at it on his sleeve.

“You guys said you would protect me.”

“Hey, don’t look at me Sil,” Raten said, “Vorden was the one who got knocked out before I could even do anything.”

“Maybe it’s time for a change?” Sil said.

“What, and leave this person in charge!” Vorden argued. “If you do this, you will be lonelier than before, even Quinn won’t stay by your side!”

“Quinn. Ah yes, Quinn.” Sil said as he looked around at where he was. “I don’t see any Quinn?”

“This will be good.” Raten said, “Hey Sil, that man in front of you is hiding Quinn from us.”

Sil then looked at Berg up and down and started to walk towards him, but his face wasn’t peaceful or anything. It was like that of a demon. The anger could be felt, the emotion, everything. Berg could feel it just coming from his face.

“Stay back!” Berg shouted as he covered his forearms and fist in flames once again.

As Sil took another step forward, Berg was at his limit and knew, he needed to attack now. Placing both hands together, he started to fire a pillar of flames from his hand like a flamethrower.

As the fire came towards him, Sil swung his hands, lifting a pile of sand with it and dropping it straight on the flames causing it to extinguish.

“When did he get my ability?” Layla said, watching the fight. “And why is it stronger than mine? I could never lift that amount of sand.”

“Vorden’s ability is strange,” Erin said. “But if I remember correctly, he could control two abilities. Perhaps it has something to do with that?”

Seeing this, Berg too was shocked. He had thought Vorden was just someone who had learnt the family secret. Maybe tortured one of their members into teaching it to them. But now suddenly, he was using another ability. How was this possible?

While Berg was shocked by the whole thing, he started to feel an icy presence climb up from his feat.

“What is this?” He said as he saw his two legs freezing.

In an instant, he activated the fire to cover his legs causing it to melt the ice, but all Sil wanted to do was stall him for a second or so, as he formed an ice spear and threw it directly at his shoulder.

It landed and pierced Berg, but he couldn’t complain long as pillars of fire were already rising from the ground.

“He has your ice abilities as well!” Layla said, “That’s three abilities, just how strong is Vorden really!?”

While using one hand to cast pillars of fire the other hand would continue to throw ice spears. Berg could only dodge these two attacks for so long.

“Come on, he has to be running out of MC soon!” Berg said.

Inside the black room, Raten was busy laughing.

“I bet you this guy thinks he can win the match as long as he waits for Sil to tire out. Well, that’s not happening.”

Right now, Vorden contained three abilities. Whenever he copied a person’s ability, he also copied the amount of MC points in their body. This was also the same for all the other abilities he stored inside his body. But Vorden’s ability and cells were unique.

As long as he had copied an ability, he would be able to change any of the MC cells into whatever type he wanted. Using the fire ability was a level 8 ability, Erin’s ability was a level 5, and Layal’s ability was a level 2. This meant he had a huge amount of MC points to use, and if he wanted to like earlier, he would be able to change all his cells into one type of MC. Which was why Sil was able to lift the sand to take out the fire. While Layla would have never been able to achieve something like that with her ability.

As the fight continued, Berg could tell that Vorden wasn’t tiring out. He needed to act fast. As fire came from his right and Ice came from his left. Berg crouched into a fetal position and started to let the fire build up inside him.

Then when the attacks were right by his side, he expanded his limbs and out came a sphere of fire, getting rid of all the attacks.

But now Berg was panting and sweating hard. It was a last-ditch effort to protect himself, but he really didn’t know what to do after this.

“Where.. is… Quinn?” Sil asked as he walked over.

Layla and Erin were too far to hear any of the words Vorden had spoken. But were worried that he might do something drastic.

“Crazy boy, I beg you don’t do something crazy!” Layla said.

“Wait!” Vorden shouted. “Raten was lying, Quinn is safe he’s somewhere else, let me take over, and I can show you.”

“You d.a.m.n Rat Vorden!” Raten shouted back. “Now I’m going to get my a.s.sed handed to me.”

“I’m tired,” Sil said.

Now Vorden had finally reached where Berg was standing.

“I don’t want to make an enemy of you, but you attacked us first,” Vorden said.

Suddenly the feeling Berg once had, now was gone. When he looked at Vorden, it was the same as before.

“I’m from the Blade family, it’s probably best if our two families don’t get into a confrontation with each other.”

As soon as Berg had heard Vorden’s second name, he finally understood. The Blade family weren’t as big as the big four, but that was because they chose not to be. They were a secretive family that didn’t choose to have much influence in the world. Because of this, not many knew about them.

Berg didn’t really understand why but his father had always said if he was to meet someone from the Blade’s, to show absolute respect.

Berg placed his head in the ground and started to apologise.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault that this all has happened. Is there anything I can do for you?��

Vorden thought about it for a while. He hated to use his family name like this, but he was sure at least the big four would know of it, but while he was using it, he might as well take advantage.

“It’s okay, but I’m going to have to have you hand over your crystals you got today and yesterday over to us,” Vorden said, smiling.

“Of course.”

While Erin, Layla and the others watched this scene, they couldn’t believe what was happening. They knew Vorden was an original, they even knew of his family name, but they had never heard of the Blade family before.

But for some reason, someone from the big four was bowing down to him. Apologizing and even handing over their crystals.

“Just who are you, Vorden.” Layla thought.


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