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Chapter 1221: Bad Mom

Even with Fu Hanzheng’s help, Gu Weiwei was still very tired from taking care of the two children overnight.

Early in the morning, she fed the two children and gave them to the nursery teacher, whilst she and Fu Hanzheng ate breakfast at the table, feeling drowsy.

Because of the children, she did not dare to sleep too deeply.

And she had woken up so many times in one night that she felt dizzy.

Seeing the serious dark circles under her eyes, Fu Hanzheng felt both concerned and helpless.

“Eat and sleep.”

He could not even stand the two of them arguing throughout the entire night, let alone her recovery.

Gu Weiwei nodded. “I’ll eat a bowl of porridge, drink a cup of water and go back to sleep.”

She had overestimated her own physical ability. It had only been one night and she had been defeated by them. How was she going to take care of them in the future?

Fu Hanzheng saw her back to the room, covered her with the blanket and kissed her forehead.

“Get some rest, I will be back early in the afternoon.”

“…Yes,” Gu Weiwei answered drowsily.

Fu Hanzheng left the master bedroom and went to find the two nursery teachers.

“If you have nothing to do at lunch, don’t disturb Madam’s rest.”

Luckily, the two children were not very reliant on breast milk, so when they were hungry, they could feed them with milk powder instead of sending them to her.

“Got it, Mr. Fu.” They agreed.

Fu Hanzheng did not leave for work until everything was settled.

It was almost noon when Gu Weiwei woke up. She hurried to the nursery when she saw the time.

The two children happened to be awake and were drinking the milk powder.

She took the younger daughter Tiantian into her arms and fed her the milk bottle with one hand. Then she lowered her head and kissed the child’s forehead.

“Baby, I am sorry. I am so terrible at taking care of you.”

If it had not been for Fu Hanzheng’s help, she would have been very busy last night.

“Madam is not fully recovered, so it is more difficult for her to take care of the children at night than for us,” the nurse said with a smile.

They were responsible for taking care of the children and there were four nursery teachers, two for each one. Even so, there were times when they could not stand it.

Not to mention that she was still in her confinement period.

Gu Weiwei smiled. She used to be able to make it through a few nights of filming.

But now, she could not even last one night. She was too weak.

“What about Mrs. Fu following Mr. Fu’s wishes and taking care of the child after you are fully well?” The nurse tried to persuade her. “You are too tired now, so you will not be able to recover well and you may not have enough breast milk. The two children will be very pitiful.”

“Is it that serious?” Gu Weiwei was not convinced.

She had been very tired the night before and she did not feel much better after taking a nap.

“A woman suffers a great deal after giving birth to a child. She will suffer a great deal if she doesn’t rest well.” The nurse tried to persuade her.

Gu Weiwei stayed silent, wondering if she should be obedient and not take care of the two children.

She definitely could not bear to give up.

But if she did not give up, she was afraid that she would not be able to keep him and the two children company in health.

Of course, she also knew that Fu Hanzheng was most likely the one who told her these things.

If it was before, she would not have cared.

But after taking care of the two children last night, her body could not take it anymore. Only now did she seriously think about what he had said.


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