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Chapter 166: More Excellent than Imagination

Li Xing’er was not convinced. However, she still went back inside the makeup room to have her makeup completed.

Mu Weiwei might have played the first scene, but she was just a supporting character that was first detested by the novel’s fans.

Yi An decided to shoot the first scene where Tang Shaoqi and Gu Changfeng met in Zuiyue Pavilion in Ningcheng.

At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Gu Changfeng, the oldest disciple of Xunyuan Clan was rumored to have obtained the Treasure Map of the Mingyue Group and at this point he was being chased by people of the jianghu. [1. World of martial arts.]

Zuiyue Pavilion was full of guests.

Gu Changfeng poured a bowl of excellent spirit and squinted at the crowd chasing behind him.

With one hand raising the bowl and the other placed upon his sword, he could feel the air of killing intent spreading over the pavilion.

The two people who had taken a stance behind him looked greedy and lethal.

They exchanged a look, brought out their blades and lunged at Gu Changfeng from behind.

In this Zuiyue Pavilion that was full of bloodshed, one plainly-dressed man raised his bottle, sniffed the wine and glanced down at the fighting below.

She was not at all affected by this fighting scene.

Until a flying boomerang shattered her bottle of her wine.

Tang Shaoqi’s eyes became cold. She picked up the folded fan and hopped down over the pavilion rail.

The fan in her hands was opened and closed decisively and her moves looked excellent and sinister. She soon joined forces with Gu Changfeng and drove away the a.s.sa.s.sins.

Gu Changfeng swept his long sword and two more bowls of wine appeared on the table. He lifted the jar of spirit and filled the bowls.

He raised one and pa.s.sed the other to Tang Shaoqi with his long sword.

“My name is Gu Changfeng, what is your name, Brother?”

Hearing the name ‘Gu Changfeng’, Tang Shaoqi was startled. She folded the fan and raised the wine, looking cold and sinister.

“Tang Shaoqi.”

Then the two of them immersed themselves in pleasant conversation in the Zuiyue Pavilion.


The first take of the Long Wind pa.s.sed.

The Director watched the scene from behind the camera and looked very satisfied.

Mu Weiwei turned out to be more excellent than he had imagined and she had totally showcased the arrogance and sinister feel of the prince of the Tang Family.

Although she was dressed in men’s clothes, she did not show any feminine characteristics.

She had presented a very excellent representation of a young man.

Also, she did not need much cultivation and she always showcased and exploited the best angles for the camera.

Fu s.h.i.+yi came over to him proudly after he had succeeded in doing the first take.

“See? We did it well right?”

Yi An watched the film and said to Gu Weiwei, “You did very well, you definitely have not disappointed me.”

“…” Fu s.h.i.+yi was ignored.

“But soon, Tang Shaoqi will develop feelings for Gu Changfeng. It is going to be a very light emotion, so you should watch out for the emotional control when performing. You can’t not show emotion, but you also can’t show too much emotion as that goes against Tang Shaoqi’s own personality.” Yi An stressed seriously.

Gu Weiwei nodded, “I get it, Director Yi, I will work on it.”

Tang Shaoqi was not a popular role in the book. She could be liked if she played it well, but she could also attract negative comments if she played it horribly.

Fu s.h.i.+yi waited for a long time and pointed at himself whilst asking Yi An.

“What about me…?”

“You are going to perform with Lin Qingxue, get ready now.” Yi An squinted at him impatiently.

The words had just been said when Li Xing’er came out with a smile, in full costume.

“Director, I am ready.”

So she needed to do the scene in one take… An inexperienced person like Mu Weiwei could make it, so, so could she.

No! Actually she can do better than she did.


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