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Chapter 1458: Nangong Jin Is Injured

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Listening to her Grandfather and Second Uncle’s words, Nuannuan felt very warm inside. However…

“My elder brother had always been a child who never had any parents since he was young. He has relied on his power and strength to become an expert, so it isn’t easy to improve his temper. I’m just afraid that he’ll always be rude to Grandpa and Second Uncle.”

Grandpa Chi chuckled and said, “How could that be? Lil Xuan is just throwing a tantrum. Look at how many excuses he’s making just so he could eat more. Previously, you said that he didn’t have a good appet.i.te, and he didn’t eat much in the past. Now that he has taken a liking to your second uncle’s cooking, both Second Uncle and I are very happy. So, you shouldn’t tell him off anymore. You keep saying that he has a bad temper but look at him. He’s an adult now but he’s always being threatened by you. That goes to show how patient he is already. Furthermore, with Lil Xuan at home and those children coming over frequently, our house is very lively now, isn’t it?”

Ever since Nuannuan moved into the Chi residence, the house had been getting more and more lively. Old Master Chi and Second Uncle loved this liveliness, and Second Uncle had even arranged five other bedrooms for them as a sign of welcome. The others were free to stay over at any time.

Fine. Fine. If her grandfather had claimed that she was threatening Feng Shengxuan too much, Nuannuan had nothing else to say.

As long as Grandpa and Second Uncle didn’t mind, he could live wherever he wanted.

“Oh, right. Grandpa, Second Uncle, I received a call from Big Brother Chi Yang today.”

The old master’s eyes lit up as he asked excitedly, “How is he?”

“He’s doing fine. However, it’s getting too chaotic in Naboo. There are still a lot of people that have yet to evacuate from the central district. This has delayed their return.”

“That’s fine, that’s fine!” The old master, who had been worried for a long time after Chi Yang left, kept nodding.

When people got old, they would not harbor other thoughts other than their children and grandchildren’s wellbeing.

Nuannuan did not mention that Chi Yang might be suffering from sleep deprivation. After all, if she did, the old master could only be worried.

“What about your Eldest Brother?”

Speaking of Nangong Jin, Nuannuan’s eyes darkened.

“Eldest Brother was injured and was sent back by Big Brother Chi Yang. He’ll be here later.”


Hearing the shock in Old Master’s voice, Nuannuan quickly said, “Grandpa, don’t worry. Big Brother Chi Yang said that Eldest Brother’s injury isn’t serious. Firstly, the hospital over there isn’t safe, and secondly, Big Brother Chi Yang was afraid that Eldest Brother wouldn’t receive the best care, so he sent Eldest Brother back immediately. He said that he injured his shoulder.”

Only then did Old Master Chi let out a sigh of relief.

“Did you tell your grandfather about this?”

“No.” Nuannuan shook her head. “I’ll wait until I see Eldest Brother.”

Thinking of Nuannuan’s medical skills, Old Master Chi could not help but nod. “That’s good! That’s good too!”

Even though injuries were normal for soldiers, as an old man, who would not feel sorry for their grandchildren when they were injured?

Chi Yang rarely changed his clothes in front of the old master, but every time his grandson was seriously injured, Old Master Chi would be the one to take care of Chi Yang. When Old Master Chi saw the scars of varying depths on Chi Yang’s body, he would feel very sad and heartbroken.

Therefore, when he thought about the torment that Old Master Nangong was going to experience soon, Old Master Chi empathized with him.

At that moment, Nuannuan’s phone rang. She picked it up. It was a call from one of Chi Yang’s subordinates, asking which hospital he should send Nangong Jin to.

Without thinking, Nuannuan said, “Send him to Benevolent Angel Hospital.”

After all, if he was sent to the military hospital or the Nangong family’s hospital, their family would know immediately…


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