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Chapter 745: Why?

As soon as she entered, Wu Wenqian limped over to question Zhong Nuannuan.

Today, Zhong Nuannuan wore a handsome white sports attire with black stripes. She wore a black cap with white stripes on it. Even as she stood casually in the cla.s.sroom, a strong and cool aura swept across the entire cla.s.s.

“Did you notice how handsome Nuannuan is today?”

“What? You think so too? I agree! I think Nuannuan possesses more boyfriend material than the male heartthrobs in our cla.s.s.”

“I think so too! I feel that Nuannuan is much more handsome than Young Master Leng! Ahhhh, I’m ready to direct my love to someone else!”

“I did that already, okay? You should be behind me, and I’m behind that Mister Soldier.”

“Yu Xiaowei, the few of us are Nuannuan’s roommates. Even if we’re talking about ranking, you should be behind us!” Gu Xiaoli smiled.

Soon, the group of girls started laughing at each other. They placed all their attention on Zhong Nuannuan that they did not notice that someone was looking to mess with Zhong Nuannuan. They also failed to notice that Prince Charming Leng was already sitting there.

Leng Qirui, who had already thought of acting like a puppy under the oppression he had to face, was at a loss for words.

Wu Wenqin, who was prepared to mess with Zhong Nuannuan, was speechless.

Was the topic that she brought up not severe enough? Why did it suddenly deviate from the topic?

Initially, Zhong Nuannuan was still listening to her band of fangirls, so she did not pay much attention to Wu Wenqian. Unexpectedly, Wu Wenqian thought that Zhong Nuannuan regretted it and said smugly,

“Zhong Nuannuan, you’re not answering my question because you’re afraid, are you? It’s fine if you’re afraid. After all, we’re all adults, and no one wants to kowtow and admit their mistake in front of the whole school, right? So, I’ve thought it through. I don’t want you to kowtow and admit your mistake. You stepped on my foot until my nerves were dead. How about this? You give me 10 million, and we’ll call it even.”

“F*ck, Wu Wenqian, how thick-skinned are you?”

“Does she have skin, even? Every inch of her skin must have rotted away a long time ago.”

Seeing that her cla.s.smates were about to start telling Wu Wenqian off again, Zhong Nuannuan raised her hand and the noisy cla.s.s instantly became quiet. The efficiency of that was even better than when their homeroom teacher, Teacher Liu, entered the cla.s.s.

Leng Qirui watched helplessly as the Tyrannosaurus Rex released her aura in cla.s.s and began to think more in-depthly.

Why had his life changed so drastically since he met Tyrannosaurus Rex and her friends?

In the past, students would only lapse into silence when they saw him. So, how did he end up getting ignored by his cla.s.smates now?

Could it be that Selina had taken away his manly dominance?

“Wu Wenqian, I feel like you should act more aptly when you make a bet with someone. Right now, you look like you’re telling the world’s richest person, ‘I’m betting 100 bucks on you not knowing how to solve this question. If you answered this problem, I’ll give you 100 bucks. If you can’t do it, you’ll have to give me 10 million bucks. A person should always know their limitations. 10 million is nothing to me, but you’re not even worth 500 thousand. Why should I bet 10 million with you? Even a dumba.s.s with unlimited money wouldn’t give it to someone like you.”

“You…” Wu Wenqian was rendered speechless by Zhong Nuannuan’s words. She was too ashamed to show her face in front of her cla.s.smates who stared at her like she was an idiot. Yet, for the sake of her foot, she must obtain the money for the medical treatment.

“Zhong Nuannuan, you were the one who stepped on my foot. Now that the nerves on my foot are dead, you have to take responsibility!”


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