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Chapter 1157: The Avengers


Yuan Meng had nothing to say. She had already left the Anderson Family.

Although she had known that the Anderson Family and Will had colluded together to kill Weiwei, she had not expected that Old Anderson would send someone to save Will Dorrans.

It seemed that he was going to fight Cayman to the death.

“Not only that, but they also sent someone to the Gu Family in A Land.” Cayman Dorrans chuckled.

Yuan Meng understood and said, “So, Old Anderson and Will Dorrans plan to kill you with Gu Siting?”

“Probably.” Cayman Dorrans sounded relaxed, as if he were not the one in danger.

“Gu Siting… is not going to work with them, is he?” Yuan Shuo said.

After all, Cayman Dorrans was the one who brought the Gu Family back to life. Even if they could not continue to cooperate, they should not want to kill him.

Yuan Meng squinted at him and snorted.

“Why not? Anderson wants to get rid of his opponent, Will Dorrans wants to usurp the position, and Gu Siting wants to get rid of him, so that he can mess with Weiwei and Fu Hanzheng openly. All three of them have sufficient motivation.”

Gu Siting did not do anything now, because he was worried that Cayman’s men in A Land would do something to his mother and grandfather.

But that maniac would never give up on Weiwei completely.

Fu Hanzheng had noticed that Gu Siting and the royal family of A Land were very close.

Gu Siting was just trying to solidify the relations.h.i.+p between the Gu Family and the Royal Family, so that he could deal with Fu Hanzheng’s intentional countering in the European market.

But the only way he could see Weiwei again was if Cayman Dorrans stopped threatening him.

Then what could he do to not be threatened by Cayman Dorrans? Now that Will Dorrans and Anderson had found him, it was a perfect opportunity.

Cayman Dorrans looked at Yuan Meng in surprise and said with a smile, “Your a.n.a.lysis makes sense.”

Yes, all three of them had the intention of killing him. Everyone wanted him dead.

But he was not going to let them have their way.

Yuan Shuo looked at Cayman Dorrans worriedly. “What are your plans?”

“Let’s see if Gu Siting will agree to cooperate with them,” Cayman Dorrans said with a relaxed tone.

“Still want to watch? You will be dead if you keep watching.” Yuan Meng snorted.

There were many enemies who wanted his life in the dark. If the three of them joined forces, those enemies who wanted his life in the dark would be involved too.

He might be able to escape the trio’s revenge alliance but he was not going to be able to survive the a.s.sa.s.sination from the dark, let alone dealing with multiple attempts.

“There have been too many people who want my life over the years, so this time won’t be a problem.” Cayman Dorrans smiled.

Yuan Shuo knew that he had been through a lot and had lost a leg during the worst times, but if Gu Siting cooperated with them this time, the situation would be very serious.

“Don’t worry, I still want to live to see Weiwei’s children,” Cayman Dorrans said and then gave Yuan Shuo a picture. “I asked you to come here because I want you to find this person.”

Yuan Shuo took the picture and looked at it carefully. The person in the picture could barely be seen clearly. It seemed that it was taken from a video and then processed into a photo.

“Who is this man?”

“If nothing unexpected happens, he is the one who gave Gu Siting the Nine-Eyed Pearl.” Cayman Dorrans looked at Yuan Shuo and said seriously, “I need to be sure that Gu Siting’s death… will not affect Weiwei.”


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