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Chapter 90 Part 2

“No, I’m hiding my ident.i.ty, so I think it’s better to have someone who treats me more informal. Still, I’m not sure if I’m sure about my strength. For example, can’t even beat a dragon, like “Tensho” …? “

Tatsumi looks a little disgusted by Jort’s words. As usual, it seems that he is not used to being called Tensho.

However, I can understand what he wants to say. A knight wouldn’t treat him as a royal if he was ordered to, but he might still take on his servant att.i.tude.

It would be bad if Jolt was known to be a n.o.ble person. Especially if the inspected officer is doing something wrong.

“Well, the deputy who goes to the inspection this time doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s cheating. However, since he’s doing inspections without hesitation, I don’t want to hide this position until the last minute, right? “

“But the inspector is with him, isn’t that person treating Jolt as a royal family?”

“Oh, that’s okay. The inspector I’m going with this time is a close friend of my dad. He has known me for a long time, so he treats me as a mere civilian.”

“The deadline is about 20 days for a round trip? I’m planning to go to a direct area a little further away, so I think it will take about that even if I use Parrow.”

“I see … Mr. Giuseppe. I want to receive the request from Jolt, is that okay?”

When Tatsumi turned to Giuseppe and asked that question, Giuseppe nodded with a gentle smile as usual.

“Um, don’t worry. What should I do with the ca.r.s.e?”

“Of course, I will accompany my husband.”

Giuseppe smiles at her granddaughter who answered immediately without thinking. However, I don’t expect Giuseppe to say that Ca.r.s.e would “accompany me” there.

“Okay, I know. It would be a good experience for my son-in-law to look around the place away from the royal capital during the inspection. So, which direct-in-law district are you planning to go this time?”

“This inspection is in the north. Toga and so on.”

Toga is the name of a city that is in the north of the royal capital, and that city and a few villages of large and small size exist under direct control.

The town Toga is the main destination of the inspection because there is a government office that gathers the deputy officers and officials who control the region.

“To the Toga area. It may be convenient.”

Looking at Gizuppe’s wondering face, Tatsumi, Calcedonia, and Jolt looked at each other.

“Actually, the other day I was contacted by a priest living in a village called Laguine near the city of Toga …”

The face of Giuseppe, who had been smiling by then, showed a glimpse.

At the same time, Tatsumi noticed that Calcedonia, who was sitting next to him, shook his body slightly.

“… Recently, there seems to be an annoying sick person in the village of La Guine. I said that I would like to send a witch who can cure the disease if possible.”

“Hmm. So you’re saying that while attending my inspection, you want to go to stop by the village?”

“That’s right. Are you okay with it Jolt?”

When Chalcedonia comes to Laguine village, Tatsumi and Jolt will naturally come to the village.

Despite the relative calmness of Largofili’s kingdom, it would be too dangerous to travel alone.

“Yeah, I don’t mind.

▽ Tatsumi leans inwardly in Chalcedonia, which is obviously strange.

However, it seems that he is not the only one who is aware of this, and Giuseppe and Jolt both have expressions that seem worrisome.

“What’s wrong, Calcedonia? Maybe you don’t want to go to the village?”

His girlfriend’s appearance was strange after the name “Laguine” came out of Giuseppe’s mouth.

Tatsumi, who thought so, asked a straight ball without doing anything round.

“No, no … that’s not ………”

Calcedonia who looks down and answers with a small voice in a choppy manner.

▽ Tatsumi’s anxiety finally reaches its limit due to her att.i.tude that is too feminine.

“Ca.r.s.e. If you have any reason, let me be honest. If there is a reason why you don’t want to go to the village, I will happily decline Jolt’s request.”

“I don’t want to force it, either?”

――Tatsumi and Jolt said so, and finally Calcedonia looked up.

The expression on her face is “anxiety” and “fear”. Tatsumi and Jolt who see it do not understand why Chalcedonia has such an expression.

However, only Giuseppe seemed to know it.

“Oh, was it right … I heard the name” Luggine “and I thought it was familiar somewhere, but it’s been more than a decade ago, and I’ve forgotten it completely.”

“Mr. Giuseppe. That Laguine is a village, maybe …”

Apparently, Tatsumi seemed to understand the cause of Chalcedonia’s anxiety.

“Yes … I think it’s exactly what my husband thinks …”

━ After all, Chalcedonia continues to speak with an uneasy look.

“… Village … My hometown … I was born …”


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