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Chapter 192: The Border Count’s Arrival

The Dragonspine Snow Mountain, which resembled a lengthy dragon, spanned for an unknown number of kilometers. It separated the Holy Dragon Kingdom from the Winter Nation. Watson’s excavated ruins were embedded in the snow mountain. They were not embedded but instead were frozen inside.

The fog in the Misty Forest behind Watson had essentially dissipated as he stood at the foot of the mountain. The only thing visible was spa.r.s.e and bare branches, as well as vacant land that stretched as far as the eye could see; over 300,000 magical beasts scurried around.

The weakest of those magical beasts was silver-tier, while the strongest had a gold-tier aura. Watson’s previous week resulted in those magical beasts. Almost all magical beasts in the forest had been merged. Those beasts would no longer be a threat to the people at the border but would instead serve as Blackmoon Castle’s guardians.

Watson had no idea how powerful Blackmoon Castle had become; he reckoned that it would not be difficult to sweep across half of the border. He also had no idea where to put so many magical beasts. He thought it would be a waste to fuse them with Emperor Cluck and the Golden Flash. Furthermore, the daily food intake for such an enormous number of magical beasts was astronomical.

It was a headache. Watson was well aware of the fusion system’s flaws—it was too powerful. If one were overly powerful, it could sometimes produce problems.

Watson gazed ahead, his thoughts calmed. A ma.s.sive blue ice sculpture appeared on the mountainside in front of him. The ice sculpture had been around for an unknown amount of time; it seemed to be a magical stone. Its hardness was not at all inferior to that of platinum-tier metal. A dark cave could be seen behind the ice sculpture, and its walls were covered in mysterious symbols.

“If I am not mistaken, those symbols should be runes from the Loen language, which existed over 10,000 years ago. Those runes were thought to be the words left behind by the G.o.ds in ancient times. It is thought that after completely interpreting them, one will discover the G.o.ds’ secrets. I can only say that I have a basic comprehension of these runes.”

The astrologer remarked emotionally as he looked at the runes in front of him.

Watson had initially taken him to the Misty Forest to excavate the ruins. He merely wanted to aid his adorable apprentice to carry out his plan to fortify Blackmoon Castle. However, as Watson investigated the ruins one by one, he got increasingly drawn to those ancient ruins. It piqued his interest to explore them.

“The writings of the G.o.ds, the ancient ruins from 10,000 years ago…” Nightingale’s eyes shone as she gazed upon the old ruins in front of her.

Those were priceless treasures. If they could be unearthed, the border count’s power would undoubtedly be increased by many levels. The G.o.ds might have left some treasures behind too.

They had been in the Misty Forest for a week, and she had not been idle over that week. She not only a.s.sisted Watson in excavating the ruins, but she also gathered information and used sophisticated techniques to relay it to the border count. She had planned to wait for Watson to retrieve the items from the ruins before she would pick out the essential locations and report them to the border count.

However, after she saw Watson uproot the ruins, she realized that she could not possibly know what was in it. She might as well tell everything that transpired there to the border count and let him make his own decision.

She calculated the time in her head; it looked like the border count would arrive soon.

“I am not sure how to get into the ruins. The magical stone at the entryway appears to be enchanted with self-destruction magic. If it is forcefully destroyed, the entire ruins will be obliterated.”

The astrologer spoke again. Sven, who was beside him, asked curiously, “You are very knowledgeable, Lord Astrologer. Don’t you have a solution?”

“Even though I know that language, I can’t think of a good solution for the time being.”

The astrologer shook his head, a concerned expression on his face. He was not omnipotent, and an ancient G.o.d had left behind that ruin.

Watson stared at the ruin in front of him while the astrologer thought about it. The corresponding information appeared in his eyes.

[Building: the ruin of an ancient G.o.d civilization.]

[An ancient structure dating back 10,000 years, in which some unknown creatures are sleeping. The ruins are etched with the Loen letters, which appear to be an incomplete magical formation. The hard ice at the entrance seems to be the result of a platinum-tier spell, Absolute Zero. The mystical explosion within will be triggered by violent demolition.]

[Danger level: unknown.]

“Those Loen characters depict magic? Not bad.” Watson stroked his chin. He did not know any Loen characters, but the system could understand them. As he pondered that, the astrologer next to him talked to Sven.

Sven inquired as to what was written on it. The astrologer stated that the runes could represent records of ancient G.o.ds’ life. Watson was well aware that it was not the case. His master’s comments about deciphering the runes appeared to be an exaggeration, but he did not expose him.

Watson’s eyes reflected the magic stone at the door, as well as the writing on the wall.

[Magic stone with the Absolute Zero spell: releases extreme cold that can freeze time, causing platinum-tier large-scale damages.]

The magic carved on the cave walls was a spell called the Frozen World’s Silvermoon, but unfortunately, it was incomplete.

[Incomplete spell—the Frozen World’s Silvermoon: Summons a moon, and the s.p.a.ce covered by the moonlight will be frozen.]

The incomplete spell was a platinum-tier spell. It was hard to imagine the spell’s effect in its complete form. Perhaps it was a diamond-tier spell. Watson could only think that to himself. Then, he heard the system’s notification sound.

[A spell that can be fused has been detected. Would you like to fuse it?]


When Watson chose to fuse it, the ma.s.sive magical stone in front of him began to vibrate. The astrologer’s expression changed abruptly. “What did you do, Watson? This is not good. The magic stored in that stone is going to erupt. Everyone! We have to go now!”

Even an astrologer as powerful as him could not keep calm because it was an ancient G.o.d’s ruins.

Sven, Nightingale, and the others’ expressions also changed, and they stepped back without hesitation.

Only Watson waved his hand calmly. “Master, everyone, please don’t panic. I have removed the magic here. It’s fine.”

The magic stone collapsed at a rapid speed as soon as he spoke. The Absolute Zero spell contained within the stone was not released. Instead, they morphed into enigmatic symbols that floated through the air.

The words on the cave wall also disappeared and turned into mysterious glowing substances. They fused with the symbols from the Absolute Zero spell and entered Watson’s body.

[Congratulations, Master, for obtaining the Silvermoon of Endless Reincarnation, a peak platinum-tier spell that can summon an illusory moon. Any creature touched by the moonlight will be sucked into its body and soul, forever imprisoned within the spell. The more flesh and soul it absorbs, the more powerful the spell will be; there is no upper limit.]

“There is no upper limit to that spell?” Watson blinked; there was a strange expression on his face. That was the first time he had heard of such a spell. Would that spell make someone infinitely stronger; could an iron-tier elite kill a platinum-tier warrior?

That should not be the case.

Watson did not experiment with that spell. Instead, he cast a platinum-tier earth-elemental spell and summoned a giant rock golem in front of everyone’s astonished eyes. He was ready to excavate the ruins. “There are already two types of spells carved on the outside, and more might have been carved on the interior. Won’t we make a fortune if we transfer the entire ruins?”

Those were all magic left over from the era of the G.o.ds. Perhaps they would find many more lost spells that no longer existed.

“The ruins are connected to the Dragonspine Snow Mountain. If you dig it out so rashly, it might trigger an avalanche on the top of the mountain. Aren’t you afraid of that?”

An unexpected voice echoed from behind Watson just as he was about to enter the ruins. When he looked around, he spotted a man with purple hair and sharp ears. His face was so beautiful that it did not look like a human’s, and he was expressing himself with a mix of humor and seriousness. The man fixed an incomprehensible and scrutinizing look on him; it made his hair stand on end.

Even though that was the first time Watson had seen the man, he knew that he must be the so-called Fairies Count, who was also the border count, Lord Sylvan.


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