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Chapter 458 – Naming is really a ha.s.sle

“…You should have been able to understand what I just said, right? Phew! I’m exhausted…”

After finishing a few difficult explanations, Yu Shiran bent over, put her hands on her knees, and let out a long sigh.

This zombie loli looked up at Ling Mo and snorted coldly, “What a stupid human… In your human terms, my narration is full of emotions and vividness. Only a stupid human like you can’t understand what I mean…”


“Adding extra details to the story to make it interesting isn’t right. Also, if you’re going to complain next time, remember not to use your mouth to speak swear words. If you say something like stupid human, aren’t you still using the human way to communicate?”

The unfortunate zombie Loli cried “ouch” as her head received another solid smack on the head.

Although being smacked wasn’t painful, being smacked in the head repeatedly by a human made Yu Shiran feel that her dignity as a zombie was being severely trampled on.

It’s like… Opening a pot to see if the stewed sausage was cooked, but at that exact moment, the sausage bounces up and slaps the chef’s face left and right…

“d.a.m.n prey! d.a.m.n sausage human, just you wait….”

The zombie Loli thought as she squeezed her fist and gritted her white teeth.

Shana put her arms on her chest and interrupted, “If I were to summarize her words from a zombie’s point of view, she’s basically saying that we finally caught the prey, but discovered that the prey was overflowing with blood and all the important parts had fallen out during the chase [1]. I think this is what Hei Si’s trying to say…”

“Descriptions made by zombies are really awful…”

Ling Mo shuddered, then quickly turned to look at the mutant panda, and changed the topic, “Since Hei Si said that…”

This huge national treasure was still struggling with the invisible tentacles at this time, but it was like trying to untangle a tangled thread. The more diligently it waved its paws, the more entangled the tentacles became.

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If all the zombies present could see the spiritual tentacles, they would find that this national treasure had been wrapped up like a zongzi by dense blood-red translucent tentacles.


The mutant panda’s patience was about to run out. It suddenly waved its limbs vigorously, then slumped, fell, and panted with its mouth open.

“Hei Si, are you really interested in it?”

Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and sighed.

He pretty much could guess what Hei Si meant and could use 3 words to sum it up, “Fatten before eating.”

It was a national treasure in any case… This mutant panda had great potential for evolution.

Instincts, five senses, strength, speed, and body size… No matter in which aspect, the evolution of mutant pandas was quite balanced.

“Actually, there’s still a flaw… this panda is not only very ill-tempered, but also very… stupid!”

That being said, compared to those mutant beasts that rely only on instincts to act, this national treasure was already very smart.

If the IQ of the other mutant beasts was only 5, then its IQ was at least a 9…

What Hei Si meant by “fatten before eating” was to take advantage of this mutant panda’s balanced development as a container, and let it evolve to a certain level through continuous feeding…

If they were to take out the virus hive now, it wouldn’t be very useful for Hei Si. But just letting it go wasn’t Ling Mo’s style either.

“It’s a little troublesome… but…”

Ling Mo frowned, staring at the mutant panda.

The mutant panda replied with a self-deprecating look. It even spread its limbs completely, almost as if it was saying “If you’re going to kill me, then hurry up.”

“Though it’s just a panda, it still has quite a personality… If I keep feeding it with zombie virus gels, I wonder if it will really turn into a Kung Fu Panda?”

As Ling Mo thought about this, he drew a spiritual tentacle out and inserted it into the mutant panda’s spiritual ball of light.

At first, the mutant panda stared at him with a calm look, but when the spiritual tentacle entered its body, it suddenly struggled violently.


The mutant panda rolled around a few times, its eyes widened, its st.u.r.dy neck even lifted up, and unexpectedly persisted for a second…


The mutant panda’s head fell back to ground again, and the tip of its tongue hung on the corner of its mouth.

With the a.s.sistance of Hei Si’s silver threads, Ling Mo’s spiritual strength at this time had become much stronger than before…

Although Ling Mo felt as if many things were stuffed into his head, which resulted in bursts of pain in the temples, it was still within Ling Mo’s tolerance.

Both Ye Lian and Shana gathered around, and they waited quietly for two minutes.


This fat panda finally got up, and after shaking its head vigorously, a pair of blood red eyes stared at Ling Mo as it slowly leaned towards him.

“What are you trying to do!?”

Shana frowned and shouted.

Ye Lian also stretched out her hand, as if she was planning to grab it…

“It’s okay.”

Ling Mo calmly looked at the mutant panda that was getting closer and closer to him, watching it lick the corners of its mouth and spraying white vapor from its nostrils.

Just when it was about to hit Ling Mo’s face with its head, the panda suddenly lowered its head, and gently touched Ling Mo with its furry forehead, “Miegrr.”

The spiritual connection was successful, and the instinctive resistance of this mutant panda was very weak!

Even when on all fours, the mutant panda was as tall as a person.

Ling Mo walked around it with satisfaction, and stretched out his hand to pat its st.u.r.dy and ma.s.sive body, “With the speed and strength of this panda, it won’t be a problem to carry all of us… It would be wrong for me to just let you be a container. Why don’t I add one more job for you… How about taking a side job as our BMW?”


The mutant panda seemed to like Ling Mo’s patting. It twisted its thick neck and whispered softly.

“It seems that you’re okay with it… very good. Since you’re going to spend some time with us, it’s necessary to give you a name…”

Ling Mo squeezed his chin and thought for a while, and said, “BMW…. How about ‘Don’t touch me’?”

“Don’t touch me, come here…” Shana said blankly.

“Understood… pa.s.s on this one.”

Ling Mo waved his hand awkwardly, stared at the panda thoughtfully for a while, then turned his gaze to Hei Si, “How about calling it Bai Si… [2]”


Countless silver threads immediately exploded from Yu Shiran’s neck…

“Okay… We’ll call it Xiaobai [3] then…

The name was unanimously approved. Although it changed from black and white to red and white, this national treasure was still very good at being cute.

It soon hit off with Ye Lian and the others, but… Although Ye Lian and the others were laughing constantly, it was shuddering to see the mutant national treasure flapping its paws and jumping around constantly, even a little bit creepy…”

“Are they really playing around? Or are they fighting with each other… Haha, probably not. After all, they’re all spiritually connected….”

Ling Mo turned his head and looked at the building, completely missing the scene that was playing behind him…

Yu Shiran forcibly opened the mutant panda’s mouth with a pair of thin arms and hung her child-like body in it.

Ye Lian was already sitting on top of it, smiling with satisfaction.

As for Shana, she was standing behind the mutant panda, waving her scythe towards a special area, “Is it a male or a female…”

The mutant panda narrowed its eyes, looking very miserable…

“Senior Sister and Lulu have also been gone for a long time…”

Even if Senior Sister uses the female excuse “Go to the restroom with me” to stall for time, it wouldn’t take that long, right?

Ling Mo suddenly had a bad feeling…

When he arrived at the premises, he found that it was very quiet, only a soft “Da-Da-Da” sound came from the depths, which sounded very rhythmic.

Following the spiritual connection, Ling Mo slowly approached where Li Yalin was…

This leader-level zombie was sitting on a step, tapping her fingers on the ground, smiling, and seemed intoxicated

Ling Mo’s gaze slowly moved down and stayed at Li Yalin’s feet.

Lucy was lying motionless in front of him at this moment and seemed to have lost consciousness…

“For the sake of convenience, you actually really knocked her out!”

[1] – It’s a bit confusing in this part but to summarize it’s basically saying that “after spending so much time getting something, you realize that it isn’t what you had expected it would be after obtaining it.”

[2] – Hei Si = Dark; Bai Si = White

[3] – Xiaobai is a nickname for white or aka little white.


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