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Chapter 1192: Shock

“How’s that possible? How can she be a member of Luntanese royalty? How can a member of the royal family…”

Leng Jinchen’s voice changed, but she gulped down the last part of her sentence, “…go around with a bunch of international mercenaries to kill people like the Mafia?”

Leng Qirui could not be bothered to waste his breath on Leng Jinchen. He told his secretary to position the notebook on her lap. Therefore, Leng Jinchen started reading the article on the floor with her face covered in tear marks.

Back then, the Nangong family had only removed Nangong Nuannuan’s face digitally, but they did not do anything to Selina’s face. Thus, when everyone searched for the word “Selina”, a video of the facesmacking incident at Jiang District’s auction would pop up on the search result.

There was a caption below the video.

A huge headline appeared before Leng Jinchen’s eyes—

Shocking! What Cinderella? She’s A Queen!

Although the article was about Nangong Nuannuan, Leng Jinchen recognized Selina to be the woman standing next to Nangong Nuannuan. It was also unmistakenly stated in the news that Selina and Nangong Nuannuan were the daughters of the Duke of Luntan, Duke Eton. Their names were included in the Luntanese royal family’s genealogy book.

Not only that, while everyone had the misconception that Selina and Nangong Nuannuan only had such a n.o.ble status because of Duke Eton, that was far from the truth.

The reason why the Luntanese royal family accepted Nangong Nuannuan and Selina, the Duke’s adopted daughters, so magnanimously into their royal genealogy was mostly because the two sisters were originally from absolute wealthy families themselves.

Nangong Nuannuan was the mysterious chairman of Tianheng Holdings, while Selina was the vice president second only to Aiden.

Apart from that, Duke Eton also claimed that Nuannuan and Selina had more than one business alongside Tianheng Holdings. At the same time, all the businesses they dabbled in made a name internationally. It was just temporarily kept a secret.

However, Leng Qirui had already told everyone that Selina was also the vice president of Imperial Phoenix Group.

Imperial Phoenix Group was an ultimate consortium that would only appear on international news! This woman was actually the vice president of that consortium!

Duke Eton also mentioned the reason he was able to become the wealthiest member of the royal family—Nuannuan and Selina had borrowed some money from him when they had no money. Therefore, he had a very small share in their company. However, he had already become the wealthiest member of the royal family with whatever little shares he had. Judging from that, one could imagine how rich Nangong Nuannuan and Selina actually were.

Redness started to swell around Leng Jinchen’s eyes.

She used to think that someone as skilled as Selina, who had a group of international mercenaries in tow, must be the kind of person who walked on the edge of a knife.

However, now that she thought about it, for them to own such a large business empire while becoming a n.o.ble member of the royal family, how else was she supposed to protect herself? If she did not possess some sort of skills, not only would her wealth be taken away, the royal family would probably gobble her up without leaving any bones, right?

No matter how much she detested Selina before, Leng Jinchen kept her hatred to herself after learning about her glorious ident.i.ty.

She looked at Selina, who was currently leaning against Leng Qirui, and then at Leng Qirui, who was like a pile of mud. Jealousy nearly overflowed from Leng Jinchen’s heart.

No matter how she looked at them, she could not understand what was so great about this useless second-generation heir.

Her parents wanted to transfer all their shares to Leng Qirui, subsequently giving the 18-year-old boy everything that she had worked so hard for her entire life.


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