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Chapter 71: Breaking The Record

As Ao Longyu’s array formation appeared.

The others were somewhat surprised.

It was not that they were surprised by Ao Longyu using an array formation, but that the array formation was too ordinary.

There were many people who had tried using array formations to enter the Jade Pool.

But none of them succeeded.

“Junior Sister, what are you going to do?”

The more she couldn’t understand, the more curious Hong Luan became.

Lin An and the others were the same.

They couldn’t believe they actually didn’t understand what Ao Longyu was planning to do.

They had more or less researched on array formations before.

However, they couldn’t see the possibility of entering the Jade Pool through this formation.

Could it really only be this Junior Sister was merely playing around?

While they were still thinking.

Ao Longyu had already activated the array formation.

However, Ao Longyu was also absorbed by the fog during the activation process.

It was as if she was about to touch the fog and fail.

Many people felt that Ao Longyu had already failed.

It was just another failure. No one cared.

Hong Luan and the others also felt that Ao Longyu had failed.

But they still watched. After all, that strange feeling that they had in their heart had yet to disperse.

Soon, they saw it.

They saw a reversal.

Ao Longyu, who was about to be absorbed by the fog, paused in that instant.

She stopped at the edge.

Right beside Jiang Lan.

At this moment, Jiang Lan saw Ao Longyu with a faint smile.

Ao Longyu’s voice sounded. She had said it in Dragon Language.


In that instant, Ao Longyu, who had been on the verge of defeat suddenly flew backward.

It was as if something had forcefully pushed her backward.

There was no resistance.

Behind her was… The Jade Pool.

“How… How could this be?”

Hong Luan was a little surprised.

This change completely exceeded her expectations.

What surprised her even more was that Ao Longyu had already flown above the Jade Pool.

Once she landed, it was equivalent to successfully entering the Jade Pool.

No, this was already considered a success.

“There’s something strange about the array formation.”

Lin Anxin was similarly shocked. That array formation was somewhat extraordinary.

But it seemed so simple.

“She had actually used such a method to enter the Jade Pool?

So the trick to truly enter the Jade Pool was to rely on the fog to enter?” Lu Jian watched everything.

He naturally saw that Ao Longyu did not enter with her own power.

It was the power of the fog.

“Senior Sister went in?” Lin Siya was in disbelief.

For that moment.

She had no idea what had happened.

Jing Ting and Mu Xiu didn’t understand, but they knew how Ao Longyu managed to get in.

It had really exceeded their expectations.

Jiang Lan looked at Ao Longyu who was about to land. He knew that Ao Longyu had succeeded.

He could sense that the G.o.ddess Diagram had been activated.

He could now borrow the Jade Pool’s power to cultivate.

“How impressive. To use an Exclusion Array Formation, Dragon Language, and Spirit Language Spell all in one go to enter the Jade Pool. Although it is partly due to luck, it is still not simple to do so. ”

It seemed easy, but if she made any mistakes, she would be eliminated.

Ao Longyu landed on the surface of the lake.

At this moment, everyone was in an uproar.

“She… She went in?”

“Heavens! Which summit is this Junior Sister from?”

“I thought that no one would be able to enter this year. How did someone enter?”

As for those who did not pay attention, they looked up and saw someone standing in the Jade Pool. They were all stunned.

“What happened? How did someone enter?”

“I just lowered my head. How did this happen?”

“Oh my G.o.d, what did I miss?”

The appearance of the Jade Pool G.o.ddess was unprecedented for the entire Kunlun.

However, they actually lowered their heads and didn’t see the Jade Pool G.o.ddess walk into the Jade Pool.

It was a scene that was unprecedented and was not going to happen again in the near future. Yet, they had missed it when it was right in front of their eyes.


At this moment, the entire Kunlun began to vibrate.

It was as if it was informing everyone in Kunlun that someone had entered the Jade Pool.

Hong Luan looked at all of this and sighed in his heart.

She sighed for herself and for her junior sister.

“Junior Brothers and Sisters, stand properly. The true ceremony has begun,” Lin An said.

His voice echoed around the Jade Pool.

Everyone could hear it.

At this moment, no one spoke.

The Jade Pool Observance Ceremony had entered the final stage.

This was something that had never happened in many years.

Jiang Lan stood on the spot, looking at Ao Longyu in the Jade Pool.

At this time, he could see that the Jade Pool was carving Ao Longyu’s picture.

It was as if she was acknowledging Ao Longyu’s ident.i.ty.

The surrounding fog flew into the Jade Pool, complementing Ao Longyu who was standing in the middle of the lake.

Ao Longyu’s body began to glow.

Flawless, holy, beautiful.

Multicolored light blossomed from the Jade Pool, illuminating the entire Kunlun.

Immediately afterward, nine beams of light shot toward the Kunlun nine summits.

This was the influence that came from the Jade Pool. It could increase the power of Kunlun’s cultivation environment.

As long as Kunlun fused with the nine beams of light.

The cultivation environment of the nine summits of Kunlun would be greatly improved.

It would be even better than before.

This was a good thing for everyone.

Everyone watched as the nine beams of light merged into the nine summits of Kunlun.

However, just as the nine beams of light were about to merge into the summits, an accident happened.


When the nine rays of light fused into the summits, the Ninth Summit’s light shattered with a bang.


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